POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Wednesday, November 2, 2011
November 2nd, 2011
04:25 AM ET
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POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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CNN: Attorney for Cain accuser: Cain is lying
A woman who accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment believes the presidential hopeful is lying about the claims, her attorney said Tuesday night. …Cain has since repeatedly denied that he has ever sexually harassed anyone.

CNN: Will alleged sexual antics or cover-up sink Cain?
Cain's account of the incident has changed multiple times, leading to accusations of a half-baked cover-up. Now political observers are not only debating whether Cain's unorthodox candidacy will be damaged by the story; they're also asking if his handling of it has taken a potentially bad situation and made it worse.

CNNMoney: 'Go big' advocates to debt committee: Don't wimp out
The congressional debt committee, three weeks from its deadline and reportedly deadlocked, got a polite earful on Tuesday from four of the most passionate proponents of a big, balanced and bipartisan deficit-reduction plan.

CNN: Justice official expresses regret for failure to warn on 'gun walking'
A top official in the Obama administration's Justice Department told a Senate panel Tuesday that he made a mistake in failing to warn Attorney General Eric Holder and other Justice executives about the controversial ATF tactic of allowing illegally purchased guns to "walk" across the border, into the hands of Mexico drug cartels.

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CNN: New rules slashing crack cocaine sentences go into effect
For thousands of prison inmates convicted of crack cocaine charges, the prison doors will be opening early, thanks to sentencing changes easing the disparity between the penalties for possessing or distributing crack vs. powder cocaine.

CNN: Militia members plotted to kill federal officials, prosecutors say
Federal agents charged four Georgia men they say are part of a fringe militia group with plotting to attack government officials with explosives and the biotoxin ricin, prosecutors in Atlanta announced Tuesday.

CNN: Justice urges Alabama schools' compliance on immigrant laws
The Justice Department Tuesday issued a letter to Alabama school districts to make sure they are abiding by federal law, which declares that a child may not be denied equal access to schools based on his or her immigration status.

Army Times: UCMJ charges expected in espionage case
[A spokesman for U.S. Army Alaska] said Spc. William Colton Millay was arrested […] on Oct. 29 as the result of an ongoing FBI and Army Counterintelligence investigation, but declined to explain the circumstances that led to Millay’s arrest.

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CNN: Greek cabinet supports call for referendum on bailout
Greece's cabinet voted Wednesday to support Prime Minister George Papandreou's call to hold a referendum as soon as possible about the latest bailout plan, ministers coming out of the meeting told a CNN affiliate.

CNN: Israel to speed up settlement construction in Jerusalem, West Bank
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday called for speeding up the construction of 2,000 housing units in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. The announcement from his office comes in retaliation for the U.N. cultural agency UNESCO's vote, a day earlier, to accept a Palestinian bid for full membership.

CNN: Report: Syria, Arab League reach agreement on unrest
Syria and the Arab League have reached an agreement on a plan aimed at finding a solution to the months-long unrest in the country, state media reported Tuesday. …That meeting is to take place at the Arab League's headquarters in Cairo, according to Syrian state television and the Syrian Arab News Agency.

CNN: Fertile territory for Al Shabaab in chaos of Somalia
Al Shabaab, which has connections to al Qaeda, is a militant Islamist group that controls much of southern Somalia and is active around the capital, Somalia. …Most Al Shabaab watchers believe that the organizational ties between the group and al Qaeda "central" are weak or non-existent.

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CNNMoney: FBI investigating missing money at MF Global
The FBI and federal prosecutors are investigating how some $600 million of MF Global customers' money has gone missing, CNN learned Tuesday from sources close to the probe.

CNNMoney: Stocks fall hard on Greece fears
New fears about the fate of the European rescue plan reverberated through stock markets in the United States and around the world Tuesday. Following European markets, U.S. stocks ended sharply lower across the board. Bank stocks were hit especially hard.

CNNMoney: Bank of America axes $5 debit card fee
Bank of America said Tuesday it's axing its plan to charge a $5 fee for customers who use their debit cards to make purchases. …But after widespread customer revolt and announcements by several of its rivals that they won't charge similar debit-card fees, Bank of America backpedaled on its plan.

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  1. T'sah from Virginia

    ►CNN: Attorney for Cain accuser: Cain is lying
    But the self-indulged “vicious” far-RIGHT is surely NOT buying…
    this because they are so hooked on the notion that their BLACKS are “Fly”
    Even “Flyer” than Jimmy McMillan who claims “the Rent’s too HIGH”

    ►CNN: Will alleged sexual antics or cover-up sink Cain?
    Sink him to where – Dang – this whole show of Cain is Insane
    I truly feel sorry for Cain – He almost reminds me of my dad
    And the way the RIGHT is exploiting him is really, really sad!!!

    ►CNNMoney: 'Go big' advocates to debt committee: Don't wimp out
    Well the LEFT did their part NOW, what’s the RIGHT all about???

    ►CNN: Justice official expresses regret for failure to warn on 'gun walking'
    So is this resolved or does Eric Holder need to keep talking?

    Off to Work – HAVE A NICE DAY!!!

    November 2, 2011 07:11 am at 7:11 am |