President Obama raises big number-of donors
July 1st, 2011
08:58 AM ET
11 years ago

President Obama raises big number-of donors

(CNN)-No word yet on whether President Obama reached a $60 million fundraising goal by the close of the second quarter, but according to a tweet from the president’s re-elect campaign staff, almost half a million donors contributed toward the effort.

The official Twitter account for the Obama 2012 campaign tweeted a thank you to contributors shortly after 12 a.m. saying, “As of midnight, we’re closing the books on the first chapter of this campaign-with 493,697 donors. Thank you.”

The second quarter of presidential campaign fundraising closed at midnight on June 30.

The president attended two fundraisers in the final hours before the deadline late Thursday-both were expected to net $2.5 million for his re-election campaign. He asked top donors to haul in $60 million by the end of the second quarter during a presentation in early June.

Money raised is expected to go towards the Democratic National Committee as well as the president’s re-election campaign.

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  1. paul

    I don't always agree with everything Obama does, but I'm scared as hell of many of the Republicans. The governors in many states have forced their own social agenda on their constituents. Now the current bunch in Washington want to give more tax cuts to millionaires, more write offs for billion dollar corporations, AND they want to middle class to pay for it by drastically changing medicare, social security, etc. If Republicans take charge of white house and senate this country is in for some major conservative laws and policies. Cut programs and give the money to the rich–makes sense to most Republicans.

    July 1, 2011 10:50 am at 10:50 am |
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