New NH filing date turns up the heat
September 30th, 2011
12:42 PM ET
11 years ago

New NH filing date turns up the heat

Manchester, New Hampshire (CNN) - For candidates still considering a presidential run there is a new, earlier deadline.

Presidential hopefuls wishing to compete in New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation primary must file an intent to compete by Friday, Oct. 28, announced Secretary of State Bill Gardner Friday.

Gardner set the earlier filing date in response to a decision by Florida legislators to move up their state's primary to Jan. 31. Candidates may begin filing their paperwork in New Hampshire beginning Oct. 17.

In New Hampshire, state law says that the filing period ends the third Friday in November, which is the 18th, but Gardner had the authority to change the filing period to accommodate an earlier primary date.

Possible candidates such as former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will now be forced to decide whether to compete in the Granite State primary within less than a month's time. Both Palin and Giuliani have spoken with New Hampshire voters on visits to the state in recent months.

Some campaigns choose not to compete in the nation's first primary, where voters tend to be more socially moderate and demand sustained attention and visits from presidential contenders. But the state is also small - both in size and population - and voters have a reputation for considering outside-the-box candidates and propelling them towards later electoral success.

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  1. Jake

    there are NO OTHER CANDIDATES running! GET OVER IT! and try to give a little respect to the list of people who are running! try supporting one of them! or just allow Obama to continue to make America stronger!

    September 30, 2011 12:54 pm at 12:54 pm |
  2. Rudy NYC

    I wonder how much of this state shifting, date shifting is motivated by a Tea Party desire to put "their man" on the driver's seat to the Republican nomination. I say this because I look at the states that have been trying, or at least going through the motions, to change their dates have strong Tea Party representation in their state governments or in Congress.

    September 30, 2011 01:32 pm at 1:32 pm |
  3. The Other Michael in Houston

    Again who cares when any state holds the Reublican filing deadline, they are going to lose and lose bad. I thought it was hillarious watching them almost in tears in 2008 at the McCain/Palin concession speech, I can't wait until they see again that inspite of all things they tried, they will have to call Barack Obama President again for another 4 years. The only chance any Republican has a chance of winning in 2012, if President Obama does a "Palin" and quits! Republicans, get rid of that rabid dog you call the Tea Party and you might have a chance in 2016.

    September 30, 2011 01:40 pm at 1:40 pm |
  4. T'sah from Virginia

    Every presidential election, we go through this same thing!! In my opinion, all of the states should go at the same time, PERIOD!!

    September 30, 2011 02:10 pm at 2:10 pm |