Gingrich energy ad to air in post-Super Tuesday states
March 3rd, 2012
09:36 PM ET
10 years ago

Gingrich energy ad to air in post-Super Tuesday states

Bowling Green, Ohio (CNN) – Newt Gingrich is bracing for a nomination fight beyond Super Tuesday, beginning with television advertising to promote his $2.50-per-gallon gasoline plan.

The ad was posted on the campaign's website on Friday and, according to Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond, will begin airing next week in Alabama and Mississippi, states that hold primary contests on March 13.

The 30-second ad blames President Barack Obama for the recent rise in gas prices.

"Since Barack Obama's inauguration, gas prices have doubled. They didn't go down when Obama bowed to Saudi oil princes," the narrator says. "But they can go down under the Newt Gingrich $2.50 per gallon plan."

His campaign also released a 60-second web video Friday touting his plan to reduce gas prices. That video was promoted on social media and through an email fundraising campaign that began Friday. Hammond said the first round of fundraising brought in $100,000, which will be put toward the television ad buy in Alabama and Mississippi.

The former House speaker has spent much of his recent time on the campaign trail proposing solutions to bring down the price of gas and has called on the president to fire Energy Secretary Steven Chu.

The 30-second spot follows Gingrich's 30-minute energy address posted on his website and aired once in cities in Super Tuesday states including Georgia, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Washington.

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  1. Jane

    One more time in words of one syllable: the Office of the President of the United States has NOTHING to do with the price of oil. Numerous factors are in play, e.g., Wall St. speculation, export pricing (we export more than we import by the way), the geopolitical situation in the Middle East. Gingrich promising $2.50 and Bachmann promising $2.00 and Mittens promising god knows what is just another example of the Republicans blowing smoke up their poor deluded followers' asses.

    March 4, 2012 01:23 am at 1:23 am |
  2. logicnLA

    Where is the media challenging these claims of 2.50 gas? What happened to truth in advertising?

    March 4, 2012 01:55 am at 1:55 am |
  3. sadlyperturbed

    Newt is well aware that this, or any other President, does not control gasoline prices in this country. Those prices are controlled by speculators and PRIVATE oil companies which are in business for one thing: Profits. And any excuse will do for these cutthroat businessmen to gouge people around the world to make those profits. Any rumor, any hint of a problem, and these guys jump in with both feet to make sure they receive as much money as possible. It's called greed, and these folks are at the top of the food chain. This is just another lie told by Newt which he cannot back up any more than he can back up his moon colony idea. Notice that NO other candidate is saying anything similar about what they would do to reduce gasoline prices.

    March 4, 2012 02:01 am at 2:01 am |
  4. Bill in Pleasanton, CA

    Newt ... time to start planning your exit from the race. People just are not listening.

    March 4, 2012 03:05 am at 3:05 am |
  5. steven harnack

    Does he really think that people are stupid enough to believe that? Unless he plans on nationalizing the worlds oil companies there is not a darn thing that he can do about gas prices. If it was possible it would already be done. We could remove oil from the commodities market and bring the price down but I know that Gingrich is not about to propose anything like that, just the same old "drill in national parks and we'll have free oil" con game.

    March 4, 2012 03:21 am at 3:21 am |
  6. aaron

    What's his real plan....cheat on his wife with a poorly sighted, desperate oil company executive that is willing to stop price gouging Americans?

    March 4, 2012 05:18 am at 5:18 am |

    The Lizard is out to fool the same simpletons who loved his food stamp reference.

    March 4, 2012 06:03 am at 6:03 am |
  8. Wendy

    Gringrich and santorum will be in for a real treat if they stop by st patrick s cathedral because newly minted cardinal dolan is urging catholics to get more involved in politics. cardinal dolan welcomes bishop romney too.

    March 4, 2012 06:27 am at 6:27 am |
  9. Keith A. Sillsbury

    I I want to hear what this plan is STEP BY STEP. I thought socialism was out of the question since oil is traded on the free market. I thought smaller government was the bill of the day. We have a surplus of oil right now and prices are going up, how do you explain this newton?

    March 4, 2012 06:58 am at 6:58 am |
  10. Wire Palladin, S. F.

    Obviously, Newt's only supporters are bigoted idiots. What a secular McCarthyist and Birther with no understanding of economics he has become. We are drilling at a higher rate, the supply is up, the demand is down, but the wealthy republican speculators who add 60 cents to a gallon of gas have driven the price with no end in sight. In the summer of Bush 2008, gas was at $4.15 a gallon.

    March 4, 2012 07:16 am at 7:16 am |
  11. Wire Palladin, S. F.

    I have been to parts of GA, where they would actually believe this idiot.

    March 4, 2012 07:17 am at 7:17 am |
  12. diridi

    eat beans, free gas....ha..ha...what a nasty trick.

    March 4, 2012 07:51 am at 7:51 am |
  13. Marie MD

    Unfortunately there will be people who will believe that any president or world leader, except for the arab country billionaires, can set oil prices.
    It's OPEC and the world market.

    March 4, 2012 07:55 am at 7:55 am |
  14. GI Joe.

    He's a liar.

    March 4, 2012 08:14 am at 8:14 am |
  15. w l jones

    Yamasee country has a lot of old farm land not in used today and very few mule down theirs as well so nothing in the fore future will bring gas price down sad but true. Bless.

    March 4, 2012 08:54 am at 8:54 am |
  16. Indy

    You just have to be so stupid to think any President or Prime Minister of any country has any control of worlwide gas prices. Newt is pandering to the lowest IQ he can find, he might as well announce his VP pick would be Michele Bachmann. Why do Republicans think that all of there flat out lies, like this whopper are going to fool anyone ? Newt will have his moon colony long before he can bring down WORLDWIDE gas prices.

    March 4, 2012 08:56 am at 8:56 am |
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