Weiner calls Bill Clinton
June 8th, 2011
03:49 PM ET
11 years ago

Weiner calls Bill Clinton

(CNN)- Embattled Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner called former President Bill Clinton Monday to express regret for his actions, CNN has confirmed.

A source familiar with the call would not characterize it in more detail and called it a private conversation.

Weiner admitted Monday to having ongoing relationships with women via social media and lying about a lewd photo sent to a college student in Seattle.

After insisting his account was hacked, the seven-term New York congressman came clean during an emotional press conference.

Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, serves as Secretary Hillary Clinton's chief-of-staff and is well-liked in Democratic circles. The former president officiated at the couple's wedding, and he and the Secretary of State have been extremely close with Huma for years.

Democratic sources say Weiner has made many calls to colleagues and supporters over the last few days. At the same time, pressure has been building for the congressman to resign.

A Democratic congressman who got a telephone call from Anthony Weiner Wednesday tells CNN that the New York Democrat called to personally apologize for what he had done, and said he “doesn’t know what got into him.”

The Democratic lawmaker, who did not want to speak on the record about a private conversation, said Weiner was “very contrite” and said he “let everyone down” and that he is “going to try to redeem himself.”

The lawmaker said Weiner was so choked up, he could “barely get the words out” and also said he was going to “get some help.”

This Weiner colleague tells CNN he did not ask Weiner to resign because he doesn’t want to get part of “kicking him out the door, nor do I want to be part of saying he should stay” because Weiner is the one who must make that decision.

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  1. ZOOKZ

    @ Jake, how about showing us a photo of your wife, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend. Better yet, how about one of you. Seems the boiz/menz who are most critical of women are usually among the physical / intellectual losers.

    June 8, 2011 04:44 pm at 4:44 pm |
  2. tpbco

    If he would lie about this, then what WOULDN"T he lie about? Do you believe now? Why? Because he says he's telling the truth?

    This is about the PERSON.

    If he can't be trusted as a husband or father, can he be trusted as a man? If he can't be trusted as a man, why would you vote for him. How can you trust him as a President (Clinton) or a Rep (Weiner).

    Don't tell me that they OR you can separate the person from the act from personal responsiiblity.

    They are both garbage, not worthy of their position.

    Then again, they re-elected Marion Barry, too.

    June 8, 2011 04:44 pm at 4:44 pm |
  3. Mike in SA

    Of those two – Weiner and Willie – who do you think hit on Huma first? Remember Huma was a White House intern back in 1996.

    June 8, 2011 04:44 pm at 4:44 pm |
  4. Rsprings

    Why he could have tweeted him?

    June 8, 2011 04:47 pm at 4:47 pm |
  5. Descarado

    One shameless, bold-faced liar looking for advice from another shameless, bold-faced liar. Dumb and dumber.

    June 8, 2011 04:49 pm at 4:49 pm |
  6. Jason

    Tony: "Bill, I got caught and lied. Now they're grillin' my surname. What now?"
    Bill: "Get yourself an agent. Write a book muy pronto, go on tour, maybe even a movie. Cash in on it."
    Tony: "Yeh man, maybe even a bus tour like Sarah?"
    Bill: "You're a fast learner, Tony."

    June 8, 2011 04:49 pm at 4:49 pm |
  7. Dominican mama 4 Obama

    jeanie friedberg

    Millions dead from phony intel to start an illlegitimate war ... bush/cheney war criminals still walking free...and the media demands Weiner to resign for posting foolish tweets? When did the palin circus start writing op's for CNN and MSNBC?
    My sentiments exactly.

    June 8, 2011 04:52 pm at 4:52 pm |
  8. Aces

    Erik – "We hold our politicians up to unreasonable personal accountings."

    Telling the truth is completely unreasonable expectation? You are a tool.

    June 8, 2011 04:53 pm at 4:53 pm |
  9. Thankfully Independent

    He could have called Newt Gingrich too ... but Newt never expressed regret for what he did.

    June 8, 2011 04:54 pm at 4:54 pm |
  10. Dennis

    Nothing like going to the expert on cheating on you wife. Maybe he should call John Edwards too.

    June 8, 2011 04:54 pm at 4:54 pm |

    Having an affair is one thing, flashing Weiner as an exhibitionist to a long list of virtual strangers (and some may be underage, who knows?) is very much another. The former is called a scumbag and is merely ignored or told off (or in the case of Clinton, adored by millions of whacky lib Dems), while the latter is called a pervert and sexual deviant and you tell your children to run away from them while calling the cops.

    June 8, 2011 04:58 pm at 4:58 pm |
  12. Democrat Swamp Inspector

    I'm absolutely sure Bill and Hillary Clinton are tickled silly to be dragged into Weinergate!! I guess poor Anthony can't afford a shrink? Is he THAT DUMB that he doesn't know what to do? Is he THAT morally bankrupt?? Every day that passes finds him 10 feet deeper in the hole, yet he keeps digging. Kinda sounds like Obama in a way....

    June 8, 2011 04:58 pm at 4:58 pm |
  13. BD70

    So Weiner wants Willies advice on how to make this go away. It doesn't...maybe the job will but he still has to face his wife.

    June 8, 2011 04:59 pm at 4:59 pm |
  14. dan carter

    Weiner should be a man about it and resign. Get some counseling and put the energy that he used for his tweets in saving his marriage.

    June 8, 2011 05:01 pm at 5:01 pm |
  15. mj

    Calling Bill Clinton ... Was he actually asking for advice?? I do hope Hillary gives his wife some insight as to what she needs to do. Throw the Pervert out, get a great Attorney, Make Weiner pay for it, and not make the same mistake she did by not following her own advice.

    June 8, 2011 05:04 pm at 5:04 pm |
  16. rad51

    There's a pair to beat a full house. Slick Willy and pervert weener. Weener was said to be the best Dem. So the best Democrap is a pervert lying cheater? Wow. Glad I'm not a democrap.

    June 8, 2011 05:11 pm at 5:11 pm |
  17. Al

    That last sentence read; the pressure has been building.....I bet it has....and it about to be depressurized.

    June 8, 2011 05:11 pm at 5:11 pm |
  18. tct

    If he hadn't made the call comedians would have to fabricate it.

    June 8, 2011 05:12 pm at 5:12 pm |
  19. XWngLady

    @TOTUS for President: So I guess you never heard of Republican Mark Foley and his exploits with minors...Well look it up before you start spouting off about what Dems are doing.

    June 8, 2011 05:12 pm at 5:12 pm |
  20. paulr50

    He's proably calling Bill for a refund for his class, Womanizing 101. Why can't either side keep their junk in the trunk? I swear. Dem one week a Repub next week. Hey, we need an Indi in the works too. No sense in the 2 parties having all the fun.

    June 8, 2011 05:18 pm at 5:18 pm |
  21. bill

    He just a victum from a bad message
    A girl emailed him and said "I love you wiener"
    But she put an R after the word "YOU"
    And the rest is history

    June 8, 2011 05:19 pm at 5:19 pm |
  22. Rick McDaniel

    Not exactly the guy to go to, for how to behave properly, now is he?

    June 8, 2011 05:25 pm at 5:25 pm |
  23. PJ

    Compared to all the sleazy Republicans and Evangelicals we have had, I don't think he has done anything to require him to step down. The matter should be between he and his wife. GOP politicians are worse because they project themselves as family values and monitors of public morals.

    June 8, 2011 05:27 pm at 5:27 pm |
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