Clinton addresses 'au naturale' moment
May 8th, 2012
11:42 AM ET
11 years ago

Clinton addresses 'au naturale' moment

(CNN) – Hillary Clinton laughed off the perpetual conversation over her appearance that landed in the spotlight once again Monday when a picture of her sporting glasses sans make-up made the rounds on the internet.

"I feel so relieved to be at the stage I'm at in my life right now," the secretary of state told CNN Foreign Affairs Correspondent Jill Dougherty in an interview. "Because you know if I want to wear my glasses I'm wearing my glasses. If I want to wear my hair back I'm pulling my hair back. You know at some point it's just not something that deserves a lot of time and attention."

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"And if others want to worry about it, I let them do the worrying for a change," Clinton added.

Clinton appeared without makeup, except lipstick, wearing thick rimmed glasses during a recent news conference in Dhaka, Bangladesh as part of a trip to promote democracy abroad.

The image of the former New York senator with longer hair landed on The Drudge Report with the caption "Hillary Au Naturale." Clinton appeared throughout her presidential bid in 2008 with short hair and pants suits, often the subject of ridicule. Since assuming her top state department post, Clinton has varied her wardrobe and her light locks now hit at her shoulders.

Read more from the interview here.

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  1. AmericanMark

    It's her rabid left-wing ideology that makes her unattractive. Well, the natural look, too.

    May 8, 2012 10:25 pm at 10:25 pm |
  2. JM

    How pathetic that this is getting attention. She is a brilliant accomplished woman, and so-called journalists are commenting on her not wearing makeup and having her hair longer? This country is a joke.

    May 8, 2012 10:30 pm at 10:30 pm |
  3. Etta

    Hilary represents the USA and does not do justice to her high and honored position.
    She certainly has the funds to have her own hairdresser and make up artist. It seems she could care less about her appearance and joking about it is embarrassing.

    May 8, 2012 10:35 pm at 10:35 pm |
  4. krp

    I loathe liberals, but I must say that Hilary looks good, even without make-up.

    I am not going to be like liberals that attack conservatives, like Sarah Palin or Katherine Harris because of the way they dress. I don't support her politics, but I do not think that she is unattractive.

    May 8, 2012 10:43 pm at 10:43 pm |
  5. Gregg

    Really people? No wonder our country is a mess . If only we had more Hillary Clinton's. She is icon and we should be thanking her for her service. Shame all the hate spewed by ignorance. Those who disagree with her positions should state specifics and not be sexist morons (woman & men).

    May 8, 2012 11:01 pm at 11:01 pm |
  6. Anonymous

    For cryin' out loud.......THIS is what we should be worrying about in this country right now? Hillary Clinton's hair and makeup? That's her business, not ours.

    May 8, 2012 11:02 pm at 11:02 pm |
  7. Anonymous

    I can’t believe that when we are facing a state of financial implosion, internal as well as external terrorism, child obesity, rampant drug use, immigration breakdown and an overall deficit in our attention span to what is really important; we are worrying about whether or not one of our countries most celebrated WOMAN in POWER is wearing make-up or not.
    I had the chance to meet up with MS. HRC when she was running for America’s most prestigious posts. She was the most articulate, non-self-serving person that I have ever met. She was running for a position where t she could impart her knowledge, wisdom and experience to better America. Not to be a cover girl.
    The demand for woman to look “HOT” no matter what greatness they can bring to the table has got to stop.
    The great Benazir Bhutto may have been challenged for her beliefs and convictions. Margaret Thatcher may have been chastised for her political tenacity and Bella Abzug for her feminist beliefs but never ridiculed for not wearing makeup.

    May 8, 2012 11:04 pm at 11:04 pm |
  8. jesse

    good for her! why should we all be shocked to see what a 72-year-old woman looks like!!

    May 8, 2012 11:08 pm at 11:08 pm |
  9. Sam

    Why is there an expectation that a professional woman is "supposed" to put artificial pigments on her face in order to look presentable? That's ridiculous. She's not acting on Broadway.

    May 8, 2012 11:43 pm at 11:43 pm |
  10. Not healthy

    Nobody cares what she does with her hair and makeup, but sometimes she doesn't look healthy. That happens to a LOT of women that sink their whole heart and soul into their job. They don't take time for their own health. (men don't do that)

    May 8, 2012 11:45 pm at 11:45 pm |
  11. Name Sheila

    This is ridiculous. Definitely not a Hillary fan, but I think she actually looks good in this picture. Why are we discussing this? Like I said...ridiculous.

    May 8, 2012 11:49 pm at 11:49 pm |
  12. John Campbell

    For the record, I'm no fan of Hillary Clinton nor anything else of the leftist ilk. Having said that there is one thing that I have to admit. In all fairness. Hillary looks much better without all that makeup. She at least looks real and not so phony. That's the problem with a lot of women. They get to thinking they have to have makeup to look good, but what man wants to see the paste? Men want to see the real woman regardless of who she is. No one wants to see all that war paint.

    In this case, well done, Hillary.

    May 8, 2012 11:51 pm at 11:51 pm |
  13. Linda

    Hilary Clinton looks very nice without that garish red lipstick she's worn in some photos. Her hair also looks really good au naturale rather than severely pulled back. It looks clean rather than oily and dirty as it has often looked in other photos. Good decision Ms. Clinton!

    May 8, 2012 11:56 pm at 11:56 pm |
  14. george

    She always looks like an unmade bed. She claims to put more emphasis on her job not her appearance. They're mutually exclusive?

    May 9, 2012 12:11 am at 12:11 am |
  15. Terry

    Thank God Hillary will never be President. She would just add to the damage that Obama has done to this country.

    May 9, 2012 12:13 am at 12:13 am |
  16. Terry

    Hillary is looking like all the other skag liberal women you see in the media these days. Worn out, ugly and bitter.

    May 9, 2012 12:14 am at 12:14 am |
  17. Terry

    No wonder Bill is still dating other women! Can't say as I blame him! LOL!

    May 9, 2012 12:15 am at 12:15 am |
  18. iodiner

    Physically, I think most women are attractive even without make-up, including Hillary. It's her left wing ideology that makes her unattractive...that, and her cankles.

    May 9, 2012 12:22 am at 12:22 am |
  19. guy fawkes

    Who cares? Why is this news? JFC!

    May 9, 2012 12:24 am at 12:24 am |
  20. JC

    i always get nervous when she looks happy.

    May 9, 2012 12:26 am at 12:26 am |
  21. MDR

    The Secretary of State cannot be forgiven for this personal exhibtion of bad grooming and personal PR focus. But I guess she is a true reflection of the current disembling , disorganized, shabby, inappropriate, less than elegant or smart Administration.

    May 9, 2012 12:32 am at 12:32 am |
  22. ct

    this is what republicans talk about when they have nothing else to run on, what a sad shame....

    May 9, 2012 12:44 am at 12:44 am |
  23. alicepolarbear

    I'm not a fan of Hillary and her politics, but I think she looks much better without all the artifice on her face. She looks like a fairly pretty older woman, not a freak like some botoxed and face-lifted Democrat colleagues whose names I could mention but won't.

    May 9, 2012 12:46 am at 12:46 am |
  24. Dick Sicario

    Yep she just keeps edging toward that non-passable male cross dresser look liberal fems seem to savor.
    Wonder if she has given up bathing also.

    May 9, 2012 12:53 am at 12:53 am |
  25. Rich

    I'm a conservative, but I like this side of Hillary. Proud, confident and independent. Kudos! I wish women in general could be comfortable on those days when they choose to be low maintainence.

    May 9, 2012 01:02 am at 1:02 am |
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