Cain gets testy with reporters
November 2nd, 2011
12:29 PM ET
11 years ago

Cain gets testy with reporters

Alexandria, Virginia (CNN) - All of the questions may be getting to Herman Cain.

The GOP presidential candidate was a bit touchy Wednesday when questioned by reporters about claims he sexually harassed two women in the late 1990's during his time as head of the National Restaurant Association.

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"Don't even bother asking me all of these questions," Cain said to reporters.

Then the conservative businessman raised his voice.

"Excuse me," Cain yelled. "What part of no do you not understand," he asked.

The incident occurred inside a Northern Virginia hotel where Cain met with a group of conservative physicians.

Cain's security staff then pushed their way through a scrum of reporters and photographers to escort the candidate into a conference room where he made a statement to the doctors.

Reporters attempted to ask Cain whether he would call on the National Restaurant Association to release the two women from non-disclosure agreements that they reportedly signed in order to receive settlement payments from the lobbying group.

A lawyer representing one of the women told CNN he plans to ask the National Restaurant Association for a release from those agreements, citing Cain's comments as a potential violation of the conditions of those settlements.

Cain's Chief of Staff, Mark Block indicated talks to release the women from their non-disclosure agreements may be underway.

Holding a phone up to his ear, Block said to CNN: "This may be the call now."

"Should be an interesting 48 hours," he added.

The story on the harassment complaints and settlements were first reported by POLITICO.

Cain has denied he sexually harassed the women.

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  1. It's your own fault

    In my Herman Cain voice. "If you get accused of sexual harassement it is you own fault" No one told you to do something inappropriate wtih these women and then pay one of them money to settle. Look to your self"

    November 2, 2011 01:22 pm at 1:22 pm |
  2. Nash

    What happened to truth, honesty and integrity. Cain could have avoided all these by telling POLITICO that "yes" there were claims of harassment against him and he settled them to avoid a drawn out expensive court battle. Period. Trying to cover up and lying only encourages journalists to dig deeper.

    I am curious that conservative voices haven't asked him to take responsibility for his actions as he should, instead they are blaming the media and liberals. Last time I checked they demonized the President for trying to blame someone else. Cain himself said wall street protesters have to blame themselves and that the poor are to blame for being poor and unemployed. Right back at you Cain. Blame yourself for your stupidity and quit the histrionics of playing the victims. There are actual victims out there of your male egomania.

    November 2, 2011 01:27 pm at 1:27 pm |
  3. Vee Win

    Mr. Cain ! Mr. Cain ! you smell that...... Hmmmm.......I know that smell from anywhere this Carl Rove doing here. Don't let them fool you Mr. Cain the demo's want you in the game. Remember Valerie P.

    November 2, 2011 01:27 pm at 1:27 pm |
  4. Roger

    Give a release to these women so they can speak their piece. Only way to clear the air and move on. This a pressure test for Cain and obviously brought this upon himself. Now with these stories not macthing up I hope Cain has a comfortable couch.

    November 2, 2011 01:27 pm at 1:27 pm |
  5. ChristoInferno

    Wow. He loses his cool this easily? That's a big red flag... How many times was Obama asked about his birth certificate? I don't recall him having a hissy fit over it.


    November 2, 2011 01:27 pm at 1:27 pm |
  6. demogal

    "Getting" testy? Cain is testy a lot! How dare anyone disagree with him, or challenge him on anything? The weakest ideas are the ones that won't bear questioning.

    November 2, 2011 01:27 pm at 1:27 pm |
  7. ed

    Let's all ask you the same question over and over and over and over and see how long is takes for it to get on your nerves.

    November 2, 2011 01:28 pm at 1:28 pm |
  8. Longsack the Clown

    And this guy thinks he's presidential material. If he indeed did nothing wrong then let the 2 women speak out and tell their side. I'll bet this type of behavior has gone on for some time with Mr. Cain. Those 2 women were most likely the only 2 to report it.

    November 2, 2011 01:28 pm at 1:28 pm |
  9. Brenda

    Boy, when the ladies get to tell their side of the sexual harrassment claims I do believe it will be all over but the
    crying for Herman and his unintelligent followers. If that doesn't do it, than his views on his lack of foreign policy knowledge will sink his ship. This man is not presidential material. This is like watching a 3 ring circus. It's been a
    hoot, but it's time to get serious and Herman is in trouble. Time for him to step aside.

    November 2, 2011 01:28 pm at 1:28 pm |
  10. pwn3d

    Candidacy FAIL. Go back to making Pizzas and grabbing your secretaries behinds.

    November 2, 2011 01:29 pm at 1:29 pm |

    Too bad the mainstream media did not investigate 0bama in 2008 as enthusiastically as they are now going after Herman Cain. No telling what we might have found out.

    November 2, 2011 01:31 pm at 1:31 pm |
  12. Loan

    I can see media double standard through this story. You can't stand to have a first Black Conservative President, huh?

    November 2, 2011 01:31 pm at 1:31 pm |
  13. Florida Joe

    Turn out the lights, the party's over..................All he wanted was to sell books anyway

    November 2, 2011 01:32 pm at 1:32 pm |
  14. ST

    Why do reporters put more effort to go after something which is not beneficial to people and ignore those which are?GOP are no longer interested in the story. Move on!

    November 2, 2011 01:33 pm at 1:33 pm |
  15. Hogg

    Can't take the heat? You sure can dish it out!

    November 2, 2011 01:34 pm at 1:34 pm |

    "Be civil and responsive to the media Cain.
    You are where you are as much because of the media created hype about your candidacy, as by the untold hundreds of thousands of dollars that the Koch brothers have funneled your way to buy an unqualified nobody like you and turn him into a foolish nominee controlled by them."

    Yeah, right. Just like George Soros bought and paid for Barack Obama.

    November 2, 2011 01:34 pm at 1:34 pm |
  17. Inrealityhere

    @Sammie 51- You can't be serious! After all the blunders our current "leader" has made you think Cain would damage the image of this country? NO ONE, to date, has done more damage to not only our image but our national security. We need someone like Cain to help bring us back from the brink of destruction. Oh forget it; liberals like the way this country is heading – over the cliff.

    November 2, 2011 01:35 pm at 1:35 pm |
  18. Maine LIberal

    Coulter blames the left as usual.. we want Cain to be the nominee. ann should check with Rove.

    November 2, 2011 01:35 pm at 1:35 pm |
  19. Sniffit

    WOAH!!!! Jus look at that picture above!!!! He's making rude gestures again!!!!!

    November 2, 2011 01:36 pm at 1:36 pm |
  20. RINO Bil

    Cain will make a great president. All he has to do to get his way is raise his voice and yell.

    Why didn't Obama think of that?

    November 2, 2011 01:36 pm at 1:36 pm |
  21. Liz the First

    Withdrawing from the presidential race in 3...2...1...

    November 2, 2011 01:37 pm at 1:37 pm |
  22. 1crusader

    Cain brought all of this on himself.He has no one else to blame; and that, coupled with raising his voice at questioners today, proves that he isn't even up to the vetting process, let alone the job.This is the big leagues , and the world doesn't operate
    by Herman Cain's rules.

    November 2, 2011 01:38 pm at 1:38 pm |
  23. Lindsey

    So anytime someone steps on Cain's wittle toes, he hollers people into submission. Ooookay.

    Hey President LOTS of people are going to be actively stepping on, or trying to step on, your wittle toes. Will your reaction be the same??

    Imagine this man at the helm of the ship in the Oval Office, and imagine That Call comes in at 3AM demanding an instant and sound decision. What will Cain yell then? "Excuse me, I need my beauty sleep!!!!"...??

    I don't know about you, but the thought of that doesn't give me a peaceful, easy feeling.

    November 2, 2011 01:39 pm at 1:39 pm |
  24. Rudy NYC

    PA_outofwork wrote:
    Wait until Cain is sworn in as president and the GOP has the Senate and the House; new rules of conduct for the lame street media; the investigations, prosecutions and jail time for the lame street media / reporters for their lies and slander. 364 days until the Obama and the Obama administration ends.
    Halloween is over already. That narrative has been rejected by both Hollywood and the Horror Fiction Writers Association of America. And, it has already been rejected by the American people. Take a look at the poll results.

    Cain is losing ground against President Obama, and that was before the recent "Herman the Vermin" allegations came to light. The goodship "Hermanator" is taking an overwhelming volume of shots from the right. The left is simply holding back in reserve. No sense in wasting political amunition and manpower on a lost cause.

    November 2, 2011 01:39 pm at 1:39 pm |
  25. Fool me once...

    "Excuse me," Cain yelled. "What part of no do you not understand?"

    Oh, the irony.....

    November 2, 2011 01:40 pm at 1:40 pm |
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