Dem: Obama wouldn't win Virginia today
September 3rd, 2011
10:56 AM ET
11 years ago

Dem: Obama wouldn't win Virginia today

Washington (CNN) – Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) said if the 2012 presidential election was held today, President Barack Obama wouldn't win Virginia, a state he carried in 2008.

Speaking on local Washington radio station WTOP Friday, Connolly said, "In my opinion, no, today he would not win the state."

But, with more than a year before Election Day, Connolly said Obama still has time to regain the momentum he had in the last election.

"The growing diversity, especially in Northern Virginia, has changed the polity of Virginia permanently," said Connolly on The Politics Program With Mark Plotkin. "There is no question in my mind that President Obama can make a comeback and win Virginia."

Prior to Obama winning Virginia in 2008, the state had not voted for a presidential Democrat since former president Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964. The last time Virginia voted for a Democratic president two elections in a row was in 1944 and 1948.

Connolly said that former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney would have the best chance of beating Obama in 2012 but that all White House hopefuls, including Obama, come with imperfections.

"I think that all of the Republican candidates, as does President Obama, have serious baggage," said Connolly.

Obama will visit Richmond, Va. on Sept. 9, the day after unveiling his jobs plan to a joint session on Congress.

- CNN's Peter Hamby contributed to this report.

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  1. Republicans Are The American Taliban

    So CNN...the point of this Ticker "headline" what?

    September 3, 2011 11:02 am at 11:02 am |
  2. jon

    Obama won't win because thankfully enough people will vote on his record and not his skin color in 2012

    September 3, 2011 11:13 am at 11:13 am |
  3. Truth Dealer

    Good thing the election is next year ! I guarantee by the time the Republican Primaries are over and the General election starts and all the republican lies have been exposed, Obama will win easily !

    September 3, 2011 11:13 am at 11:13 am |
  4. T'sah from Virginia

    Dem: Obama wouldn't win Virginia today
    And then the TICKER continues and goes on to say
    “President Obama can make a comeback and win Virginia" OKAY?
    So I agree with [Republicans Are The American Taliban] – what’s the POINT? A slow DAY?

    President Obama will win Virginia!!! We are also fighting hard to get CAN’Tor out of office and we will succeed in doing that also!!! The elections are over a year away – President Obama will NOT be a “one-term” President!!!

    September 3, 2011 11:28 am at 11:28 am |
  5. diridi

    I do not want to argue on trivial issues, but Virginia, one thing is sure, GOP idiots, and Tea Party thugs will ruin the Middle Class, and they "Ship the jobs overseas, especially to India, China, and Philippines etc, " where ever cheap labor, you lose, then on some pretext they bomb Bahrain, Iran, etc, your kids die, then same swan realize, vote direct democratic ticket....I am voting "Direct Democratic" ticket. Listen to this highly educated. You will never lose....I bet...God bless, VA

    September 3, 2011 11:33 am at 11:33 am |
  6. T'sah from Virginia


    Obama won't win because thankfully enough people will vote on his record and not his skin color in 2012
    September 3, 2011 11:13 am at 11:13 am


    If President Obama was elected because of the color of his SKIN (which I believe JON is insinuating African Americans voted for him for that reason) – then the White people also voted for him because of the color of his skin otherwise, he would have NEVER been elected!!!

    September 3, 2011 11:38 am at 11:38 am |
  7. A Kickin` Donkey

    I really caution Democrats against pandering to luke-warm or luke-cool Obama supporters. The President has a steel guider of support buried within the concrete of his base that WILL NOT TOLERATE naysayers. [Republicans castigate those that undercut their message and messager – so too should Dems]. I`m proud to say that when it comes to the President, you`re either "With Us or AgInat Us". Don`t try to get cute with some kind of "on one hand but then on the other hand" type of mush-mouth speak.

    Those north VA demographics you speak of portend changes nationwide. Nationwide, we all know that the president`s election difficulties have been MANUFACTURED by the like of McConnell and his co-horts staring weeks after the president took office. Given that, Obama supporters should PUNISH anyone that equivicates regarding the President.

    You might mistake the President`s even handedness for weakness but we are NOT SOFT. Don`t start none; won`t be none!

    September 3, 2011 11:41 am at 11:41 am |
  8. Rick McDaniel

    Nor should Obama win any state, in 2012.

    Any other option, at this point, would be a better option.

    September 3, 2011 11:43 am at 11:43 am |
  9. FM

    Some people say words to please themselves. Pres. Obama does not need at all to win today? What is that for???

    September 3, 2011 11:45 am at 11:45 am |
  10. Henry Miller, Libertarian

    Obama couldn't win in an election for Dogcatcher-in-Chief–his record of one disaster after another is way too long to be overcome in fourteen months.

    September 3, 2011 11:46 am at 11:46 am |
  11. NVa Native

    Connelly is playing a game the Dems never win – trying to appease conservatives in their district. Repubs appease moderates & independents with deceptions & distractions and many times even lies, but Dems can't appease because they suck at sleazy tactics as it is un-natural to them – in general.
    I am in Connelly's district and will not vote for any religious radical conservative – which is all that Repubs in Va runs against Dems. The seat that was held by the religious and socially radical Cucinelli went to a moderate Dem – like Connelly.

    And the Presidential election will go to the politically moderate Obama once again in 2012 – no matter how many sleazy lies the Repubs and their Propaganda Minister Frank Luntz dream up.

    September 3, 2011 11:46 am at 11:46 am |
  12. Joe from Ohio

    Of course he couldn't. The GOP and its headquarters (Fox news) have done nothing to help America and made sure that all uneducated misinformed people think that Obama is to blame for everything. Their plan is working brilliantly.....too bad about the economy though...oh well...

    September 3, 2011 11:58 am at 11:58 am |
  13. Claudia, Houston, Tx

    They said he wouldn't win the presidency, but he did.

    September 3, 2011 12:05 pm at 12:05 pm |
  14. kyle

    Another Dem coward speaking to a CONservative audience.

    September 3, 2011 12:14 pm at 12:14 pm |
  15. vic , nashville ,tn

    We have one more year for election this is another media point scoring news

    September 3, 2011 12:14 pm at 12:14 pm |
  16. T'sah from Virginia

    I agree NVa Native – DEMS need to be DEMS and appease DEMS; being yourself and believing in what you believe in is the key.

    I am in CAN'Tor's district and trust me – we're trying our best to get him out of here!!! He has a huge district and we're not being represented by him – we do not even exist in his mind. He's a far-RIGHT radical and ONLY entertains the far-right Tea Party; we're TIRED OF HIM!!!

    The Democrats need to remain strong and get out and VOTE – President Obama will prevail in 2012 and any other Democrat that is running would also win!!!

    September 3, 2011 12:15 pm at 12:15 pm |
  17. skarphace

    The Presidential election will come down to two main factors:

    1) the economy. Another recession, regardless of which political party is 'at fault' would destroy Obama's chances in 2012.

    2) which candidate the Republicans nominate. Moderates and Independents who are currently undecided, as I am, will not vote for a Teavangelist like Perry or Bachmann. Therefore, unless the Republicans throw off their Tea yoke and smartly elect either a moderate like Romney or Huntsman, or a strong Independent type like Paul, their chances of taking over the White House are slim.

    So the Republican's best chance overall would be to further harm the economy (which they have been doing successfully since 2010) and nominate Ron Paul.

    September 3, 2011 12:24 pm at 12:24 pm |
  18. kardiac

    I agree that Obama will not be able to win Virginia next time around. I find it difficult to believe that the President will get all those first time voters out again to overcome the deep seated racism that is a bedrock of Virginia politics. I believe the Republicans will do what they do best...get their base to vote against their best interests by using lies and scare tactics. Just look how they beat Ford in Tennessee. President Obama should get another four years to finish fixing the mess left by eight years of Bush mistakes. But it will be another very close election. No matter who the Republicans decide to run.

    September 3, 2011 12:50 pm at 12:50 pm |
  19. Doug

    Some of the most nasty, hateful, selfish, mean, dishonest people who drive with a total disregard for human life are in the Northern Virginia areas, the suburbs of DC. These type of people are 100% Democrat, they have not an ounce of decency, respect and have never taken responsibility for their actions. Most are white libs so can the racist BS, the white Democrats are by far the worst, just facts, go interact with them in their blue areas and see for yourself.

    The rest of the state is filled with loving, kind, compassionate, honest people who live a life of morals, values, decency, integrity and respect. These people will smile at a stranger walking by, even say hello. They will not switch lanes without looking, or recklessly pull out in front of people on the roads. The facts show that these type of great Americans are almost all Republican or vote Republican.

    Obama will lose Virginia, he should have never won it in the first place. His radical leftist views are welcomed in the Pelosi, Weiner districts.

    September 3, 2011 12:50 pm at 12:50 pm |
  20. thomas

    30 billon in wasted military contractors and corruption !

    Since most military contractors are based in Va , you can understand why !

    Perry /Palin 2012
    God/Guns/Tax cuts ?

    September 3, 2011 12:54 pm at 12:54 pm |
  21. Marie MD

    As much as I want the President to grow a pair and hit the teatards below the belt I don't see anyone on that list of rethug clowns who can win a general election.
    We have a businessman who is a flip flopper tearing down a small house to build a house three times, oops, sorry, twice as big as what he now has; a flake who speaks to god and still doesn't realize the truth about her husband, thinks slavery was a good thing and wants to find oil in the Everglades even though it's just not physically there; a secessionist who now only wanted universal health care but he wanted it with Mexico and whose wife was ready to divorce him; a businessman whose company sold bomb making materials (or some such thing) to iran. The rest don't really count.

    September 3, 2011 12:58 pm at 12:58 pm |
  22. Can't wait for 2012

    if obuma wins in 2012, the world will truly come to an end....

    September 3, 2011 01:01 pm at 1:01 pm |
  23. B

    Obama will win in 2012
    Cantor must go in 2012

    September 3, 2011 01:06 pm at 1:06 pm |
  24. joyce

    I can't believe that the American people are nieve enough to believe that the tea party lies will cure all the countries problems.

    September 3, 2011 01:08 pm at 1:08 pm |
  25. maikl

    Now Obama deliver his promise change- He change his bla-bla-bla from sept.7 to sept 8. I don't now who in ok brain can vote for this looser. He say he got bad economy from Bush. This the point- He promise to fix it, but it worse. He brag that his money support to many company, create job,but this company now file for bankruptcy. My family vote for him, because he was historical person. No more. He is looser and nothing else.

    September 3, 2011 01:16 pm at 1:16 pm |
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