POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Friday, October 14, 2011
October 14th, 2011
04:53 AM ET
11 years ago

POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Friday, October 14, 2011

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CNN: Clinton: U.S. must put economics at the center of foreign policy
The United States must position itself to lead in a world "where security is shaped in boardrooms and on trading floors - as well as on battlefields," U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will say Friday in a major economics and foreign policy speech in New York.

CNN: U.S. official: 'Multiple' sources strengthen case against Iran
"Multiple" sources have corroborated the report about an alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States, a scheme the administration is alleging is tied to Iran's military, a U.S. official told CNN Thursday.

New York Times: Auto Bailout Done, Obama Looks for Payback
President Obama arrives here on Friday on another visit to Michigan, seeking not only the electoral votes that are essential to his re-election effort, but a platform for a far bigger message.

National Journal: Super Committee Gets Ideas—Lots of Them
Forgive super committee members for their radio silence on Friday. For today, at least, they have a good excuse.
They’re buried under reams of paper, letterhead from other members, and e-mails from advocacy groups, all with well-worn recommendations as for how the 12 members should cut $ 1.2 trillion to $1.5 trillion from the federal budget. The super committee asked for the suggestions by Oct. 14.

The Huffington Post: John Boehner, President Obama Spar Over GOP Jobs Plan
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) sparred with President Barack Obama on Thursday over the president's claim that Republicans have yet to put forward a jobs plan that would have any immediate effects.
Boehner "respectfully challenged" Obama on the issue during a 10-minute phone call, according to Boehner's office.

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CNN: Joshua Komisarjevsky found guilty in Connecticut home invasion case
Joshua Komisarjevsky, the second man to be tried in connection with a deadly 2007 Connecticut home invasion, was found guilty on all counts during the second day of deliberations Thursday in a case that drew worldwide attention and sparked broader discussions about safety in the home.

CNN: Man charged in death of Maryland woman; son missing
The stepfather of a missing Maryland boy was charged Thursday with first-degree murder after the boy's mother was found dead, police said.
Curtis Lopez, 45, was arrested Thursday morning in Charlotte, North Carolina, after a warrant was issued, said Chief Tom Manger of the Montgomery County, Maryland, police.
An Amber Alert has been issued for the boy, 11-year-old William McQuain, who remains missing, police said.

CNN: Accused celebrity hacker: 'I deeply apologize... it eats at me'
The man accused of hacking celebrities' online accounts - from which private images were ultimately posted on the Internet - says he became "addicted" to the intrusion and "didn't know how to stop."

New York Times: Eating Disorders a New Front in Insurance Fight
People with eating disorders like anorexia have opened up a new battleground in the insurance wars, testing the boundaries of laws mandating equivalent coverage for mental illnesses.

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CNN: 'Massive' oil spill clean-up underway in New Zealand
A major clean-up operation is underway along the north coast of New Zealand's North Island as debris and oil leaking from a cargo ship that ran aground on a reef wash ashore, officials say.
The Rena, a Liberian-flagged vessel, struck the Astrolabe Reef, about 12 nautical miles off the city of Tauranga, last week.

CNN: Debate stirs in Israel: Is prisoner exchange worth the cost?
After hours of debate and forceful arguments from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli cabinet this week approved a deal to exchange more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners, many linked to some of the deadliest terror attacks on Israeli civilians in recent years, for the release of an Israeli solider captured by militants more than five years ago.

CNN: Mexican authorities: 7 killed in state prison riot, fire
At least seven inmates were killed and 20 were injured Thursday in a prison riot in the Mexican border state of Nuevo Leon, authorities said.

Washington Post: U.S. launches campaign to track down Libyan missiles
The United States is planning to dispatch dozens of former military personnel to Libya to help track down and destroy surface-to-air missiles from Moammar Gaddafi’s stockpiles that U.S. officials worry could be used by terrorists to take down passenger jets.

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CNNMoney: Food prices fuel inflation in China
Prices in China continued to rise at a steady pace in September, a sign that the world's largest nation still faces significant inflation pressures even amid signs of a slowing global economy.

CNNMoney: Oil speculation seen adding $600 to your gas bill
Oil market speculation will cost U.S. households more than ever in 2011, a consumer group predicts, and the drain on household incomes will increase unless government rules to curb it are imposed.

CNNMoney: Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan: Break for the rich?
Herman Cain has a plan to radically reform the nation's tax system and make things a lot simpler for taxpayers.
Problem is, it could end up adding to the deficit and shifting the tax burden away from the wealthy and onto the poor, according to some leading tax experts.

The Wall Street Journal: Google Net Climbs 26% as Ad Sales Accelerate
Google Inc. said its sales grew at a faster pace in the recent quarter, even as other businesses work to combat weakness in the global economy.
The Internet search giant posted a 26% rise in third-quarter profit from a year earlier, and logged a 33% jump in revenue, fueled by record spending in online advertising.

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  1. T'sah from Virginia

    ►CNN: Clinton: U.S. must put economics at the center of foreign policy
    The economy should be the “center” of everything if you ask me

    ►CNN: U.S. official: 'Multiple' sources strengthen case against Iran
    But NO WAR is needed and should NOT be part of the American plan

    ►New York Times: Auto Bailout Done, Obama Looks for Payback
    And I am sure that the auto industry will not slack

    ►National Journal: Super Committee Gets Ideas—Lots of Them
    And they’re shuffling papers – seems to be right – but in the end each other they’ll condemn

    ►The Huffington Post: John Boehner, President Obama Spar Over GOP Jobs Plan
    And under Boehner’s desk is that “hair-do” man CAN’Tor acting like Boehner’s “brainpan”

    Off to Work – HAVE A NICE DAY!! 🙂

    OMG – Morning Joe (Joe) sounds like Glenn Beck – He actually said that if the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters could "drag the Rich people" out of their homes they will BEAT THEM, if they could????????? WTH?? Oh well, time to switch back to CNN!!! – Occupy USA should be taken seriously!!

    October 14, 2011 06:52 am at 6:52 am |