8.6% unemployment rate won't help Obama (much)
December 2nd, 2011
02:25 PM ET
11 years ago

8.6% unemployment rate won't help Obama (much)

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) - The November jobs report contains some undeniably good news for President Obama, but the White House should keep the champagne on ice for now.

The Labor Department reported Friday that the unemployment rate dropped to 8.6% in November, the lowest since March 2009 and a sharp improvement from 9.0% in October.


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  1. Independent Voters

    It does not have to help aleast Obama tried to help the economy that what make him a great president.
    Obama 4 more years

    December 2, 2011 02:32 pm at 2:32 pm |

    Yes, yes we know nothing will help Obama........

    Obama 2012!!! B/c I like the guy....I don't vote due to situations around me....those change....I vote due to character, & conviction. President Obama, is an honorble man! Period!

    December 2, 2011 02:34 pm at 2:34 pm |
  3. CBR

    The media continues to put a negative spin on every story. We should be able to read a story and decide for ourselves if it is good news or bad news. The negativity just flows from a sectors of the media. The headlines are all hype and no substance. Too many reporters looking for the big story and becoming famous. Let's try rewarding those who give us the straight school without the spin.

    An unemployment rate under 9% is good news. The increased sales of merchandise over the last few weeks and is also a good sign. If it continues perhaps people will have jobs after December.

    December 2, 2011 02:35 pm at 2:35 pm |
  4. Wire Palladin, S. F.

    Considering that the drop in unemployment was in spite of the obstructionist republicans who want to destroy America, Obama is doing all right. If only the lying party of "No!" would have tried to put America ahead of their political party, we would have all this behind us.

    December 2, 2011 02:38 pm at 2:38 pm |
  5. Blinded by the republucan lie

    What??? You mean it didn't go from 9%-2% in 3 years???? Stoopid people.

    December 2, 2011 02:46 pm at 2:46 pm |
  6. Sniffit

    "8.6% unemployment rate won't help Obama (much)"

    (CNN hopes)

    December 2, 2011 02:47 pm at 2:47 pm |
  7. PA_outofwork

    If you believe unemployment is 8.6% your being “Weinered" by the group that produces the November jobs report. That 8.6% number will be revised next month as it always is. This group and Obama has to stop lying about the unemployment rate, get an actuate count, dropping people from the unemployment rolls is not a solution. With the real unemployment number between 19% and 24%, we have the Democratic Party in Congress and Obama, the Obama administration driving this nation into bankruptcy. Obama; the Democrats / liberals better be prepared for huge loses 2012.

    December 2, 2011 02:48 pm at 2:48 pm |
  8. informed voter

    President Obama is the only sane and smart choice for America in 2012. Let's pray we can get rid of the obstructionists in Congress and move this great nation forward again!

    December 2, 2011 02:49 pm at 2:49 pm |
  9. kathleen

    Watch the GOP spin this report into the negative. Gee, could Obama actually be doing a good job – we better put a stop to that!! Let's see how much dirt we can invent about Obama soon and get it out there. Norquist will not be pleased with his puppets!!

    December 2, 2011 02:51 pm at 2:51 pm |
  10. Joe

    May sound good, however, real working people still are in the deep hole because underemployment went up. Yes, more got hired but the question is on the QUALITY of work people are getting. Temporary? Less pay? Parttime with no benefits? Is this really positive employment atmosphere for US? Obviously not.

    Gallup finds underemployment, without seasonal adjustment, at 18.1% in November - up from 17.8% in October and 17.2% a year ago. Employers are hiring far more part-time employees who want full-time work in 2011.

    December 2, 2011 02:52 pm at 2:52 pm |
  11. Rudy NYC

    The unemployment rate the month Obama was sworn in was 7.8% and rising like a rocket.

    December 2, 2011 02:52 pm at 2:52 pm |
  12. Dan

    Just one more reason Obama will be out of a job in 2012 and among the unemployed. Sad part is he's caused thousand to be unemployed as well, but he'll still keep getting his pension while the rest of us struggle to pay our bills and make a decent living for ourselves.

    December 2, 2011 02:53 pm at 2:53 pm |
  13. Sandy

    "8.6% unemployment rate won't help Obama (much)"

    Says who? CNN? LOL

    December 2, 2011 02:54 pm at 2:54 pm |
  14. Rudy NYC

    PA_outofwork wrote:
    With the real unemployment number between 19% and 24%, we have the Democratic Party in Congress and Obama, the Obama administration driving this nation into bankruptcy.
    PA, you're out of touch. Those numbers exceed rates measured during most of The Great Depression, which lasted a decade.

    December 2, 2011 02:55 pm at 2:55 pm |
  15. RandyLB

    Informed voter: I'd like to know what you are informed about? You're just another Obama zombie. Yes, let's pray we get rid of the obstructionist, the one in the White House.

    December 2, 2011 02:56 pm at 2:56 pm |
  16. STEVEN

    Amazing sometimes when I turn on CNN or read their articles, I actually think they are competing with FOX NEWS. I cant wait when the rate actually goes down below some more how the Republican congress will claim victory that they indeed are the ones that brought it down. Honestly, if you look at former CNN reporters that have flocked to FOX NEWS, GLEN BECK, ED HENRY... it shows you where most at CNN stand. They are a mirror to FOX NEWS.
    OBAMA to them will never do nothing right.

    December 2, 2011 02:58 pm at 2:58 pm |
  17. seebofubar

    It never ceases to amaze me how utterly ignorant some democtats are. If you believe that the real unemployment rate has actually gone down and this clueless child Obama has done anything but support policies that stifle growth than you deserve this idiot. I'm starting to believe that democrats are the group who just barely made it thru school and those that did probably couldn't make it in the private sector and wound up to be teachers or joined the government workforce.....pathetic.

    December 2, 2011 03:01 pm at 3:01 pm |
  18. Palin Power

    The ONLY person who can completely fix this economy and unemployment problem is Sarah Palin! She will implement Palinomics and that will drive unemployment DOWN to ZERO!

    December 2, 2011 03:01 pm at 3:01 pm |
  19. Bessy

    If people want to get a good idea of how the economy is going, just take a look around the shopping malls and restaurants. They are packed. People are buying not just walking around because you can see the bags they are carrying. Good job Mr. President. Keep up the good work and tell the Republicans to go to hell. Most of them are headed there anyway.

    December 2, 2011 03:03 pm at 3:03 pm |
  20. joe

    clearly, the economy is better then it was when president obama was elcted. we are no longer bleeding 600-700 thousand jobs a month and have been adding jobs for the past 12 months. anyone who is objective can see the improvement. no longer are people talking about another depression. everyone knows the bad economy was not caused by president obama. at least he has tried to do things to help. i would much rather have a president who at least tries to put out the fire rather then sitting by and watching the house burn down. president obama has had absolutely no help from the GOP during his term. as an independent voter i have been impressed with president obama's temperment, character and steadiness. i will def. vote for him again.

    December 2, 2011 03:03 pm at 3:03 pm |
  21. Little Jimmy Truth

    Hey hey hey!!!

    Na na na!!!

    Good Bye, Obama.

    December 2, 2011 03:05 pm at 3:05 pm |
  22. jacq

    Being that we were bleeding jobs profusely,I think he's doing the best he can with the do nothing Congress he has to work with. So I think he will and has earned a second term.

    December 2, 2011 03:08 pm at 3:08 pm |
  23. once upon a horse

    yeah the rate goes UP it's Obama's fault...it goes down not only he get's little to no credit for it but the far right will look for some reason why they should NOT give him credit for it. Some are already saying because less people are looking for jobs, or this is holiday time so it's only temporary help. It reminds me of the gas prices...it went up to almost 4bucks or over and it was Obama's fault....prices have since gone down and not a peep about it anymore.

    December 2, 2011 03:10 pm at 3:10 pm |
  24. Wire Palladin, S. F.

    PA_out of it – I hear Walmart is hiring uninformed people. Here is a small part of the big republican driving us to bankruptcy: Ever hear of the unnecessary war in Iraq that was not funded, tax cuts for the wealthy that were no paid for, huge drug program to help big Pharma that was not funded, the tarp bailout (some are saying that cost ten times as much as Bush originally stated, and a loss of 8 million jobs in "W"'s last three years? I thought not, but I do enjoy reading your posts.

    December 2, 2011 03:12 pm at 3:12 pm |
  25. Dominican mama 4 Obama

    Whatever CNN.
    The President has been steadily trending in the right direction.
    He said clearly enough for even the Teatards to understand that the recoveery would NOT occur overnight.
    It is shameful how you use your power as a "news organization" to promote the sense of doom and gloom that "you" say permeates our citizenry. Wouldn't it be more productive, especially during the holiday season, to give people something positive to hang on to?
    Incredibly irresponsible to put a negative spin on a positive story.
    Dissapointed in you but NOT surprised, I must say.
    Obama 2012. Seriously America.

    December 2, 2011 03:12 pm at 3:12 pm |
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