Gingrich press secretary fights off Trump questions
February 2nd, 2012
12:55 PM ET
11 years ago

Gingrich press secretary fights off Trump questions

Las Vegas, Nevada (CNN) - R.C. Hammond did not have a good morning.

A gaggle of frustrated reporters swarmed Newt Gingrich's perpetually-exhausted traveling press secretary before the candidate's Thursday morning event in Las Vegas, demanding to know why campaign advisers had erroneously informed various media outlets that business mogul and reality television star Donald Trump was set to endorse Gingrich.

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CNN broke the news Thursday that Trump will actually be endorsing Mitt Romney.

But multiple news outlets - including The Associated Press, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Politico - reported the previous evening that Gingrich would be the one to land the endorsement, citing sources inside the campaign.

Was the communications mix-up a sign of the campaign's disorganization?

Or had Trump given Gingrich assurances about his endorsement, and then backed away?

With a raft of digital audio recorders shoved in his face, Hammond refused to answer the questions.

"The only person who knows what Donald Trump is going to do today is Donald Trump," he said, repeating the line at least five different times.

When reporters continued to press, Hammond demanded to know what campaign sources had talked.

"Who are they?" he asked.

No one named names - reporters don't like to reveal their sources, after all – so Hammond, clutching his coffee, tried to meander away.

"I am not talking to you guys anymore," he huffed. "I can only say the same thing 16 times."

Still, some reporters followed, wanting more details about the Trump drama.

"I am already tired of you," he said, brushing them off. "I need to take a nap."

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  1. Mmoore

    The anonymous sources were probably from Romney's campaign. If reporters would verify their information, as they're supposed to, they wouldn't have to run around looking for someone else to blame when they report falsely. I remember Dan Rather once learned lesson the hard way.

    February 2, 2012 04:31 pm at 4:31 pm |
  2. Celeste

    I love my President! He has a real sustainable character! He has had some outrageous insults and deceptive things and comments thrown at him every day that he has been in office. In spite of all these awful lies from all these mean spirited people, he has managed to work hard for all of us! Can you imagine, if the Republicans Party Congressman's and Senators had worked as hard as his administration, how much more would have been done? His administration has managed over as many as 89 major natural disasters in America in three years (while combating the evil men that forgot what their job description is), 2 wars from the 8 prior years of Bush, Gross China trade imbalances from the prior 8 years, millions of jobs lost from the prior 8 years before he took office, millions of homes foreclosed from the prior 8 years before he took office, companies and banks upside down from the prior 8 years. Excuse me!
    He has been cleaning up messes from all these past Presidents and has dealt with our enemies while These Republicans have committed treason and terrorism against our government and the office of THE PRESIDENT by taking a check for a salary from the taxpayers and not working. They have constantly criticized him, played back seat driver and been petty about matters that could have helped just one American. The Republican leaders have been disloyal to America and they should be voted out! The Republican leaders have betrayed their office by plotting to overthrow our President while he has managed to work tirelessly for every American and many cases coming up above the fray and being successful. These Republicans have created a double in the minds of some of our enemies of who is in charge in The White House and by doing so; have made his job extremely difficult. Some of these Republicans jumped on planes trying to unmind our President in these foreign countries with no consequences of their treasonous actions, and constantly showing these people a false sense of security. Mitt Romney will spend his time guarding his millions or billions in other countries and his 15% tax rate and Newt is just a flip flopping dog who doesn’t deserve the time of day! By the way Newt bragged about stopping Hillary care. He is a direct result of health care being out of control and it would have been easy to fix it back then! My health care jump 400% since then and my services diminished greatly while my deductibles went up! I like the direction health care is headed and already I have saved greatly by having my college aged children under the umbrella of my policy! Dismantle it is a hell no; correct some of it is a hell yes! By the way, Hilliard Rodman Clinton is one of a kind and the best medicine America has! Democrats work hard in spite of the petty mess. Look at the success of our past Democrat Presidents and the example of service that they give around the world! Don’t vote any more Halliburton’s in, or gun running Oliver North’s or Iran Contra’s in or ease droppers.

    Vote for our President. He deserves our loyalty! No one measures up to him!

    February 2, 2012 04:41 pm at 4:41 pm |
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