Perry compares Obama to Carter in new ad
December 1st, 2011
12:16 PM ET
8 years ago

Perry compares Obama to Carter in new ad

(CNN) - Rick Perry's string of ads slamming President Barack Obama continued Thursday with a television spot comparing the incumbent Democrat with former Democratic president Jimmy Carter.

Perry's campaign said the ad will run statewide in Iowa. Perry's campaign has previously purchased television advertising space on national cable, and Iowa and New Hampshire broadcast networks.

The latest ad, called "Energy Jobs," shows Obama and Carter making similar-sounding statements on foreign energy, several decades apart.

Jimmy Carter is shown saying, "This intolerable dependence on foreign oil." Carter spoke those words during an energy address in 1979.

Carter is juxtaposed with President Obama saying, "We must end this dependence on foreign oil." On-screen text crosses out Carter's name and replaces it with Obama's.

Perry appears next, decrying the lack of action from the United States on ending reliance on foreign energy sources.

"It's almost 2012. And we're still addicted to foreign oil," Perry says. "It's almost 2012. And we're still addicted to foreign oil. President Obama and Washington? All talk. No action. I'm an outsider so I'll step on a few toes if necessary to reopen our oil and gas fields. Let's eliminate excessive regulations. That will create over a million jobs."

In a statement accompanying the ad's release, Perry's campaign communications director said the energy issue was one of the candidate's top priorities.

"Our county's reliance on unstable, foreign nations as energy sources is dangerous," Perry campaign communications director Ray Sullivan said. "Gov. Perry's top priority for revitalizing domestic energy is becoming energy independent. This new ad underscores his commitment to utilizing all of our country's national energy sources and creating American jobs."

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  1. quinlee

    Russ in Md
    Carter couldn’t even save the 50 hostages.
    I bet you are one of those folks that refuse to give Obama any credit for Bin laden and say all the credt goes to the Service Members that performed the op. If so, you should google Operation Eagle Claw. It was a failed military rescue mission to save the hostages. Does that make Carter not responsible?

    December 1, 2011 01:49 pm at 1:49 pm |
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