Ohio's primary ballot so far: Gingrich, Obama, Perry, Romney
December 7th, 2011
08:44 PM ET
11 years ago

Ohio's primary ballot so far: Gingrich, Obama, Perry, Romney

(CNN) - Four presidential candidates have filed their paperwork to get on Ohio's primary ballot - including Newt Gingrich, after speculation the former House speaker might miss Wednesday's 4 p.m. deadline.

The campaigns of Gingrich, President Barack Obama, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney filed with Ohio's secretary of state's office.

Gingrich could have waited to file next year, once the new June 12 primary date goes into effect and the filing deadline is extended to March, but it likely would have raised more questions about the GOP frontrunner's lean campaign operation and reach in non-early primary states.

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, former Utah governor and ambassador Jon Huntsman, Texas Rep. Ron Paul, and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum did not make Wednesday's deadline, according to Ohio Republican Party Communications Director Chris Maloney.

Maloney said that Ohio's secretary of state, John Husted, encouraged all of the presidential candidates to make the deadline out of precaution, since the March filing deadline doesn't apply until the new bill takes effect in January 2011.

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  1. Steve

    I love Obama and everything about him. He smells so sweet!

    December 7, 2011 09:00 pm at 9:00 pm |
  2. Sam Rupani

    Good Evening.

    Presidential Candidate Mr. Newt Gingrich will dropout of Republican race on January 10, 2012.

    He cannot survive now. It is all over.



    Sam Rupani

    Houston, Texas, USA

    December 7, 2011 09:17 pm at 9:17 pm |
  3. 4158

    please you think you can turn the country around mr whatever your name is? You dont have a plan to change the country. Why do the american people want a candidate who has been charged with corruption? Once ron paul released that video of him i dint see a single come back. so i dont think he denies hes a corrupt politician. If the Grinch wins the candidacy president Obama will win another term for sure. Vote ron paul people he has the best chance against Obama. Lets have a good presidential debate and chose the right man.

    December 7, 2011 09:20 pm at 9:20 pm |
  4. Vet4RonPaul

    Gingrich and Romney are neocon war-mongers that put Israel's security before America's. When you put another country's security before your own, it is treason. Pure and simple. When you knowingly support people that act with treason, you are complicit also. Also pure and simple. So, if you support Gingrich and Romney, you support treason. I am a military veteran and I served America; I support Ron Paul because he is pro-peace, pro-freedom and truly puts America before any other country. I am also particularly disgusted with the neocons that call for war with Iran but never even served in the military; they are hypocritical cowards. Again, simple to understand why.

    December 7, 2011 09:34 pm at 9:34 pm |
  5. S.B. Stein E.B. NJ

    It sounds like there are some that are forseeing their future as former candidates.

    December 7, 2011 11:21 pm at 11:21 pm |
  6. Alex

    This is news how? They have till March. Don't see how this qualifies for news.

    December 8, 2011 03:56 am at 3:56 am |