POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Tuesday, April 10, 2012
April 10th, 2012
04:38 AM ET
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POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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CNN: Poll: Nearly three-quarters of Republicans see Romney as nominee
Seventy-four percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning voters nationwide believe Mitt Romney will definitely become the candidate to go head-to-head against President Barack Obama this fall, according to a new survey by The Pew Research Center.

CNN: Romney's weekend: Family photos or political fodder?
The former Massachusetts governor and likely Republican presidential nominee spent the past few days with his family at his beach house in expensive and exclusive La Jolla, California. That's the same three-bedroom home, purchased for $12 million four years ago, that has made headlines over the past couple of years after reports of plans for a major remodeling and expansion.

CNN: Another GSA official placed on leave in spending controversy
Another government official was placed on administrative leave Monday in the continuing fallout over wasteful spending involving a 2010 Las Vegas conference for government workers, the General Services Administration announced.

CNN: New Arizona congressional map gets federal approval
The Justice Department approved Arizona's recently redrawn congressional lines on Monday. The announcement clears the way for elections in the newly formed districts, which now total nine after population changes caused the state to pick up one seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.


CNN: Grand jury cancellation leaves Zimmerman case in limbo
Now that the grand jury that was scheduled to convene Tuesday in the Trayvon Martin case has been canceled many are wondering when a decision will be made. The special prosecutor assigned to oversee the investigation, Angela Corey, announced Monday that she would not present the controversial shooting case to a grand jury.

CNN: Jury selection continues for man accused of killing Jennifer Hudson's relatives
Jury selection was scheduled to continue Tuesday in the murder trial involving family members of actress and singer Jennifer Hudson, a day after 14 prospective jurors were chosen. The entire group of 12 jurors and six alternates was expected to be chosen by early afternoon Tuesday, court officials said.

CNN: Prosecutors will weigh hate charges in Tulsa shootings
Prosecutors will review whether hate crime charges are appropriate against Jake England and Alvin Watts, the men accused of shooting five African-Americans - three of them fatally - in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a district attorney said Monday.

CNN: Maryland to hold news conference on Mega Millions lottery winner
Maryland Lottery officials plan a news conference Tuesday, a day after announcing that the holder of a winning ticket in a Mega Millions drawing has come forward. Three winning tickets were sold nationally in the drawing, which had a record $656 million payout. One ticket was sold in Kansas, another in Illinois and a third in Maryland.


CNN: Deadline passes for Syrian forces to pull out from cities
A deadline for Syrian troops to withdraw from cities came and went Tuesday morning, with no reports of change in the year-long crisis that has killed thousands. An opposition activist in the besieged city of Homs said fresh shelling rained on two neighborhoods late Tuesday morning.

CNN: What's behind North Korea's launch plans?
All eyes this week are on North Korea, which looks set to move forward with a provocative long-range missile launch. Last month, Pyongyang announced it would launch a rocket carrying a satellite sometime between Thursday and April 16 to mark the 100th anniversary of its founder, Kim Il Sung.

CNN: Muslim Brotherhood rejects ex-spy chief's candidacy
A Muslim Brotherhood candidate for next month's presidential elections here lashed out Monday at the eleventh-hour entrance into the race by Omar Suleiman, the former spy chief to deposed strongman Hosni Mubarak. "We are not against the concept of anyone running as long as he has the right legal status, but it's unacceptable to have one of the symbols of Mubarak's regime run for president," Khairat el-Shater told CNN.

CNN: China sentences disabled activist to more than two years in jail
A Chinese court on Tuesday sentenced a disabled lawyer who defended tenants' rights to more than two years in jail for "picking quarrels" and fraud, a local human rights advocacy group said.


CNN Money: Obama's Buffett Rule: FAQ
President Obama on Tuesday will continue to beat the drum for the Buffett Rule, his campaign-ready tax proposal aimed at millionaires and billionaires. A central message of Obama's re-election campaign is his argument that the very rich should pay more in taxes.

CNN Money: Lousy jobs report sends stocks lower
U.S. stocks closed sharply lower Monday, the first trading day following a disappointing jobs report last week. The Dow Jones industrial average (INDU) fell 130 points, or 1%, to end at 12,929. The S&P 500 (SPX) tumbled 16 points, or 1.1%, to 1,382. The Nasdaq (COMP) slid 33 points, or 1.1%, to 3,047.

CNN Money: Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 billion
Facebook has agreed to buy photo sharing network Instagram for $1 billion in a combination of cash and stock, the company announced Monday. It's Facebook's biggest acquisition ever, in both price and reach. With around 30 million active users, Instagram has the largest audience of any startup Facebook has purchased, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a blog post.

In case you missed it…
The prosecutor on the Trayvon Martin case has decided against sending the case to a grand jury.

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  1. GI Joe

    Has anyone else noticed it is only called class warfare when the people being destroyed stand up and fight back against the wealthy?

    April 10, 2012 05:35 am at 5:35 am |
  2. Marlee

    Great day in the neighborhood! It is a bit chilly in the heart of the 6reat Lakes this morning. I can't keep up with the kids and farm, let alone the world. =p

    April 10, 2012 07:34 am at 7:34 am |
  3. king

    The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, this is a recipe for disaster. Its like taking away the privates weapons and giving it to the generals, then telling them go fight the battle. The general people are the the warriors in society, they are the ones that fight the battles, to make that makes the economy grow. if you take away their spending power, which is their weapons, and give it to the rich, which are the generals, what do you think will happen, let me hint, it wont be good. We've got to find away of getting the money back into the economy, so that it circulate, and thar small businesses have a chance to get. Because they hires 70 percent of Americans. The repubs failed stragedy of trickle down economics will doom, this country again, just like it did in the great depression, and the great recessions, the generals don't fight battles, the privates do.

    April 10, 2012 08:20 am at 8:20 am |