Giffords celebrates Endeavour's final voyage
May 16th, 2011
02:41 PM ET
9 years ago

Giffords celebrates Endeavour's final voyage

Kennedy Space Center, Florida (CNN) - The Arizona congresswoman who was shot in the head just four months ago sat comfortably Monday morning, watching and cheering as the space shuttle Endeavour, with her husband aboard, took off on its final voyage.

Mark Kelly commands the shuttle's 16-day mission to the International Space Station. His wife, U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, watched as Endeavour launched from the Kennedy Space Center just a few months after an assassination attempt at a public event in Tucson, Arizona.

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  1. musomesa

    God bless her.

    May 16, 2011 02:49 pm at 2:49 pm |
  2. Patrick FL

    I was there, another beautiful moment in our history and a true testament to humanities greatness. Godspeed Endeavour

    It will be sad to see the shuttle program shutdown, but i eagerly await the next step in our reach for the stars.

    May 16, 2011 02:56 pm at 2:56 pm |
  3. Luposian

    Is that a recent picture of Gabrielle Giffords, after the shooting, or an older one, before the shooting? If after, she's looking mighty good, but... I don't think that picture is a recent one.

    May 16, 2011 03:02 pm at 3:02 pm |
  4. cornforkin

    Right on!

    May 16, 2011 03:21 pm at 3:21 pm |
  5. bonnaroo

    Is this a photo of her actually at the launch?

    May 16, 2011 03:23 pm at 3:23 pm |
  6. ThinkAgain

    Godspeed to both you and your husband, Rep. Giffords!

    May 16, 2011 03:36 pm at 3:36 pm |
  7. alan Sanit Louis

    it is sad the hate speakers of the rethuglican party that inspire racism and violance were not brought up on charges, beck palin, shwn , rush rest of the fox freack show. and the rethuglican party and teabashers are stoping congress from any type of real gun law reform.

    May 16, 2011 03:57 pm at 3:57 pm |
  8. Marry

    Dear Rep.Gabrielle Giffords – I am so very glad you are doing well recovering. All the best to you and your husband!

    May 16, 2011 03:59 pm at 3:59 pm |
  9. Democrat Class Warfare - Destroying the economy, destroying the country (the real deal)

    The fact that this country will soon need to rely on other countries to transport our astronauts into space is an abomination, a national disgrace. To think that 50 years ago we set our goals high and achieved them. It inspired a nation and many of its children to greatness. This country needs to continue leading the way in space for many obvious reasons. The money is payed back a million times over. Pushing the edge is always risky and the poeple that chose to do it know the risks all too well.

    The newly elected Republican president in 2012 must correct this downward slide and return this country to the FRONT of the space race. Leading from behind is for LOSERS.

    May 16, 2011 04:06 pm at 4:06 pm |
  10. REG in AZ

    God bless them both and God guide America to a better overall mentality that doesn't somehow either encourage or condone lawlessness breed by a self-focused dishonesty and irresponsibility. Our leaders need to set the standard by not compromising with their self-interests becoming more important than their responsibilities – political leaders, business leaders, community leaders, religious leaders,,, as whenever they compromise their conscience and rationalize to justify their selfish ambitions they create an approval for others to do the same and even worse. No one should honestly deny that American standards across the board have slipped and our leaders need to focus on regaining the quality we were once noted for.
    Anyway, wishing the best for a speedy recovery to Gabrielle Giffords and a successful trip to her husband; they both seem like quality people, like the kind we really need.

    May 16, 2011 04:39 pm at 4:39 pm |