Gingrich: Palestinians are an 'invented people'
December 9th, 2011
06:06 PM ET
11 years ago

Gingrich: Palestinians are an 'invented people'

(CNN) - GOP presidential frontrunner Newt Gingrich suggested in an interview aired on Friday that those living in the Palestinian territories are an "invented people."

"I believe that the Jewish people have the right to have a state," Gingrich said on The Jewish Channel. "Remember, there was no Palestine as a state. It was part of the Ottoman Empire. And I think that we've had an invented Palestinian people, who are in fact Arabs, who are historically part of the Arab community."

He added: "And they had a chance to go many places and for a variety of political reasons, we have sustained this war against Israel now since the 1940s. I think it's tragic."

His comments, seemingly off the path from United States foreign policy supporting a two-state solution in the Middle East, come days after Gingrich attended the Republican Jewish Coalition in Washington, D.C. and as the current crop of GOP candidates compete for the GOP Jewish vote.

Describing the Middle East peace process as "delusional," Gingrich placed heavy blame on the Palestinian Authority and the role of Hamas, the ruling political party in the Gaza Strip, for the ongoing unrest.

"Both of which represent an enormous desire to destroy Israel," Gingrich said. "I think there's a lot to think about in terms of how fundamentally you want to change the terms of debate in the region."

Gingrich quickly faced criticism over his comments. On a conference call with reporters, surrogates for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Gingrich's closest competitor, questioned the former House speaker's approach.

"I'm not sure that kind of statement gets us any closer to accomplishing an agenda," said Mary Kramer, former U.S. Ambassador to Barbados and Romney surrogate. "And so that's one of the things that I think makes me a little bit nervous about Speaker Gingrich is that he sometimes makes comments that open to very broad interpretations."

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  1. Cardog

    Wow, I never thought I would be agreement with Newt on anything, but this subject is dear to my heart. The Palestinians are indeed an invented people. These people are in fact simple Arab nomads that have lived in almost every Arab country at one time or another.
    Those of you who are Israel haters need to remember that these very people you want to support calling themselves Palestinians once occupied Jordan and attempted to over-throw it's government. They of course were thrown out on their behinds.

    December 9, 2011 09:39 pm at 9:39 pm |
  2. Sad Clown

    This man is a Philistine.

    December 9, 2011 09:40 pm at 9:40 pm |
  3. dreucalypt

    Gingrich obviously hasn't paid much attention to the evolution of the PA under Abbas. Instead he want to score a couple of cheap points. But his claim ultimately comes down to support for expulsion, which I doubt even the most committed supporters of Israel in the United States will stand for.

    December 9, 2011 09:42 pm at 9:42 pm |
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