GOP presidential candidates debate Wednesday
September 7th, 2011
07:28 AM ET
12 years ago

GOP presidential candidates debate Wednesday

Los Angeles (CNN) - The pace of the 2012 race for the White House kicks into high gear Wednesday night, with the first of three Republican presidential debates scheduled over the next 15 days. And while it's the fourth GOP debate so far this cycle, it's the first to include Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who jumped into the race for the White House less than one month ago.

Joining Perry on the stage at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, will be former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who's making his second bid for the GOP nomination, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, who's making third run for the White House, Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, businessman and former talk show host Herman Cain, former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, and former Utah Gov. and former U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman.


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  1. ConservaFASCISTS/TeaHadists/Tea Queda/TeaLiban

    Who cares about a republican debate? All it's going to be is a presidential griping session. Hopefully Brian Williams doesn't ask any of these bozos any softball questions.

    September 7, 2011 08:19 am at 8:19 am |
  2. Rudy NYC

    The debate that just passed, which was hosted by CNN and the Tea Party, turned out to be a complete joke. Almost forgot. It was sponsored by Republican Jim Demint. It was never intended to be objective or insightful. It was a tryout.

    It turned out to be more of a pep rally than an actual debate. It was a series of job interviews where each candidate stood up and gave his/her views on Tea Party "values". I think it was an insult to viewers who wanted to learn something about the candidates, instead of listening to a couple of hours of blasting off on the President.

    September 7, 2011 08:26 am at 8:26 am |
  3. Sebastian

    I won`t be watching the debate because I don`t have cable.

    I would have thought that since NBC is sponsoring this, they`d have put it on one of those "digital" side-band channels that straddle the broadcast affiliate channel.

    Fox & CNN should do the same thing.

    September 7, 2011 08:26 am at 8:26 am |
  4. The Duke In Texas

    In Rick Perry you can expect a guy who puts his own interests before those of his constituents. Thousands of us here in Texas are watching are homes burn in wildfires while he "stops by" for an afternoon, does a fly over of Austin in a helicopter, announces that its sad to see all the homes burning, then flies off to California for a debate so he can be our President. This guy can't even be a proper Governor! Stay home and do your job, loser, or resign the Governorship if you want to spend your time (on our dollar) running for another office!

    September 7, 2011 08:43 am at 8:43 am |