Reid: Senate will vote on Boehner plan
July 28th, 2011
01:02 PM ET
11 years ago

Reid: Senate will vote on Boehner plan

(CNN) - If the House passes a Republican proposal Thursday to increase the debt ceiling, the Senate will take it up immediately and defeat it because the measure fails to resolve the problem through 2012, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said.

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  1. The Day of Financial Reckoning is HERE - The Great Democrat Welfare Society Ends

    So now we KNOW the 2012 election is more important to the Democrats than saving the country from defaulting next week. I hope the Republicans start running this on TV ASAP.

    July 28, 2011 01:08 pm at 1:08 pm |
  2. ConservaFASCISTS/Dutch, Bad Newz, VA

    D.O.A. = Dead On Arrival

    July 28, 2011 01:09 pm at 1:09 pm |
  3. gt

    ok now its harry who is going cause the cks to stop....what a bunch of foolish idiots.

    July 28, 2011 01:09 pm at 1:09 pm |
  4. Ex-GOP Con

    By the next election cycle here is what the American people will remember after the GOP/TEA Birthers took over the house.

    1) They shifted focus from jobs and the economy to defending DOMA.

    2) They almost pushed us into a government shutdown.

    3) They almost pushed us into a credit downgrade.

    4) They fought to kill medicare and medicaid

    5) But they sure fought vehemently for those top 1% wealthy people.

    All at the expense of the economy and the middle and working class.

    President Obama and Nancy Pelosi make over $250K a year and even they know the sacrifices they have to make. When will the GOP/TEA Birthers pay down THEIR debt?

    The right HAS become deranged.
    Vote for Term Limits for Congress!

    July 28, 2011 01:20 pm at 1:20 pm |
  5. Bess

    Reid held sway as the biggest obstructionist in Senate history over Bush judicial nominations for years so I am glad he is actually going to vote on this one. We are going to have our credit downgraded for the first time on Obama's watch on the way to becoming Greece. He is the master of the entitlement State.

    July 28, 2011 01:21 pm at 1:21 pm |
  6. Fightin' Democrat

    Them fightin' words, Mr. Reid. Do the working class citizens of Nevada proud.

    July 28, 2011 01:24 pm at 1:24 pm |
  7. Rudy NYC

    Dirty Harry is in the Senate. He's mocking them to pass a bill. The Republicans know that if they could pass it, that they could blame Maj. Ldr. Reid, and entire Senate Democratic Caucus, for pre-announcing that the bill is dead on arrival. Well, at least they would try to make that claim. But, will not because they can not pass it.

    Dirty Harry is dangling a carrot out in front of them as a teaser. The sneaky part is that as soon as the Republicans fail to pass their own bill, Dirty Harry will pass his own in the Senate. Even if Republicans do manage to pass something, Dirty Harry will pass his own bill in the Senate while voting down the Republican bill.

    And there is the dirty trick. Dirty Harry's bill cuts more, and has no revenue of any kind. It is everything they have demanded, which they will want to vote down.

    And now they will be stuck with jar over their heads. If they vote against it, Republicans will have shown they want entitlement cuts more so than concrete spending cuts. If they vote for it, then they cannot claim credit for the solution, and stuff they like will get cut, and the revenue increases will occur down the road because Dirty Harry does not extend the Bush/Obama Tax cuts.

    July 28, 2011 01:25 pm at 1:25 pm |
  8. Just As I Thought

    Listen up real close Rhinos.......We of the Tea Party do NOT forget......throw us under the bus now, pay election day!

    July 28, 2011 01:32 pm at 1:32 pm |
  9. eoucjourney

    Harry, maybe you need to come up front with a real solution – spending cuts (not just caps) that are meaningful. Or do you continue to support irrational unsustainable irresponsible spending?? Please continue your normal deceitful ways we expect it from you now.

    July 28, 2011 01:34 pm at 1:34 pm |
  10. Larry L

    I am now energized to devote all of my time and what money the dirty weasels leave me toward defeat of all Republicans running in every election, forever. They are wasting time to make useless political statements as the stock market nose dives – and with it much of American's hard-earned investments. The Tea Party is the American Taliban and will do more harm than 9/11 ever did. They are the angry, bigoted, undereducated, white, radicals who do not deserve to live in a democracy.

    July 28, 2011 01:37 pm at 1:37 pm |
  11. mgc florida

    good, send the tea party nuts home!!!

    July 28, 2011 01:39 pm at 1:39 pm |
  12. rob

    If that happens I think its time for the House Republicans to throw up their hands and allow the Senate Dems and the President to come up with a scorable plan of their own. Lets see what their plan is, what real cuts and exactly what taxes they want to raise. So far the no Sen Dem is on record for raising taxes, so make them put up a detailed plan and have a vote.

    July 28, 2011 01:48 pm at 1:48 pm |

    From January 2011 to June 2011 - under Boehner - Congress had passed only 166 bills compared to 466 for the same period a year earlier. Many of those 166 bills were for minor actions like renaming buildings & bridges. Isn't it time they get to work?

    The Republican-led House of Representatives has wasted time on theatrical votes like CCB - which has great bumpersticker appeal to Republicans but has always lacked substance [if you scratch beneath the surface] and the pragmatism necessary in today's environment.

    It is a good thing for the Democrats to give this latest farce from Boehner a quick SMACK DOWN so that the Congress can move on to a clean debt ceiling bill. In fact, as a present to Boehner, I'll do the work and write it for them:
    – – – – – – – – –
    The debt ceiling of the United States of American is hereby raised $2.7T to $17T so that the debt remains valid and all spending authorized by Congress can be carried out.
    – – – – – – – – –

    Voted on and passed by the House & Senate in 20 & 10 minutes repsectively.
    Signed by: Barack H. Obama

    July 28, 2011 01:49 pm at 1:49 pm |
  14. Linda C - AZ

    Senate: The new 'Party of No'.

    July 28, 2011 01:52 pm at 1:52 pm |
  15. Dean from Michigan

    I just watched Boehner and company talking about the upcoming vote in the House and while the Speaker made a semi-sincere appeal to the Senate to support the bill, his entourage continued to posture and provoke. Seriously just how dumb are the people we are sending to Congress?

    You don't win support by antagonizing the people you are hoping to win over.

    If there is still a GOP five years from now, I will be amazed. Congress in general is historically out of touch and dysfunctional, but the GOP has far surpassed that these past few months. At this point I don't think they could reach a consensus of whether or not the ocean is wet.

    July 28, 2011 01:53 pm at 1:53 pm |
  16. bill

    Does this surprise anyone? Partisan politics once again from the demoncrats.

    July 28, 2011 01:59 pm at 1:59 pm |
  17. S. In California - Obama 2012

    Even though my stocks are dwindling beyond belief – I'm proud of Sen. Reid for not letting the pea party bully him. They do not – nor will they EVER speak for me. Whether they like it or not we have a president (of color) and they need to learn to accept that. Either way they are far too disrespectful and confrontational and need to be put in their place. Hold firm democrats. We have your backs.

    July 28, 2011 02:01 pm at 2:01 pm |
  18. Dana

    The poor and working class people are about to get poorer. President Obama has hurt poor people more then help them.

    July 28, 2011 02:04 pm at 2:04 pm |
  19. Marry

    Good Senator Reid! We do support the President’s plan and we want things to go forward – not backwards as the GOP/TP wants to go just “to make the President fail”! You can be sure; we will not forget or forgive what the GOP/TP is putting us all through!

    July 28, 2011 02:22 pm at 2:22 pm |
  20. BobRoss

    That's the spirit Reid... just keep any bill from being voted on, and don't bring any of your plans to the floor, so you can blame the Repubs if the nation defaults.

    July 28, 2011 02:33 pm at 2:33 pm |
  21. Just As I Thought

    You Liberal Democrats are Idiots! Where do you think all the money will come from to pay for your binge spending? Tax more? The money is NOT there to tax! The time to end the spending is now, not later. I am 61 and have paid into SS all my life, but I know I cannot collect what I paid one has paid any funds into a retirement fund for me except ME! We all will need to sacrifice, but typical Liberals want "OTHERS" money without sacrifice! This is crazy.....Obambi was elected because people did not want to be labeled a "Racist" and others wanted to become a part of "history" by electing the first black President......well how is that working for you? Obambi WILL go down in history as he absolute WORSE president in our great country's history!

    July 28, 2011 02:58 pm at 2:58 pm |