Ex-Rep. Rick Renzi of Arizona loses appeal on corruption charges
Rep. Rick Renzi speaks during a press conference in the fortified Green Zone in 2007 in Baghdad, Iraq.
June 23rd, 2011
05:45 PM ET
9 years ago

Ex-Rep. Rick Renzi of Arizona loses appeal on corruption charges

(CNN) - The federal prosecution of former U.S. Rep. Rick Renzi of Arizona will continue, a federal appeals court in San Francisco ruled Thursday. The three-judge panel said the lawmaker's actions were not protected by the Constitution's "speech and debate" clause.

"Despite Renzi's best efforts to convince us otherwise, we agree with the district court that the alleged choices and actions for which he is being prosecuted lie beyond those limits" of protected activity, the court said in a unanimous 45-page ruling.


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  1. Dominican mama 4 Obama

    The charges include conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering, extortion and insurance fraud
    Money....there's never enough for some people.
    Especially if you're a Republican.

    June 23, 2011 06:00 pm at 6:00 pm |
  2. rs

    As an Arizonan who hates that the Republicans though so little of us that they foisted Renzi on our state (he lives, and lived while a Rep. here in VIRGINIA- where were the idiot "birthers" then?), I am pleased this piece of filth hasn't escaped. It's just too bad it has taken this long.

    June 23, 2011 07:07 pm at 7:07 pm |
  3. The Real Tom Paine

    Here's a nice reminder that corruption is bipartisan....I hope they give him the cell next to Jefferson and Duke Cunningham.

    June 24, 2011 08:11 am at 8:11 am |