Romney cites 'vast left wing conspiracy'
April 17th, 2012
04:27 PM ET
11 years ago

Romney cites 'vast left wing conspiracy'

(CNN) – Speaking to a right wing radio host Tuesday, likely GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney repurposed a phrase from Hillary Clinton, citing a "vast left wing conspiracy" brewing in the media and liberal advocacy organizations to derail his campaign.

Romney was making an appearance on Breitbart TV and was asked by host Larry O'Connor whether he was ready to take on "the media and these nonprofits groups that are working together."

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"There will be an effort by the quote vast left wing conspiracy to work together to put out their message and to attack me," Romney said in response. "They're going to do everything they can to divert from the message people care about, which is a growing economy that creates more jobs and rising incomes. That's what people care about."

Romney's choice of words echoes Clinton's assertion in 1998 that a "vast right wing conspiracy" was behind the sexual harassment charges her husband, former President Bill Clinton, was facing at the time.

"I mean, look at the very people who are involved in this – they have popped up in other settings," Clinton, now the U.S. secretary of state, said on NBC's "Today" in 1998. "This is – the great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president."

Romney said dealing with journalists, many of whom he said were biased, was a perpetual problem for Republicans.

"Many in the media are inclined to do the president's bidding and I know that's an uphill battle we fight with the media generally," Romney said, before praising O'Connor for offering a conservative voice.

The candidate said he was unfazed by the prospect of doing battle with the left's vast operation.

"Democrats know that given the president's record over the last three years they cannot run on that record," Romney said. "They will make this race about anything but the president's record and the economy."

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  1. T in Irvine, CA

    Well, one thing is for sure. This will be quite the race for the presidency. Funny how Romney was slammed by the far right. Is it a surprise that the left will attempt to slam him? Nope. Ready or not hear comes the battle. And I think Romney actually has a very good chance. Nice... Change will be good.

    April 18, 2012 02:35 am at 2:35 am |
  2. ObamaWillLose

    Mitt is just stating the obvious. The thing is, this wack job will easily defeat the wack job currently in the oval office.

    April 18, 2012 02:54 am at 2:54 am |
  3. Joe

    Liberals commenting here once again prove they are too oblvious to see bias they agree with.

    April 18, 2012 02:57 am at 2:57 am |
  4. Heh

    The fact that Mitt Romney, of all people, elicits such fear in the left only proves how weak Obama's support actually is. Maybe some liberals really are "reality-based" after all.

    The Obama administration has been an unmitigated disaster. Liberals had a sympathetic ear with Hilary, but they blew their chance at having a lasting legacy. Instead, they elected to choose failure.

    April 18, 2012 03:37 am at 3:37 am |
  5. Actionspeakslouder

    Obama's actions since taking residence in the WH speaks louder than all his tele-prompting rhetoric. He is a man-child and the American people are evaluating his job performance and are fast coming to the conclusion that he is not presidential material. His aim is to destroy America and turn it into a 3rd world country like Kenya, where his paternal folks like his step-half-brother is living in a mud hut. Obummer needs to get a real job, maybe a lemonade stand for starters might give him some knowledge of how to run a business. For now, he uses taxpayer dollars on boondoggle ventures like Solyndra that geee what do you know...goes bankrupt. Has he returned the taxpayer money he used, I'd like to know.
    I'm not a fan of Romney, but I'll vote for a dog catcher sooner than for Obummer. I voted for Obama once – NEVER AGAIN. He can go play golf morning, noon and night on his dime not mine.

    April 18, 2012 03:48 am at 3:48 am |
  6. FadeToBolivia

    Considering Foxnews was in the tank for Willard during the primary, he doesn't have too much to complain about.

    April 18, 2012 04:39 am at 4:39 am |
  7. Mike


    It's not intelligence that has a liberal bias, it is elitism. And most in the MSM definitely fit into that category (sounds like you might as well).

    April 18, 2012 05:28 am at 5:28 am |
  8. MdrnPlgrm

    The fact ignored by most is that unemployment was only 4.7% when Congress changed hands in Jan 2007. Once policy changes took effect, it began to go up. The rise of the Tea Party coincided with the Presidential inauguration so correlating the stop in the rise of unemployment is less clear. Nonetheless, the "change" election of 2006 correlates with rising unemployment. Mr. Romney would do well to discuss this issue. Honest media will check it out. We'll see...

    April 18, 2012 05:49 am at 5:49 am |
  9. Anonymous

    It still comes down to ANYONE but the fraud, liar, Socialist. No name required... You know who this person is.

    April 18, 2012 05:53 am at 5:53 am |
  10. Kip Noxzema

    Show me where he's wrong. This failed president has the State Run Media in his back pocket and he's using it as best he can. Romney's right in saying they will trot out any other story except the economy and jobs, unless it's a fake poll or unemployment stat.
    To prove that: where are the stories about Fast and Furious? We have the Secretary of State being indicted and nobody will report it. What's going on with Solyndra? No media outlet will touch it. Where is the nightly news with GSA employees partying our tax dollars away? How come we don't see a story on an unemployed oil worker from the South?

    April 18, 2012 05:54 am at 5:54 am |
  11. loav8r

    Wow judging by the posts here it seems that everyone is left-wing. This appears to add validity to Mitt's assertion that the media (most of the common media that we watch) are left-wing. Are there any Republicans here on this site.....?

    April 18, 2012 06:16 am at 6:16 am |
  12. Sage

    There are none so blind as those who will not see.

    Mitt is correct.

    April 18, 2012 06:17 am at 6:17 am |
  13. piscopo

    Seriously? There is any question that most journalists are liberal? All polls/surveys indicate upwards of 90% are self-confessed.
    Typical questions posed to candidates.
    Host-" President Obama, you love all and serve all. Now, what color are your eyes?
    Host-" Romney, you hate everyone and want everyone to die. Please describe for the American people, the locatable region of genomic sequence, corresponding to a unit of inheritance, which is associated with regulatory regions, transcribed regions, and or other functional sequence regions and list the possible combinations".

    April 18, 2012 06:20 am at 6:20 am |
  14. Lefty

    Simple solution to CBS, ABC, and NBC ..... Attack Mobs. Targe = NYC studios and New Directors & their homes.

    April 18, 2012 06:21 am at 6:21 am |
  15. toby

    Not surprised to find all you kool-aid drinker,s of the left wing media on CNN..but I must ask you a question..Do you. are have you ever thought for your self.?..You sound like Zombie,s repeating ever thing the Left wing media nuts tell ya,,MSNBC .CNN..NBC..ect ..Open your other eye and get a clue..My first look at these CNN site and it,s scares me to death you can vote..By the way..HOW,S THAT HOPE AND CHANGE WORKING OUT FOR YA..

    April 18, 2012 06:22 am at 6:22 am |
  16. Born Free

    You girls need to relax a minute and try to focus on the question: What has Obama done? Oops! Now I see why you want to change the subject, sorry!

    April 18, 2012 06:39 am at 6:39 am |
  17. john_a

    Here's the deal, Obama is the unvetted QB with a massive Offensive line consisting if ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR, Late Night TV, All Comedians (save 1 or 2), Hollywood, morning & afternoon TV chatter boxes and they're on the 1-yd line, 1st and goal...should be able to practically jog into the endzone, right? Well at the 1 INCH line, there's this massive wall of middle America, tax paying non-complaining majority, relatively silent who's tired of being lectured to by this prima donna angry law professor and his mean wife along with the slimy thuggery (Axelrod, Jarret & Emannuel)...get ready for a Nov 2010-like beating

    April 18, 2012 06:44 am at 6:44 am |
  18. cheryl

    Bain Corp is being paid by Amr by the month to squeeze the employees. Guess who owns Bain, yep Mit, or he divested his interest. Yeah, he is a regular guy. When are these people going to stand up for the regular citizens???

    April 18, 2012 06:49 am at 6:49 am |
  19. Ed

    Any chance Obama can run on his record and keep the "politics of personal destruction" to a minimum? Doubtful... as witnessed by the Obamabots posting here..... Obamabots, it's the economy....remember?

    April 18, 2012 06:55 am at 6:55 am |
  20. yanks49

    What's the big deal? Everyone knows Fox News favors conservatives and virtually every other network favors liberals. Most newspapers slant left. EVERYONE knows this. It is not a secret. As far as Obama goes, who has criticized him or his policies? If it wasn't for Drudge or Fox, people would think he hasn't made a single stupid decision or any mistakes in judgement.

    April 18, 2012 06:56 am at 6:56 am |
  21. Math

    The president has proposed algae as an energy policy, small businesses to carry te weight of "fairness" and invested billions in solar pipe dreams. He should be a laughing stalk. Instead, Newt Gingrich is our enemy and Romney is an evil, successful at what ever he puts his mind to, type. Their ideas are treated as alien, wont work...meanwhile compare Illinois to Wisconsin. This country needs a media whom can see things for what they are...upside down.

    April 18, 2012 06:57 am at 6:57 am |
  22. Pippa

    Obama has yet to pass a budget since taking office in 3.5 years....hello! Obama has put us in debt for 5 trillioin in 3.5 years ....helllo! I am voting for the successful self made business man and not the loser dude who has proven he can't help the country.

    April 18, 2012 06:59 am at 6:59 am |
  23. LC, CPA

    Well, as expected, I see the left wingnuts are busy with the usual "name calling". Typical elitist behavior...Also the leftists/socialists on this MSM site (CNN) are also busy patting themselves on the back for being oh so intelligent. So sad. So typical I hope they will be able to obtain counseling and necessary medications when Obummer is tossed out! Perhaps journalism schools will attempt to be "Fair and Balanced" and return to honest reporting rather than just being a "megaphone" for the liberals/leftists that permeate EVERY facet of our educational system and media from Hollyweird to TV to print media. Thank God for Fox, the Internet and talk radio.

    April 18, 2012 07:05 am at 7:05 am |
  24. Barry Sotera

    He is right, the looney left own the media and Obama makes Chris Matthews legs tingle. Commie News Network is so leftbiased it is amazing

    April 18, 2012 07:06 am at 7:06 am |
  25. steve

    I would love to see a debate with neither candidate having a teleprompter, might be one of the most entertaining ever seen as neither think well on their feet.

    April 18, 2012 07:09 am at 7:09 am |
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