RNC says Obama announcement 'politics'
May 9th, 2012
04:05 PM ET
11 years ago

RNC says Obama announcement 'politics'

(CNN) – The chairman of the Republican National Committee painted President Barack Obama's endorsement Tuesday of same-sex marriage as a purely political move, issuing a statement soon after news of the president's decision hit.

"While President Obama has played politics on this issue, the Republican Party and our presumptive nominee Mitt Romney have been clear," RNC Chairman Reince Priebus wrote. "We support maintaining marriage between one man and one woman and would oppose any attempts to change that."

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Earlier Wednesday, Romney addressed same-sex marriage in an interview with KDVR in Colorado.

"Well when these issues were raised in my state of Massachusetts, I indicated my view, which is I do not favor marriage between people of the same gender, and I do not favor civil unions if they are identical to marriage other than by name," Romney said. "My view is the domestic partnership benefits, hospital visitation rights, and the like are appropriate but that the others are not."

Romney made the comments before Obama said in an interview with ABC News, "I think same-sex couples should be able to get married."

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  1. Governor 47th in Job Growth

    "We support maintaining marriage between one man and one woman and would oppose any attempts to change that."
    wrote RNC PR BS

    Well Mr. PR BS, if you don't like gay marriage, don't get one.

    May 9, 2012 05:04 pm at 5:04 pm |
  2. s

    Duh what does Romney due on everything he says DUH

    May 9, 2012 05:06 pm at 5:06 pm |
  3. The REAL Truth...

    @Scott – "Do away with all the red tape and let people make thier own decisions."
    It is precisely this vacuous approach that REQUIRES rules – because folks will NOT have enough self control to do the right thing. Character is what you do when no-one is watching, and letting people make their own decisions – sans red tape – is what allowed the GOBP and Financiers to get into this god awful mess in the first place.

    May 9, 2012 05:09 pm at 5:09 pm |
  4. Toni

    We know Richie Rich Romney, you advised the Prez on this & he listened to you. Mittster Why is your nose Growin

    May 9, 2012 05:14 pm at 5:14 pm |
  5. v_mag

    Despite what Rom-money says, this must be a flipflop for him. Afterall, a couple of generations back, his family participated in one-man/multiple-women marriages. Does he deny his heritage?

    As for his #1 wife raising 5 boys: Tell me how that's good for the planet. Everybody knows that 1 rich kid sucks up way more natural resources than 1 poor kid over a lifetime, so Rom-money continues his 1%er ways of ripping off the world by having 5 rugrats. Incredibly bad performance.

    May 9, 2012 05:14 pm at 5:14 pm |
  6. Anonymous

    To make this whole thing crystal clear, please look at Deuteronomy 23:19 and 20:"You shall not charge interest to your brother-interest on money or food or anthing that is lent out at interest. To a foreigner you may charge interest, but to your brother you shall not charge interest, that the Lord your God may bless you in all to which you set your hand in the land which you are entering to possess."Please look closely at this section from Leviticus 25:35-37:"If one of your brethren becomes poor, and falls into poverty among you, then you shall help him, like a stranger or a sojourner, that he may live with you. Take no usury or interest from him; but fear your God, that your brother may live with you. You shall not lend him your money for usury, nor lend him your food for profit."In Exodus 22:25 it plainly states in the NKJV:"If you lend money to any of My people who are poor among you, you shall not be like a moneylender to him; you shall not charge him interest."
    If you believe in doing what the bible says then put in an amendment banning banking. Until you do you have no credibility barking against gay marriage

    May 9, 2012 05:16 pm at 5:16 pm |
  7. Kris

    @ kate

    So... you read something in a magazine and figured it represented all of "His" people? It seems like you are putting mormons in a box the same way many in the republican party put gays and lesbians in a box.

    All Olympic games receive government subsidies to build the massive infrastructure needed to host them. I do not know what the numbers were, however I have a lot of family in the SLC area and know what was happening there at the time. Basically everything was behind schedule and over budget before they brought in Romney. Yes Romney asked for government money however he did not hold a gun to their head and force it upon them. The anger is displaced as it should be directed at those in charge of the government not Romney. That said, Romney had a problem, and solved it. So yes he should be given credit for it.

    Before you go off about how I am a red blooded american I will tell you that I voted Obama in 2008 and thought he would do much good for the country. I still think he is likeable, and by no means hate the guy. I understand Obama had a tough situation and has done his best. However, as a middle class American his policies have done nothing but hurt my family. I pay double for my health insurance than what I payed 3 years ago. I purchased my home in 2008 and no program helps me keep it because although I struggle I stay above water on my payments. The biggest issue is that I do not see Obama doing what he pledged to do when elected. He said that he would bring us together and offer us hope. Instead we are hopelessly divided against each other.

    The difference between Romney and Obama is that one produces results and the other promises. I for one hope that the country can come together and vote in a president that will make my childrens future their top priority. Godbless.

    May 9, 2012 05:18 pm at 5:18 pm |
  8. livingston

    What's the matter guys? Are you starting to realize that the hateful rhetoric isn't working anymore? You may want to realize that the small extreme base that you pay attention to because it screams so very loud is not going to win you this election. Just like dealing with a grade school bully – we're not afraid of you. We have woken up as a country and joined together and you will not win this time.

    May 9, 2012 05:19 pm at 5:19 pm |
  9. Dontbow

    obama is all about sucking up for votes. this just proves it further. what a moron he is.

    May 9, 2012 05:19 pm at 5:19 pm |
  10. Dontbow

    obama the flip flopper. needs that votes that bad i guess.

    May 9, 2012 05:20 pm at 5:20 pm |
  11. Marie MD

    Poor teapublikans. You folks are so far to the right that you can't even stand your own candidate in 2012. You need to realize that there are more like the President and less like you freakin' liars and pedo philes, and serial cheaters and men trolling in airport bathrooms for men.
    Yeah, that's so much more christian!

    May 9, 2012 05:21 pm at 5:21 pm |
  12. Joe

    Obama played politics?! OMG! Let's vote Republican because they NEVER play politics!

    May 9, 2012 05:24 pm at 5:24 pm |
  13. no mas pantalones

    You know when republicans are lying when you see them breathe.

    P.S. Dear luddites: there is *brand new* technology around that can capture your words and face and can then be played back later. This makes lying very, very stupid.

    May 9, 2012 05:24 pm at 5:24 pm |
  14. Lynda/Minnesota

    The difference between Romney and Obama is that one produces results and the other promises. I for one hope that the country can come together and vote in a president that will make my childrens future their top priority. Godbless.

    The difference between Romney and Obama is that one (Obama) produces results and the other (Romney) steals those results as his own.


    May 9, 2012 05:27 pm at 5:27 pm |
  15. Kris

    @Marie MD

    Seems you like to put Republicans in a box. I am not a Liar, Pedo phile, Cheater, nor do I troll airport bathrooms for men.

    I am: A christian, a mormon, a father who provides for his family, a future military officer.
    I have: 3 Super Liberal siblings, 2 beautiful daughters and an amazing wife, a college degree, 2 cars (no they are not caddies), and a home.
    I discriminate against: nobody.
    I hate: nobody, although I rather dislike being told who I am and what I think by people who think they know more than me.
    I find it ironic: that people who are talking about inclusion only refer to their vision of what is right.

    You can find/look for the bad in everything. I would rather focusing on the positive while realizing that we all have differences that need to be respected (on both sides).

    May 9, 2012 05:33 pm at 5:33 pm |
  16. Kris

    Lynda/Minnesota. I appreciate your opinion. He has apparently done things that have made your life better. For that I'm glad. I was only trying to share my viewpoint. I have not positively benefitted from any of his results.

    May 9, 2012 05:35 pm at 5:35 pm |
  17. Flipper Rmoney Failure Ahead

    Kris, I can respect your comments. However, I do not respect the intelligence, morality, good-faith or truthfulness of many of the extreme rightwing posters who come her to post fear, lies, hate and propaganda in the angriest and most obnoxious way possible. Thank you for not acting like one.

    May 9, 2012 05:39 pm at 5:39 pm |
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