McCain to endorse Romney
January 4th, 2012
12:45 AM ET
10 years ago

McCain to endorse Romney

(CNN) - Sen. John McCain of Arizona will throw his support behind Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on Wednesday, a senior Republican source close to the senator said.

The 2008 Republican presidential nominee will travel to New Hampshire to make the endorsement.

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McCain won the New Hampshire primary during his presidential bid, beating Romney, who quickly endorsed McCain after he dropped out of the race in early February following key losses on Super Tuesday.

News of the endorsement was first reported by BuzzFeed Politics.

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  1. American

    Warmongering McCain = neo-Con Romney = same ol' Bush nonsense...

    January 4, 2012 08:07 am at 8:07 am |
  2. The Greedy Old PIgs have declared class war on US!

    What a surprise. One good neocon toady endorses another good neocon toady. Together they will continue to suck up to the hidden elites while doing their bidding and corrupting our government.

    January 4, 2012 08:19 am at 8:19 am |
  3. Buster Bloodvessel

    Wait, McCain is still alive?

    January 4, 2012 08:21 am at 8:21 am |
  4. Al-NY,NY

    the man who unleashed the human e-bola virus on the US endorsing Mittens....big whoop. So Flippity flop, who is YOUR VP choice? Bachmann? Santorum? The only way you'll get the tightie righties to come out for you in numbers enough to win is to latch onto some thumper who, as with Simple Sarah, will sink your chances

    January 4, 2012 08:29 am at 8:29 am |
  5. betty

    he can forget it now. He is a typical Repug

    January 4, 2012 08:31 am at 8:31 am |
  6. augustghost

    Ahh the angry little penguin emerges once again..he would be better off having the Kardasians back him

    January 4, 2012 08:35 am at 8:35 am |
  7. NoTags

    As a veteran I appreciate John McCain's service to our Country. What I don't understand is how McCain could endorse Romey who spent 30 months beginning in July 1966 as a Mormon missionary to France living the "high life" while thousands of our men spent their time laying in dirty, stinking rice paddies in Vietnam giving their lives for this Country.

    Romney is just as bad as tricky Dick (5 deferments Cheney) who sat out the war in the comfort of his home.

    January 4, 2012 08:36 am at 8:36 am |
  8. Herman McCain

    Poor John McCain. He will be forever known as the idiot who picked Palin!!!!

    January 4, 2012 08:36 am at 8:36 am |
  9. Keyser Soze

    One out of touch politician endorsing another 1%er.
    Middle class will remind repubs that their policies will not go unpunished at the polls. Four more Obama!

    January 4, 2012 08:37 am at 8:37 am |

    The man who thought our economy was strong endorsing the man who said let the auto industry die. I see atrend there. Romney prefers that your home gets foreclosed on rather than offering solutions on how to keep you in your home. McCain wasn't ready for the job in 2008 and Willard is not ready for the job in 2012.


    January 4, 2012 08:41 am at 8:41 am |
  11. FedUp

    If McCain is for Romney, then I won't vote for him. I used to care until he turned his back on the military. Go Rick!!

    January 4, 2012 08:42 am at 8:42 am |
  12. Sashas1971

    Personally, McCain endorsing Romney could be a kiss of death for ole Mitt. John McCain is starting to sound like an old geezer with some of his rhetoric. And in many minds of Republicans, trying to get the correlation of "RomneyCare" and "ObamaCare" out of the way may be an insurmountable hurdle.
    Once again, the Republicans do not have a viable candidate to take on Obama. Such a sad state of affairs.

    January 4, 2012 08:44 am at 8:44 am |
  13. Two and the Door for House Republicans

    Romney, is so fake it is ridiculous!! The guy reminds me of a cardboard stage prop!!!
    The guy radiates fake!!! If he is elected President you can kiss what you think is middle class out the door!!

    January 4, 2012 08:46 am at 8:46 am |
  14. justin

    The kiss of death I'd say.

    January 4, 2012 08:53 am at 8:53 am |
  15. Pat in IL

    McCain's intentions are probably good, but I hope his endorsement is not the kiss of death for Romney. He has just become too much of a sleaze to want him on your side.

    January 4, 2012 08:55 am at 8:55 am |
  16. Boo

    McCain is a warmongering angry old man. And I'm tired of him using his Vietnam veteran/POW "status" all of the time. And he picked Palin as his running mate. And the people of Arizona are stupid enough to keep re-electing this guy. 'Nuff said.

    January 4, 2012 08:56 am at 8:56 am |
  17. Tom In Millstadt

    @ Dem4Paul2012
    "The times they are a changing." Bob Dylan not Simon and Garfunkle.

    January 4, 2012 09:00 am at 9:00 am |
  18. Independent Voters

    McCain need to be voted out of the office and Romney will never be president he will lose just like his friend McCain.

    January 4, 2012 09:00 am at 9:00 am |
  19. Brenda

    Look at all the nasty comments. How about something constructive? Romney is a good business man. It is smart not to throw good money after bad. That is something some people can seem to understand. In the meantime, you look for business that can/will do well; ie., like becoming energy independent. It does not make financial sense to throw money down the drain. You need to find what works and then work it.

    January 4, 2012 09:08 am at 9:08 am |
  20. Qi

    Ahhh. The Kiss of Death.

    January 4, 2012 09:08 am at 9:08 am |
  21. madmaninthemiddle

    "Common Sense" has it right. This is the classic political move. Wait until it's clear who the winner will be to endorse, but be sure to do it before eveyone else realizes your guy is inevitable.

    Next endoresment – Rick Perry. But a different motive – he'll do it for a shot at VP.

    January 4, 2012 09:12 am at 9:12 am |
  22. GI Joe

    ha ha ha ha - he also picked $arah Palin. No thanks.

    January 4, 2012 09:12 am at 9:12 am |
  23. petena

    McCain wants the ticket to be Romney/Palin just like it was for him. We all know the results. However, we need a good comedy season and Palin amongst the clowns would be the highlight of the election.

    January 4, 2012 09:16 am at 9:16 am |
  24. mat

    I think McCain endorsement will help Romney.
    Here the ultra left obama babies are making all kinds of noise, that McCain did a big crime by picking Sara Palin as the VP.
    Sarah may not be a smart person .

    But when comparing to the things you guys did, picking an ultra left obama as the president of this country, McCain's selection was better.
    Even Sarah Palin waould have been a better preisdent than our current President. No doubt!!!

    January 4, 2012 09:17 am at 9:17 am |
  25. Name king j

    He also pick Sarah Palin, lol that's a Good one.

    January 4, 2012 09:20 am at 9:20 am |
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