Pelosi: Hillary Clinton's 'our shot' in 2016
June 3rd, 2012
01:46 PM ET
11 years ago

Pelosi: Hillary Clinton's 'our shot' in 2016

(CNN) – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi kept the “Hillary Clinton for president in 2016” refrain alive in an interview published Sunday.

“Why wouldn’t she run? She’s a magnificent secretary of state,” Pelosi told the San Francisco Chronicle when asked about Clinton’s 2016 ambitions. “She’s our shot.”

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The Democratic congresswoman and former House speaker similarly stoked the flames in April, describing the prospect as “so exciting.”

Clinton, the former first lady and New York senator, has consistently shot down speculation of a future political run, saying her current State Department post will be her last in public office. But her insistence has done little to quell the rumors.

Former President Clinton on Thursday left the door ajar to a 2016 run by his daughter, Chelsea, or wife, Hillary, saying, “we will just see.”

"Chelsea will be too young, I think, maybe not quite. Hillary says she's going to retire. We will just see. You know, I think she intends to come home and start doing a lot of the charitable work," Clinton said on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight." "She has worked so hard for 20 years, you know?"

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  1. Anonymous

    Hillary runs in 2016 and America is faced with a 69 year old Democrat versus the 69 year old Republican Romney Thanks, but no thanks.

    Best to keep Obama in office and let 2016 be the year Americans are given the best from both party's to vote for, not the oldest.

    June 4, 2012 09:15 am at 9:15 am |
  2. Tex71

    Obama 2012, Clinton 2016 & 2020...with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work America can be back on track to regain what neo-cons have destroyed and looted over the past 30 years. Hopefully our grandchildren will look back on Reaganomics and the neo-cons the way we now remember Prohibition. God Bless America.

    June 4, 2012 09:25 am at 9:25 am |

    whats age have to do w/anything???

    June 4, 2012 09:29 am at 9:29 am |
  4. judy

    Too Much

    They should've elected her for 2008...a missed opportunity. Now we're stuck with the choice of Obama vs Romney.

    i agree, i supported Hillery all the way . the very people that denied her the opportunity are now crying i was wrong. i will support Obama over Romney. just a nice thought that Hillery could run on independent platform and win.

    June 4, 2012 09:29 am at 9:29 am |
  5. TSB8C

    Hillary is nothing but an inexperienced power hungry piece of trash. She rode her husband's coat tails through his time as governor of Arkansas and then as President, then moved to another state so she could get elected to the Senate, got appointed as Secretary of State as a consolation prize for losing the presidency, and has no managerial experience of any kind. She just needs to go home (wherever that is) and give up this pipe dream of power she had has for these many years.

    June 4, 2012 09:31 am at 9:31 am |
  6. max3333444555

    love the ticker headline about this being a "surprise". hey CNN, if this is a surprise you really need to wake up because everyone else already knew she was going to run and be the nominee in 2016

    June 4, 2012 09:35 am at 9:35 am |
  7. Linda

    Would really like to see Hillary run . She sure has a good shot at being the first female President. She has done an excellent job as Secretary of State, and people know how powerful she is. She would definitely get this country moving in the right direction again. GO HILLARY.

    June 4, 2012 09:45 am at 9:45 am |
  8. Anonymous


    whats age have to do w/anything???

    Wait until 2016 and you'll get a clearer picture. Both Romney and Hillary are already showing signs of fatigue, he as a candidate and she as SOS. It's doubtful they will be any less fatigued four years from now. More so, given their age now.

    June 4, 2012 09:47 am at 9:47 am |
  9. steven harnack

    Hillary's ship has sailed. In 1216 let's put our support behind Elizabeth Warren and make her the first female President.

    June 4, 2012 09:48 am at 9:48 am |
  10. steven harnack

    Let's go forward a few years and make that 2016. Hey, it's early here, still on my first cup of coffee.

    June 4, 2012 09:50 am at 9:50 am |
  11. John

    I would vote for Hillary If she would run. I think she would make a great President.

    June 4, 2012 09:50 am at 9:50 am |
  12. Keeping it Real

    @BeverlyNC "I agree. Hillary has been an incredible Secretary of State and has proven her leadership, diplomatic, and statesman qualities we often see in our greatest Presidents."

    Saying it doesn't make it true. I understand you are biased and wear your blinders that Democrats can do no wrong, even in the face of all their failures, what exactly did Hillary do to earn such words? Sorry, I just haven't seen it.

    June 4, 2012 09:54 am at 9:54 am |
  13. swatguy

    Good thing CNN is working to re-elect the Rookie in Chief, anything resembling factual reporting would be so disappointing.

    June 4, 2012 10:02 am at 10:02 am |
  14. Mrs G

    Hillary/Warren 2016. Sounds great to me!

    June 4, 2012 10:03 am at 10:03 am |
  15. FLIndpendent

    "We would have been much better off if Hillary had won this time around. Please run again Hillary!"
    I wanted Hillary to get the nomination in '08 as I thought she would be a great President, however as I see what the Repugs/Tea Partiers are doing to President Obama I honestly don't think they would have been any kinder to Hillary. As a matter of fact, they may have been worse as we can't forget what they did to take down President Clinton and the impeachment. And remember Whitewater? Repubs hate a Dem president, no matter who it is and will do whatever it takes to bring them down! Clintons are considered to be socialists by the righties also. Let's please concentrate on this election and re-elect President Obama and give him a Dem Congress that will work with him!

    June 4, 2012 10:04 am at 10:04 am |
  16. Expat American

    I’d vote for Hillary in 2016.
    But I can’t even imagine the unique to the GOP Atwater Style Republican campaign of character assassination that Hillary would have suffered every day if she had won in 2008. The Republican hate, lies and propaganda regime would have been 100 times worse than what has been done to President Obama. So in a sick way, President Obama has had it a little easier in comparison to what a President Hillary Clinton would have been subject too.
    …granted all this while all GOP saturates their obstructionist rhetoric with turrets syndrome blurting of Reagan while conveniently disregarding the damage inflicted on the nation by former Republican administration of liars, killers and war criminals.

    June 4, 2012 10:16 am at 10:16 am |
  17. johhnyboywilliams

    TSB8C: How can you call her inexperienced. She is head of the State Department, has extensive foreign affairs credentials, has been senator of new york. That sounds pretty good experience to me.

    June 4, 2012 10:18 am at 10:18 am |
  18. New

    Let's not put Hilary above the clouds, she's still a self-serving politician, one who has been involved in some shaddy activities. Yet, she has proven herself an effective Secretary of State and an able leader. Politics is choosing the best of the lot. Democrats have their failings but the Republicans are rushing America to a two class society divided between the very weatlhy and the very poor and have taken corruption, both moral and financial, to new depths. The Tea Party Congress has been the worst in human history, the Bush Presidency left America and the world in financial collapse, besides the two failed wars, and the Right Wing activist Supreme Court has ruled Corporations (things) as equal to people (living conscious beings with souls). So we better stick to the Democrats and Obama, and Hilary too.

    June 4, 2012 10:20 am at 10:20 am |
  19. oscar

    Hillary would make a great president i think alot of people think that way.Also most people thought she was underqualified to be president back in 08' but i think she has done a terrific job as secretary of state she hold's no punches and that makes a great leader she speaks her mind on issues that some would hold back. but she drives hard on policys and thats what we need someone to tell the world that our country has lead steadfast and we wont bow down to dictators an extremist'.Hillary 2016

    June 4, 2012 10:25 am at 10:25 am |
  20. Lizzie

    I'm an an independent, I would have voted for Hillary the first time around, I would vote for her this time also.
    FL..... You want us to reelect Pres.Obama he had 3 1/2 years on the job training and were has it gotten us deeper in debt and more people out of work, housing prices still going down and the same policy from Pres.Bush kept in place, the only differance now we drop bombs and say everyone killed was a terrorist, not a civilian in sight, which now is more humane then capturing terrorists.

    June 4, 2012 10:28 am at 10:28 am |
  21. Clouds9

    Hillary for President!! 2016!

    June 4, 2012 10:30 am at 10:30 am |
  22. James

    So what has Hillary EVER done????

    And then there is:

    Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton's affairs were all a right wing conspiracy........Senior moment???

    Hillary Clinton said she was under sniper fire when she landed in Bosnia, yet none of her entourage knew it......Senior moment????

    Hillary Clinton couldn't remember anything when questioned by a federal judge.....Senior moment???

    Hillary Clinton couldn't find her Rosewood documents for over 2 years that suddenly showed up on her desk...... Senior moment?????

    Hillary was know to speak to the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt

    Media bias??? Palin would be castigated for months in the news for things like this.
    Hillary??? The leftist media is at her service.....

    June 4, 2012 10:34 am at 10:34 am |
  23. Christina

    Run Hillary Run! 2016!

    June 4, 2012 10:34 am at 10:34 am |
  24. NVa Native

    With all the weird claims that Dems fear this GOP woman or that GOP woman – this is the woman all GOP/tees fear.
    And this is the only thing GOP/tees are right about – they should fear her.
    She would win in 2016.

    June 4, 2012 10:35 am at 10:35 am |
  25. Anonymous


    I'm an an independent, I would have voted for Hillary the first time around, I would vote for her this time also.


    June 4, 2012 10:39 am at 10:39 am |
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