Poll: Tight race in Iowa
December 23rd, 2011
12:00 PM ET
11 years ago

Poll: Tight race in Iowa

(CNN) – As the Iowa caucuses near, the race between the top tier Republican presidential candidates remains as close as ever, according to a new poll.

The American Research Group survey of likely Republican caucus goers released Friday showed Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich in a statistical tie for the lead, garnering 21%, 20% and 19% respectively.

Although the disparity between the top three candidates falls within the margin of error, this was the first ARG poll in which Paul received the top spot.

A similar survey taken in the first-in-the-nation caucus state earlier in the month showed Gingrich, the former House speaker, with 22%, Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, with 20% and Paul, the Texas congressman, with 17%.

In the latest poll, Texas Gov. Rick Perry came in at 9%, followed by Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota with 8%, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman with 6% and former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania with 4%.

ARG surveyed 600 likely Iowa caucus goers between Dec. 19 and Dec. 22 with a sampling error of plus or minus four percentage points.

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  1. MrCoto

    If you are not supporting Ron Paul you cannot be taken seriously. Everyone else is simply more of the same-old-same-old. So if you like the way things are going, vote for anyone but Ron Paul. But if you're sick of the lying, sick of the wars, sick of the spending, sick of open boarders, sick of government interference and oppression, sick of corruption, and sick of business as usual, the Doctor will make you well.

    The Doctor will FREE you now.

    December 23, 2011 01:38 pm at 1:38 pm |
  2. Rudy NYC

    Wire Palladin, S. F.

    Four – When the president took over in 2009, the stock market had fallen from over 14,000 to under 8,000.
    Actually, it had dipped under 7000. It began to climb in Dec 2008 when the Obama transition team announced plains to assist the auto industry, after George W. Bush bailed out them, and plans to put together a Stimulus in response to public outcry to "help Main Street." The market had just cracked 8000 the week that Obama was sworn in.

    December 23, 2011 01:38 pm at 1:38 pm |
  3. Greg

    Greedy old Pigs- People might take you more seriously if you weren't a giant ball of hate wrapped in hyperbole. The idea that either party is bent on destroying the country is exactly the kind of hyper partisan vitriol that causes obstruction. In fairness, it's common on both sides, but it certainly doesn't excuse it. Personally I think Obama is a horribly unqualified President, and I disagree with the core of his ideology, but I recognize that he is an honest and decent person whose doing what he thinks is right. I just disagree with him. Your blind rage and bigotry just make people draw even harsher stances against your ideology. Saying the GOP is corporate fat cats, bent on dominating the workers is no more accurate than saying Democrats are socialist authoritarians bent on making us all dependent on big brother.

    December 23, 2011 01:39 pm at 1:39 pm |
  4. roadwarrior

    better to be a rightwing nut than a lefthand loser

    December 23, 2011 01:41 pm at 1:41 pm |
  5. Rudy NYC

    Greg wrote:

    Rudy- Fernanadez is the President of The Dominican Republic, how does that display my ignorance?
    If you need to ask the price of a piece of jewelry, then you probably cannot afford it.

    December 23, 2011 01:41 pm at 1:41 pm |

    Ron's body language tell us a lot, firstly he is not looking up at the flag but instead at the camera. His hands are displayed more like a loose gesture and not so much a bold strong commitment. ummm....I like him. he's like un-cola and not overly sweet. Someone has to wake us from the well-crafted american dream sleep.

    December 23, 2011 01:41 pm at 1:41 pm |
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