Palin: Obama 'very tone deaf' with vacation
August 18th, 2011
04:23 PM ET
11 years ago

Palin: Obama 'very tone deaf' with vacation

Washington (CNN) - While the White House is still working on the jobs proposal the President will put forth in early September, former Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin has already drawn some conclusions.

Saying it will be based on his past record which she said has failed to spur growth, Palin called the upcoming plan a "third stimulus" program and said it will be counterproductive to the president's aims of creating jobs.

"Unfortunately he is of that mindset of incurring more debt will get us out of debt," Palin, a paid contributor to Fox News, said in an interview on that network on Thursday.

While administration officials have said there will be new spending proposed as part of his initiative next month, they said any of that additional cost will be offset by deficit reduction that is included in the plan put forth by the special congressional super committee.

On the president's vacation to the resort island of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts beginning Thursday, Palin said Obama is "very, very tone deaf" for continuing with his vacation because of economic problems facing the country.

Asked if he should go, Palin responded "I wouldn't if I were he, especially to Martha's Vineyard," and added, "I think he will hear from enough Americans that he will come back early."

Known for her criticism of the media coverage she received during the 2008 campaign, Palin on Thursday did not join in with those who lambasted the cover of Newsweek magazine earlier this month as being sexist when it showed an unflattering picture of presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann with the title "Queen of Rage."

"Every candidate is going to be vetted. I think now so more than ever because we learned a lesson with electing a president who was not vetted by the mainstream media, and you know we are now asking what did we get out of that," she said in the interview.

"I think there is going to be a lot of vetting, and some will interpret that because a female candidate will be vetted the same as a man even more so as being sexist. I don't know if I would characterize as being sexist. I would just characterize it as the new normal. I think it is quite healthy," she said.

Regarding an issue that dominated much of the campaign conversation this week she complimented her former gubernatorial colleague and current presidential candidate Rick Perry for some of his criticism of the Federal Reserve. She was not specifically asked if he went too far in saying some of the actions of its chairman Ben Bernanke could be considered treasonous. She has criticized some of the Fed's actions in the past to prop up the economy.

"More power to Rick Perry for calling it the way he saw it," Palin said Thursday.

She said she agreed with some analysts that President Obama elevated Gov. Perry by responding to a question about the governor. The president told CNN's Wolf Blitzer earlier this week, "I'll cut him some slack. He's only been at it for a few days now."

The president referred to comments by Perry that some in the military would have more respect for him than Mr. Obama.

Palin said Obama's advice to the candidate showed "arrogance."

"I wish President Obama would stay focused on what matters," she said in the interview. "Quit picking on other people like Rick Perry."

She continued to remain coy about her own intentions on whether she or will or won't enter the 2012 presidential sweepstakes, saying, "I am still considering it."

And Palin said she is "still listening to the debate and the discourse in the GOP line up right now and still looking for that candidate who I can put my heart and soul behind to support. If I don't see that person here in short order I would be willing to put my name forward in the name of service."

Asked what she thought about the current field, she said "I am impressed with the lineup but there is still quite a long process. There is going to be lots of comings and goings with this lineup, and I know that because I have spoken with them I know that I am not the only potential candidate still on the sidelines waiting to see how things are going to unfold."

Palin refused to name names. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, have both received a lot of renewed attention this week. "There is a bunch of them. There are a bunch of them who are doing the same thing that I am doing and that is considering the life changing impact on family decisions that have to be made before jumping in."

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  1. Pat in IL

    Is that all she's got? Predictions before something happens, and fussing about a (much needed) vacation??? Please, just go away.

    August 18, 2011 10:31 pm at 10:31 pm |
  2. bad2worse

    Why is she here?

    August 18, 2011 10:34 pm at 10:34 pm |
  3. Debbie Gomez

    It's hard for me to believe Palin is that concerned with jobs and unemployed Americans when she quit her own job less than halfway through. Maybe if she'd quit to sit in unemployment lines and try to figure out how to feed and house her family, but no. She quit so she could hit the circuit, write books and make as much money as possible, putting her in that coveted top 1% that will never pay their share of taxes. The best thing the main stream media could (and should) do is ignore this ignorant piece of trash. Sadly, the media is as fixated on ratings as she is on making headlines so we're doomed...

    August 18, 2011 10:36 pm at 10:36 pm |
  4. lonewolfpack

    Why is Palin in the politics section? She should be in the entertainment section-she's funny. Every time she speaks I laugh so hard!

    August 18, 2011 10:38 pm at 10:38 pm |
  5. Gemini Girl

    Ibamaliar dear,
    if you'd stay away from FAUX "News" long enough, you'd know that to date the President has taken 61 vacation days, that Bush took 180 days in that amount of time, that Reagan had take 112 days, and that Clinton had taken 24 days. Don't tell us you are really defending the Wasilla Quitta, the phoney Mama Grizzly, are you? PLEASE! Please stick your head out long enough from the "Foxhole" and fill up that empty space in what you call a head with facts! Thank you.

    August 18, 2011 10:39 pm at 10:39 pm |
  6. neil

    Last year it was because of the oil leak in the Gulf.Give the guy a break will ya.It isn't like he's out of touch.Most stressful job in the world and that stupid un American slit is begrudging him.Well go puke on a stick palin you hasbeen os more likely never was.

    August 18, 2011 10:41 pm at 10:41 pm |
  7. mike ray

    did i really waste my time reading this. I did, so sorry. I was sucked in. Have a great vacation Mr. Pres. ooof i wish it were my time. thanks for all the heat and energy you have put into this post bush leadership. thanks is Sarah palin really really gettn this much attention. wow she is so bad, I can go down my street and find 98% better qualified to be alaskan gov. than her. ooooooffff we only have to blame ourselves, just like mlb, nba, nfl salaries

    August 18, 2011 10:44 pm at 10:44 pm |
  8. NameCarl

    I will be glad when the 2012 election is over. Maybe then Sarah will just go away.

    August 18, 2011 10:47 pm at 10:47 pm |
  9. Goddog

    Why can't we find more candidates that run down the middle? I hate the package deal we get with Dems or Repubs. I am pro-gun, pro-death penalty, pro choice, pro-gay marriage... I'm tired of everyone thinking that they should get everything their way all of the time. What makes me sick from the Repubs is that they really have no concern for helping those who need it. You're on your own. I have a family income of $170,000 plus. I'm willing to pay more taxes to help others. What's wrong with the uber rich? You can't take it with you. Do some good now.

    August 18, 2011 10:48 pm at 10:48 pm |
  10. Cati

    So the Queen of Making Money for Me and My Family criticizes a hard-working president for taking a week ( wow, a whole week) of vacation. She is a fraud, a pretender, and a joke, not necessarily in that order. Sarah, you don't matter!

    August 18, 2011 10:51 pm at 10:51 pm |
  11. Massive Marbles

    hmmm, how many of us "who have jobs" don't go on vacation? Who ever questions whether or not a person needs a vacation, doesn't realize that when this man goes on vacation, his office goes with him. Think about that the next time you're at the sure and leave the beeper at home in the drawer...

    August 18, 2011 10:52 pm at 10:52 pm |
  12. VPutin

    Dear T-Party /Republicans,
    Please elect Sara Palin as President in 2012. Then USA will become like Russia. All scientist will work for Arab Countries and all hot women work in Strip clubs across the Globe. Join the league of Crap countries.
    HATE our President because he is SMART and got a Harvard Degree. Spit it out and if you have balls say it:You hate him because of his color !!!!!!!!!!!
    God Bless America.

    August 18, 2011 10:53 pm at 10:53 pm |
  13. Massive Marbles

    Who doesn't need a vacation? Understand this, when you go on vacation, you leave your beeper at home in the drawer. When a president goes on vacation, he takes his office with him.

    August 18, 2011 10:53 pm at 10:53 pm |
  14. daveindenver

    We are leaderless anyway, doesn't matter if Obama is on vacation or in Washington, same affect. Obama is in so far over his head and the next guy in line (Biden) has not a clue. We are screwed unless we can come up with a good leader in the next election. Not many good choices there right now, hopefully someone will step up and be an actual leader that can bring us back from the brink.

    August 18, 2011 10:59 pm at 10:59 pm |
  15. Karmamaster1

    This coming from a woman whose been on vacation for the past 3 years. BTW why is it every woman who is supported by the Tea Party has eyes that make her look psychotic; between her and Bachmann not sure who looks crazier.

    August 18, 2011 11:01 pm at 11:01 pm |
  16. JJ

    Oh, Please... Palin's been on Vacation Since She QUIT!!!!!

    August 18, 2011 11:04 pm at 11:04 pm |
  17. Mike

    I guess quitting is better than taking a vacation.

    August 18, 2011 11:06 pm at 11:06 pm |
  18. Alacnn

    Oh, Good Lord. This woman never stop yaking, always want attention. You had your chance showing off your stupidity. Shame all women. You have no credential to comment on anyone except yourself. Shame on you,

    August 18, 2011 11:08 pm at 11:08 pm |
  19. Yobee

    I think it's a shame that all the media, left and right, is giving this low-rent slacker any coverage at all. Her goal in everything centers around the making of money and all the coverage just keeps filling her coffers.

    For what? A run at the presidency? Not likely. While her swollen ego certainly would point to presidential aspirations, I guarantee that her teasing about is merely a ploy to enrich herself. Should the entire US turn insane, sure she could be elected, but would she settle for a president's salary and four years of unending critique? Hell to the no. For my best evidence, one need only look at her early bail from the governorship of Alaska. Once you ditch her high-school-quality rationalizations for that move, it came down to how much dough she could reap while her name was still hot. In her present occupation of election-tease and teabagger gadabout, she gets to pick and choose her issues (mostly whining about the President), her battlefields (smack dab in the midst of her pockets of support) and, most importantly, her paycheck (as large as possible, please).

    No, once the election is over next year, this Alaskan huckster will fade back into the obscurity from whence she was spawned (thanks a bunch, McCain), content to bask in her glory as the occasional soundbite, counting her money and chortling quietly to herself at her great scheme.

    August 18, 2011 11:08 pm at 11:08 pm |
  20. basky

    Where are the congress? Why dont you ask them not to go on a yatch Vacation and stay to fix the economy. When it comes to Mr. President OBAMA, every one start jumping out and criticizing him, Please give him a break!
    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

    August 18, 2011 11:10 pm at 11:10 pm |
  21. Lloyd

    I hope $arah reads these posts and realizes that America is not listening to her BS. On second thought, since reading might be a challenge for her, I hope someone on her staff can read them aloud to her.

    August 18, 2011 11:10 pm at 11:10 pm |
  22. ThinkAgain

    Oh, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah! Teacup Bachmann has all the girly GOP spotlight right now and it just drives you nuts, doesn't it?

    I would like to remind you and all the other teabaggers that just because GW Bush couldn't eat pretzels and watch TV without choking doesn't mean President Obama can't multi-task.

    And another thing she'll never know firsthand: The President is in constant contact with the National Security Council and all other parties whose responsibility it is to keep our nation safe. I can guarantee he won't have a "deer in the headlights while reading a book about goats" moment.

    August 18, 2011 11:10 pm at 11:10 pm |
  23. GSW Minnesota

    At least he didn't quit!

    August 18, 2011 11:11 pm at 11:11 pm |
  24. Brenda

    This from someone who couldn't even serve a whole term as governor. I guess it wasn't as much fun as riding around in her bus and spreading misinformation. Too bad she doesn't have the attention span to go for the nomination. I would enjoy seeing this hateful she-witch get crushed again.

    August 18, 2011 11:21 pm at 11:21 pm |
  25. Sean

    Sarah's brain has been on vacation for 47 years.

    August 18, 2011 11:21 pm at 11:21 pm |
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