POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Friday, May 27, 2011
May 27th, 2011
05:16 AM ET
11 years ago

POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Friday, May 27, 2011

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CNN: CIA team allowed to examine bin Laden compound
A CIA team of forensics specialists has been granted permission by the Pakistani government to visit the compound where Osama bin Laden was killed, to search for possibly hidden or buried documents, a U.S. official confirms to CNN. The team will "gather up any additional information that can be found," the official said.

CNN: Clinton to press Pakistanis for greater counterterrorism effort
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Islamabad on Friday for talks with Pakistani leaders aimed at repairing the relationships between the two countries in the wake of the U.S. raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will meet Clinton for what one senior State Department official said would be a "sober" set of talks about the need for Pakistan to root out terrorists in its country.

CNN: Obama approves extension of expiring Patriot Act provisions
President Barack Obama, who is attending a summit in France, directed the use of an autopen late Thursday to sign key provisions of the Patriot Act that were due to expire at midnight. …They deal with roving wiretaps, the tracking of alleged "lone wolf" terrorists and the ability of law enforcement officials to obtain any records they deem relevant to an investigation after securing an order from a federal court.

CNN: 5 reasons why Sarah Palin may be ready to shake up 'uninspired' race
Alaska's "mama grizzly" is coming to the big screen and quite possibly back to the campaign trail, a move that would shake up a GOP presidential primary field that some Republicans complain is "uninspiring." …Palin launches a national tour this weekend and the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee is dropping hints from the safety of her perch as a paid contributor at Fox News that she has a burning desire to step back into the arena as a candidate. Fox, however, told CNN it was "not changing Sarah Palin's status."

CNN: Bachmann announces presidential bid … sort of
That’s because Bachmann, held up in Washington by a key House vote on the Patriot Act, wasn’t actually at the GOP fundraising banquet she was supposed to headline in Des Moines. So Bachmann dialed in her appearance at the Polk County GOP's annual Robb Kelley Dinner, first via speaker phone with reporters, and then by a choppy Skype connection, to engage in a question-and-answer session with the ballroom full of party activists.

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CNN: High court backs Arizona immigration law that punishes businesses
The Supreme Court has backed an Arizona law that punishes businesses hiring illegal immigrants, a law that opponents, including the Obama administration, say steps on traditional federal oversight over immigration matters. … The outcome could serve as a judicial warmup for a separate high-profile challenge to a more controversial Arizona immigration reform law working its way through lower courts.

Chicago Tribune: 'I'm Rod Blagojevich': On witness stand, ex-governor recounts his life story, denies shakedowns
Rod Blagojevich gave what amounted to the campaign speech of his life Thursday directed at just 12 voters — members of the jury that will decide whether he misused his powers as governor. And like the master politician he was for so long, Blagojevich gave a glib and engaging performance, presenting himself as the humble and self-effacing son of immigrants who rose from a gritty Northwest Side neighborhood to the political heights.

CNNMoney: Texas budget cuts not as big as feared
Texas legislative leaders agreed Thursday to a budget that cuts $15 billion in spending over the next two years. Though many agencies will see reductions in state funding, the cuts were not as large as first proposed in the House budget in January. …Crafted by the Republicans who run the Texas Legislature, the $172.3 billion budget agreement does not raise taxes, nor does it dip into the state's rainy day fund to help close the coming fiscal year's multi-billion dollar shortfall. Lawmakers are expected to vote on the budget on Saturday.

CNN: Is the U.S. entering a population slump?
The population of the United States is still growing - but not the way it once was. And it definitely isn't booming like populations in some other countries in the world. Between 2000 and 2010, the country grew at a rate of 9.7%, which was lower than any decade since the Great Depression, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, which is releasing a steady stream of stats about the nation.

CNN: Atlanta hospital notifies more than 600 patients about TB exposure
More than 600 patients and 100 employees at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta have been exposed to tuberculosis after coming in contact with a hospital employee carrying the disease, a hospital spokesman said Thursday. … The employee did not know he had tuberculosis when he came in contact with employees and patients, the hospital said.

CNN: Report: Marine never fired on SWAT officers who fatally shot him
A U.S. Marine who died in a flurry of bullets during a drug raid near Tucson never fired on the SWAT team that stormed his house, a report by the Pima County Sheriff's Department shows. The revelation was contained in an internal investigation released by the department Thursday. Jose Guerena died May 5 after a SWAT team descended on his home in a Tucson suburb with a search warrant. His home was one of four believed to be associated with a drug smuggling operation in the area.

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CNN: Defense official: Dozens killed in Yemen blast as battles rage
Government troops fought street battles with one of Yemen's leading tribes in the capital Thursday, leaving dozens dead as prosecutors sought the arrests of several tribal leaders. A senior Defense Ministry official said that more than 28 people were killed in an explosion at a weapons depot in Sanaa during clashes with members of the al-Hashid tribe, which has turned against longtime President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

New York Times: U.S. Has Held Meetings With Aide to Taliban Leader, Officials Say
American officials have met with a senior aide to the fugitive Taliban leader, Mullah Muhammad Omar, at least three times in recent months in the first direct exploratory peace talks, officials in the region said. The meetings have been facilitated by Germany and Qatar, but American officials have been present each time, meeting with Tayeb Agha, who is a close personal assistant to Mullah Omar, the officials said.

CNN: Bosnia genocide suspect Ratko Mladic jailed in Serbia
After more than 15 years in hiding, onetime Bosnian Serb commander Ratko Mladic was in a Belgrade jail Thursday night to face charges that he presided over Europe's worst massacre since World War II. Mladic was the highest-ranking fugitive to remain at large after the conflicts that accompanied the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. His arrest followed a three-year investigation, President Boris Tadic announced in a dramatic news conference Thursday morning.

CNN: Report: Kim Jong Il says he is ready to return to negotiating table
Kim Jong Il, the reclusive leader of North Korea, is advocating that six-party talks aimed at dismantling the country's nuclear program resume, China's state-run Xinhua news agency reported Friday. The comments by Kim came during talks with Chinese President Hu Jintao, the news agency said. Kim, according to Xinhua, said he hopes to ease tension on the Korean peninsula and resume talks "at an early date."

CNN: Attorneys for ex-IMF chief say police leaks have tainted trial
Attorneys for the embattled former chief of the International Monetary Fund delivered a letter to the judge presiding over his sexual assault case Thursday, criticizing the New York Police Department for "feeding the media frenzy" and petitioning the court to stop the leaks about Dominique Strauss-Kahn. "Our client's right to a fair trial is being compromised by the public disclosure of prejudicial material even before these materials have been disclosed to counsel," they said in the letter.

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CNN: Google Wallet 'basically the same' as credit card, exec says
Google wants to replace your wallet with a phone. The underlying technology isn't actually that different from a credit card, but just make sure to keep the battery charged. The Internet giant announced a new service for Android smartphones called Google Wallet at a news conference in New York on Thursday. It can integrate credit or debit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards and other passes into a single application.

Wall Street Journal: Ballmer Bares China Travails
Rampant piracy means Microsoft Corp.'s revenue in China this year will only be about 5% of what it gets in the U.S., even though personal-computer sales in the two countries are almost equal, Chief Executive Steve Ballmer told employees in a meeting here. Mr. Ballmer's candid remarks provided a glimpse at the software giant's struggle with piracy in what will soon be the world's largest PC market. In China, copies of Microsoft's core Office and Windows programs are still available on street corners for $2 or $3 each, a fraction of their retail price, despite efforts by the company to curb theft.

Financial Times: Internet giants to G8: Hands off
Internet entrepreneurs confronted their would-be regulators in Deauville on Thursday as the leaders of Facebook, Google and other technology companies warned the G8 leaders to tread carefully in attempting to police the web. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, and Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, said that mooted rules on copyright or privacy could stymie innovation and inhibit the free expression that fuelled the recent Arab uprisings.

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  1. T'sah from Virginia

    CNN: CIA team allowed to examine bin Laden compound
    I guess NOW it’s OKAY because bin Laden is NO longer “around”

    CNN: Clinton to press Pakistanis for greater counterterrorism effort
    If they don’t LISTEN – Cut them where it hurt$ – End all kind of support!!!

    CNN: Obama approves extension of expiring Patriot Act provisions
    Obama is carrying on Bush’s laws and this issue will continue to cause divisions!!!

    CNN: 5 reasons why Sarah Palin may be ready to shake up 'uninspired' race
    And ONE REASON why she SHOULD NOT – is the fact – She would only ADD to the DISGRACE!!

    CNN: Bachmann announces presidential bid … sort of
    Another “potential” that’s less “influential” and would also fall “short of”…
    … getting the VOTES – But she would FLOAT – Much higher than Palin – “sort of”
    But BOTH will FALL – And end it ALL – and there will be NO lost LOVE!!!
    (Ahhhhgggh – this was kind of difficult!!! LMAO)

    Gotta go – HAVE A NICE DAY!!!

    May 27, 2011 07:17 am at 7:17 am |
  2. Rudy NYC

    The Republican field is beginning to look like the unemployment line. None of them currently hold jobs, and the all of the potential candidates who "dropped out" currently hold jobs. I don't expect either Palin or Bachman to launch a campaign.

    May 27, 2011 08:12 am at 8:12 am |