Contacting the White House and Congress 101
July 25th, 2011
11:18 PM ET
11 years ago

Contacting the White House and Congress 101

Washington (CNN) - President Obama called on Americans to let their members of Congress know how they feel about breaking the stalemate over the government's debt ceiling.

In a rebuttal, Speaker of the House John Boehner said the president continues to want "a blank check" and vowed that Republicans won't let that happen.

Find out how to get in touch with The White House, your senators and representatives after the jump.

The White House

House of Representatives


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  1. S.B. Stein E.B. NJ

    I don't know what kind of check the president asked for in January, but the fact that the House and Senate couldn't do anything on that until now. This just shows that the GOP leadership is willing to really do something that might help Obama. That is a real shame because it means that they aren't willing to do the work of and for the American people.

    July 25, 2011 11:22 pm at 11:22 pm |
  2. Gwen Mangiamele

    How dare the Republicans hold our economy hostage because they won't compromise? The Republicans have sunk so low they are despicable! They would risk our credit rating which if downgraded would increase the debt even more because the U.S. would have to pay higher interest to borrow money. Why won't they just solve the problem instead of using the debt ceiling as a negotiating chip?
    They are the most disgusting people who only care about power and getting in the White House.

    July 25, 2011 11:23 pm at 11:23 pm |
  3. MARIO Forzani

    Republicans are jerks, putting the country in peril, just so they can protect their rich friends, and corporate overlords. If the country defaults, and choices have to be made , on which bills to pay,.. stop all payments to politicians health insurance coverage,.. hold back issuing their pay cheques, freeze their expense accounts and perks, starve the maggots out.

    July 25, 2011 11:35 pm at 11:35 pm |
  4. Name C. Eyster

    Where were the republicans when Bush was spending so much money? There was no deficit until he created it. NOW they decide the deficit should be reduced? They expect to gain credibility with the American people? How can anyone think it is reasonable to give financial breaks to the wealthiest corporations?

    July 26, 2011 12:14 am at 12:14 am |
  5. holly duhon

    Please stop scaring all of us americans.. we didnt do anything wrong.. its yall government did it.. not us.. so dont cut our ssi, ssdi, ssa , medicare and etc.. please rise the debt ceiliing soon!!!!

    July 26, 2011 12:33 am at 12:33 am |
  6. Anonymous

    It won't don't do any good in my state. My state was the only state in the nation where Obama didn't carry one county. They are mean spirited and are against anythhng that might benefit the poor and minorities, even if they would benefit also. They are wannabe bad asses that are angry and full of misguided hate that would pray the US defaults to hurt Obama's presidency.

    July 26, 2011 12:58 am at 12:58 am |
  7. Kenneth Wood

    Republicans keep saying that President Obama has not sumbmitted his plan in writing to the Congress. Isn't the Congress supposed to reach agreement on a plan and submit it to the President for approval. The republicans are acting as if they represent the entire electorate, and Obama is not their President. The media seems to send this message also..Can somebody explain what the correct protocol is?

    July 26, 2011 01:22 am at 1:22 am |
  8. Kenneth Wood

    I understand the previous administration bailed out the banks in the approximate amount $700 billion. The current administration paid out stimulus loans to industry amounting to billions of dollars of tax payer money. How much has been paid back to the government. Who has not paid back, and how much is outstanding. I keep reading that American corporations are awash with cash, but are unwilling to use it to expand and create jobs. What are the facts ?

    July 26, 2011 01:33 am at 1:33 am |
  9. Jeremy

    The independents who voted in the tea party candidate are surely wondering what did they do? When you link the debt ceiling with future spending even when all past president never done so and you keep repeating it over and over again against all logic. you make a fool out you and me. Mark my word Republican party, you keep saying the american people want you to this to our country, you will hear what the american people want pretty soon, even if my be a little late to undo the damage you'll have cause , but you will hear nontheless

    July 26, 2011 01:39 am at 1:39 am |
  10. cindy

    Been calling them but no one is listening. that will change in 2012. Seems Boehner and rethug cronies like blank checks....would love to finish what Bush started and tear America asunder. only thing teabags and rethugs are good for is lies lies lies!!!where are the jobs Boehner?

    July 26, 2011 01:44 am at 1:44 am |
  11. Ed Martos

    Mr President:
    I would respectfuly like you to know that I am proud of the work Speaker Boehner is doing. Perhaps if your administration put forth a budget that could make it throgh congress, as opposed to being defeated 97 – 0 then we could take your remarks more seriously.
    Mr president, please stop using class warfare, scaring the elderly and our military families al in an effort toget re elected.

    July 26, 2011 01:46 am at 1:46 am |
  12. Norm - not that one

    Boehner doesn't want to give Obama a blank check? He and other republicans are the ones making outrageous, extremist and hard core demands for OBAMA to "bend over and take it". THEY are the ones blocking a rational solution by demanding the government cut spending that helps the average American – and keeping the welfare gifts going to the rich individuals and corporations. (Cut Social Security and Medicare – while making sure the ultra rich oil companies get there share of the government pie!

    July 26, 2011 03:33 am at 3:33 am |
  13. Adrienne

    It blows me away to hear republicans criticize Obama's health care bill... Hellopp!h! Obama's original health care bill gave America a public option... what happened to that? The republicans picked it apart and watered it down to produce what is in affect now. Having a public health care option would have provided the competitive pressure to keep private insurance companies in check! Don't call it "Obama's health care... the republicans poisoned it. And as far as things forced on us that we don't want... when Obama took office, Bush's war that we didn't want had already put us deep in the red!

    July 26, 2011 03:37 am at 3:37 am |
  14. Whoosh

    I want compromise and I wanr it NOW!!

    July 26, 2011 05:38 am at 5:38 am |
  15. Donn Wilber

    Compromise or start packing your bags.

    July 26, 2011 07:20 am at 7:20 am |
  16. Ron Lamy

    Get your act together congress! you are representing "Americans" not your "Self" ! we are tired of your bickering! You are spending us into debt prison!

    July 26, 2011 07:36 am at 7:36 am |
  17. GI Joe

    I have written to and called Dems and Repubs. The repubs send out a "form letter" in response that has nothing to do with what I wanted answers to. It's all "talking points" and trying to denigrate the other side.

    The dems at least make a reference (in one case answer) to the real issue i wanted to ask about.

    The repubs are arrogant and display a form of hubris i've never know in my 68 years of life in this country. They think we don't know what they are doing. I'll never vote republican again. I may sit home and not vote at all, but I'll NEVER vote for ANY republican again.


    July 26, 2011 07:48 am at 7:48 am |
  18. grady

    you need to send cards, letters, telegrams, faxes, pony express and any other form of communication to both sides to let them know that we want to get this situation settled or they are all out of a job!

    July 26, 2011 07:51 am at 7:51 am |
  19. Njfinest2009

    I think this is sad that we have all of these elected officials in office and none of them have the guts to stand up for American's. I think we need to start voting out all of these selfish, greedy republican congress people out. We should be taking our Anger to the polls. The republicans are destroying america and the sad fact is that hard working people who pay taxes like myself will be forced to give more again. I pray that President Obama and these idiots can come together for the sake of the middle class. Tired of working all these hours daily only to end up with nothing in the end. Obama/Biden 2012

    July 26, 2011 07:54 am at 7:54 am |
  20. Chris Adamson

    Perhaps the best way for every lawmaker in DC to understand the overburdened average American's this impasse continues freeze all personal assets of congress people, the president and their families. No access to bank accts, credit cards or any other type of asset. Just what they have in cash in their pocket. Nothing gets released until all of them grow up and act like responsible adults when handling this current impasse. When it has been handled and Americans can breathe a sigh of relief, then they can access their finances too. Maybe if it more directly hit them they would understand.

    July 26, 2011 07:58 am at 7:58 am |
  21. Dee

    I truly feel that President Obama is an intelligent, forward thinking man. He has insight on who we are and where he would like us to go. Yet, each and every idea, whether it is health care or managing our debt crisis, his wings are cut. He cannot sore with his thoughts and ideas, for at every turn, someone has a stop sign held high. We have no idea as a country what our President can and can not do. He has simply not had the chance. I listened to him early on and I liked his ideas, I still do. It would be horrendous to take from medicare, social security and those who already have not. I am a nurse and I see the devastation that this could cause. I believe tweeking from the very top, where there is a surplus of funds and money no one would ever spend could help and turn this country around. Remember, everyone is someones mother, daughter, sister, or brother. We are the UNITED STATES after all.....

    July 26, 2011 08:00 am at 8:00 am |
  22. The Greedy Old Pigs have declared class war on US!

    They'll be getting an earful today! My phone will be getting quite the workout.

    July 26, 2011 08:00 am at 8:00 am |
  23. gavin w painter

    I believe that Eric Cantor is right about the budget impass , if Obama wants to play tough .....shut it down. Show the democrates that we mean bisness when it comes to debt.

    July 26, 2011 08:01 am at 8:01 am |
  24. craig savage

    The people of this country elected him president not God. The people of this country employ the elected officials of this country, to manage the country the way the majority of the people in this country want. The president is doing what he wants, not what the people want. I have never talked to an average American who said oh yeas please raise my taxes and please give the money I worked for to those not working, not contributing and have never contributed to this country or paid taxes. This country is in the middle of a financial crisis; we cannot afford to be liberal anymore. The time has come to cut the purse strings and let the people keep more of their money and support the tax dollars go to support those who work and worked sacrificed for this country. Support the military, the veterans, the elderly who paid taxes all their lives and only US citizens.

    July 26, 2011 08:05 am at 8:05 am |