Romney to forgo Medicare
March 12th, 2012
01:11 PM ET
10 years ago

Romney to forgo Medicare

Jackson, Mississippi (CNN) - Mitt Romney is celebrating his 65th birthday. But unlike many seniors who reach that age, the GOP presidential candidate will forgo the Medicare program, according to a source with the Romney campaign.

"No, he's keeping his current private insurance plan," a Romney source told CNN.

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Should Romney become the nominee, the disclosure that the former Massachusetts governor will opt against using Medicare could become a campaign issue. Romney has proposed drastic changes to the government insurance program for senior citizens.

Last month, Romney unveiled a Medicare reform package that included raising the program's eligibility age and offering seniors the option to enroll in a private insurance plan. The changes would take effect for new retirees in 2022.

The Romney campaign is gearing up for a debate over the proposals. In campaign emails, Romney aides accuse the President of mismanaging the program, saying Mr. Obama is "ending Medicare as we know it."

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  1. Texas Doc

    Yeah, because he can afford it. He just doesn't support the other 99% that struggle with little things like health and well being.

    March 12, 2012 01:15 pm at 1:15 pm |
  2. Max


    The current medicare plan is NOT good enough for Romney, but according to him, it's good enough for Massachusetts and is a 'model' for the rest of Americans. Oh! how deceitful!!!

    Sure, Romney your mandated health care plan will catch up with you in November.

    March 12, 2012 01:20 pm at 1:20 pm |
  3. Rudy NYC

    "Last month, Romney unveiled a Medicare reform package that included raising the program's eligibility age and offering seniors the option to enroll in a private insurance plan. The changes would take effect for new retirees in 2022."
    Do Republicans think people are just plain stupid? Vouchers represent the systematic eradication of Medicare. Never mind the fact that Republicans ignore the whole point of the programs' existence, which is seniors cannot get private plans and private plans drop seniors when they get sick.

    Combine that practice with the fact that Republicans objected to, and still do, any form of regulations that prohibit health insurers from dropping people or turning people way, then you have a recipe for millions of seniors dying from lack of health care. So, a government program was started to provide a "safety net" for seniors who were not multi-millionaires who could afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars on end of life health care.

    Once you are handing out vouchers for people to make a private purchase, the argument will become this, "Why are we giving people money to make a private purchase?" "We cannot afford that, so let's stop doing. People should pay for their own health care. No more vouchers." "Gee, we can afford another tax cut for job creators, which will pay for the deficit it creates."

    March 12, 2012 01:22 pm at 1:22 pm |
  4. Really?

    Haha. I can do nothing but shake my head at how this man can make such drastic statments, and propose damaging cuts to programs he has no experience with. Why anyone that makes less than 7 figures would vote for this individual is beyond me.

    March 12, 2012 01:22 pm at 1:22 pm |
  5. MTATL67

    OH big this suppose to be some big sacrifice for a multi-millionaire. I find this gesture insulting.

    March 12, 2012 01:23 pm at 1:23 pm |
  6. Sniffit

    Good. He's already stuck it to the rest of us taxpayers enough with all his tax loopholes and deductions and the preferential treatment he receives for being filthy rich. Maybe he can use that fancy private insurance plan to have his head removed from his backside and get a spine implant to help stop all the flippy-floppy.

    March 12, 2012 01:25 pm at 1:25 pm |
  7. KatR

    I doubt Romney ever paid any Medicare tax anyway. Only us peasants had the tax taken out of our paychecks.

    March 12, 2012 01:25 pm at 1:25 pm |
  8. springthecat

    If I had 250 million, Ithink I would have all the health insurance I ever needed. Therefore, why should you need or deserve Medicare? That is Romney's convoluted way of thinking

    March 12, 2012 01:27 pm at 1:27 pm |
  9. vote the Tea Party OUT in 2012

    say ANYTHING to get elected, eh Mitt? Boy I'm REALLY going to vote for you knowing this now.

    March 12, 2012 01:31 pm at 1:31 pm |
  10. WTF

    Romney is opting out of Medicare as a political gimick. He can afford it because he is very wealthy. He needs to disclose how much it's actually going to cost him. It will be obvious that the other 99% of us won't be able to afford private insurance at age 65 or higher.

    His plan to raise the age for Medicare is nothing but a big gift to the private insurance industry.

    March 12, 2012 01:32 pm at 1:32 pm |
  11. MittRomneys dead daddy

    Im so proud of my son, he ripped of enough people to where he doesn't need medicare

    March 12, 2012 01:32 pm at 1:32 pm |

    Medicare doesn't cover all the cosmetic procedures Willard or Ann will eventually have done to them.

    March 12, 2012 01:36 pm at 1:36 pm |
  13. Lolo

    And this is news? The man can afford not to take medicare, but for those that need it in their old age he wants to take it away. If they vote for this robotic, out of touch candidate the republican party should get 20 lashes for being so stupid. It is unbelieveable how racism can make people do stupid things, because the republican/TP party are definitely racist and will vote in a zebra to get rid of President Obama.

    March 12, 2012 01:39 pm at 1:39 pm |
  14. Lisa P

    On the one hand, no surprise. If anything I'm surprised he has insurance at all - $100 million isn't enough to cover medical expenses these days?

    On the other hand, I don't want someone who has no actual experience with Medicare (or any realistic sense of medical costs or what it feels like to budget and have to do without) tinkering around with it to please his CEO and hedge fund manager buddies. Because for most Americans being eligible for Medicare produces a big sigh of relief. Private health insurance in the United States is that rickety and uncertain. We need a President who understands in his gut why single payer - Medicare for all, as they say - is the only answer. Mr. Trust Fund will never be that guy.

    March 12, 2012 01:43 pm at 1:43 pm |
  15. Woman In California

    This creep – given his fortune has a CHOICE whether or not he wants to participate in the Medicare program which most of us at age 65 won't have (especially under his leadership). Not only does he want to keep us working longer (and trust me as a woman after age 40 it gets harder) he wants us to SUBMIT to him and SERVE him while he continues to lust and bust our behinds. For all those who vote for him, I hope you are under age 30 and love working longer hours because that is exactly what you'll do under his presidency.


    March 12, 2012 01:45 pm at 1:45 pm |
  16. Sniffit

    "The Romney campaign is gearing up for a debate over the proposals. In campaign emails, Romney aides accuse the President of mismanaging the program, saying Mr. Obama is "ending Medicare as we know it.""

    So I take it you're not going to bother reporting on the New England Journal of Medicine study report just released that found that growth in per patient Medicare costs has slowed, in contrast to earlier projections that spending would soar at an unsustainable rate. In addition, the researchers believe the trend will hold over time, thanks largely to the Affordable Care Act’s sweeping cost-control policies. That's not "news" but Captain 1% deciding to go with private insurance instaed of the Medicare program he wants to help the GOP/Teatrolls eviscerate is somehow intriguing, suprising and newsworthy?

    Moreover, the memo Mittens released on Medicare this morning is chock full of completely disproveable nonsense and misrepresentations you should be researching and reporting on substantively. Do you have no journalistic integrity left whatsoever, CNN?

    March 12, 2012 01:47 pm at 1:47 pm |
  17. Richard Miller

    And just what part of being rich don't you understand? Not only is he a jerk, he actually believes that people like him!

    March 12, 2012 01:48 pm at 1:48 pm |
  18. Rudy NYC

    Easy to do when you sit on the board of an insurance company.

    March 12, 2012 01:55 pm at 1:55 pm |
  19. cali girl

    Another way Robmey has shown he is out of touch with the American People. Raise the age to collect, make them get private insurance. Lovely, most retired people I know have to pay in upwards of $1000 a month to go along with medicare which hardly pays anything. So much for being behind the poor in this country.

    March 12, 2012 01:58 pm at 1:58 pm |
  20. Phil in KC

    I think he can afford it. Of course, that gives him no buy-in for dealing with that program.

    March 12, 2012 02:05 pm at 2:05 pm |
  21. John

    The GOP presidential front-runner has used Medicare as a campaign issue, proposing to curtail future benefits for wealthy people like him so “lower-income seniors would receive the most generous benefits.”-ABC News

    People sound like idiots when they just fly off the handle without really understanding whats going on.

    March 12, 2012 02:08 pm at 2:08 pm |
  22. dnick47

    After making a living feeding off the blood of others, Mitt can afford to pay doctors out of his pocket. The one he bleed white by costong them their jobs, homes etc.. he doesn't give a d...n for. And that the plain full truth..

    March 12, 2012 02:10 pm at 2:10 pm |
  23. simp

    That's because he can afford to pay for his own private insurance, give me a break this is not news romney is just trying
    to make his self look good by putting this out there, beside he is probably getting some type of discount on the most expensive insurance out there, people like him usually do.

    March 12, 2012 02:11 pm at 2:11 pm |
  24. Logic N LA

    Once again he shows that he is different from the rest of us. He also shows the flaw in our healthcare system that can only be made better by Helathcare Reform going forward.

    March 12, 2012 02:11 pm at 2:11 pm |
  25. Sniffit

    "bloviating about how he's taking other taxpayers' money"

    He's already doing that by getting preferential tax rates, deductions and loopholes solely because he's filthy rich.

    March 12, 2012 02:13 pm at 2:13 pm |
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