Can Romney find a cure for ‘Romneycare?’
May 12th, 2011
08:30 AM ET
12 years ago

Can Romney find a cure for ‘Romneycare?’

Washington (CNN) - For Mitt Romney, it's not just a question – it’s more like a campaign illness he'd like to cure once and for all.

"I was hoping I would be asked that question. Great. It's about time," Romney joked at a recent GOP forum in New Hampshire. The question, of course, was about the health care reform bill Romney signed into law as governor of Massachusetts in 2006.


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  1. rs

    Romney did the right thing in Mass. with his healthcare plan. This is precisely the sort of plan America needs. If he is smart he won't run from what is likely his greatest career acheivement.

    If he backs away from the Mass. plan. he will be labelled 'flip-flopper" and hypocrit (mostly by Republican/Tea Party stars like Palin, O'Donnel, Huckabee, Trump, et al)- not to mention what the Dems will say.

    Stick with it Romney- Do the right thing.

    May 12, 2011 10:17 am at 10:17 am |
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