June 7th, 2012
05:18 PM ET
9 years ago

Axelrod brushes off Romney's big money month

(CNN) - The senior strategist for President Barack Obama's re-election team said he's "not surprised" his campaign raised less money last month than Republican rival Mitt Romney.

David Axelrod attributed Romney's May haul of $77 million to the end of the Republican primary season, allowing the presumptive GOP nominee to shore up cash that was previously going to a crowded field of contenders.

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"You pick up all the money that you couldn't raise in the primary from Republicans who were supporting other candidates," Axelrod said on CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer." "So we anticipated this."

Romney's fundraising totals came from a joint effort between Romney for President, Romney Victory, and the Republican National Committee. The figure marked a big jump from April, when he took in $40.1 million.

Since the beginning of April, Romney's rivals Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have dropped out of the race. The former Massachusetts governor also crossed the 1,144 delegate threshold for the August convention, essentially clinching the GOP presidential nomination.

Obama's campaign, meanwhile, announced Thursday it raised $60 million in May, an amount also divided between the re-election campaign, the Democratic National Committee and affiliated Democratic state parties.

While Romney's numbers were higher in May, the Republican effort said they ended May with $107 million in the bank. Obama's campaign did not disclose their cash on hand for May, though they ended April with $115 million.

Responding to the Romney fund-raising announcement, Obama campaign press secretary Ben LaBolt tweeted: "Reminder on RNC/Romney camp fundraising: 1st month joint committee was in existence, so all their primary donors wrote their maxout checks."

Romney and the RNC joined fund-raising forces beginning May 8.

- CNN's Kevin Liptak and Ashley Killough contributed to this report.

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  1. Sue

    Former Republican for President Obama: Pssssttttttt.......Well, based on the newly released Gallup poll–that shows that Romney has the support of the middle class and upper income voters (ALL voters who make $35,000 or more)-–And, that Romney has the support/votes of the majority of Independents–it appears that the majority agrees with Romney's statement about Obama's economy being a moral failure!! As Romney and the superpacs use their ads to wake up more and more voters about the "real" Obama–and what he and his policies have done to our economy/country–you will begin to see Romney taking the lead in more and more states!! The majority of voters want independence, self worth, jobs, and the opportunity to succeed-–not welfare and foodstamps!!!

    June 7, 2012 11:09 pm at 11:09 pm |
  2. njbchicago

    Of course they'll try to brush this off! They know they are going to lose! Obama's such a hypocrite. He and his campaign talk about of both sides of their mouths when it comes to campaign funds. If he had generated more cash than Romney he'd be out there gloating. Thumbs up on Maggie's comment above! We've had enough! November can't come soon enough.

    June 7, 2012 11:22 pm at 11:22 pm |
  3. Brian

    Unfortunately we do buy and sell the presidency, along with the house and senate seats. 100 million in one month for a job that pays $400,000. Where is the logic in this.

    June 7, 2012 11:23 pm at 11:23 pm |
  4. luke,az

    Gov. Robme is not a leader. He is a puppet of the 1%. Corporations are taking over America. Arizona's top corporate ceo from Freeport-McMoran, Richard Adkerson, made $82,000,000 in 2011. I thought we were in a recession.

    June 7, 2012 11:26 pm at 11:26 pm |
  5. njbchicago

    I forgot to add: the liberal press is doing everything they can to minimize what's really going on in this country. In her nightly lead off for the ABC news the day of the WI recall Diane Sawyer didn't even mention the recall. What does that tell you? They (ABC, CNN, MSNBC, etc...) are going to stuff news in the bag again with the hopes that no one will notice. Well, you can't cover up the fact that this President is about to get booted out of the WH. Reason being? We're sick and tired of being tired and we don't like the new normal.

    June 7, 2012 11:26 pm at 11:26 pm |
  6. sonnie3

    Axelrod don't fool me. he is out of options and the truth will prevail. America wants fiscal responsibility and the liberal dems just have not a clue. They are putting America on track to be just like Europe and the Euro. This entitlement crap and takeing from the working and giving to those who don't has run as far as it can go. Time for the Hope ane Change to be put in force. Good bye obama and good ridiance.

    June 7, 2012 11:27 pm at 11:27 pm |
  7. DB

    Claudia: class warfare will not work this time

    June 7, 2012 11:28 pm at 11:28 pm |
  8. sonnie3

    Axelrod is just plain out of options, obama is a one term potus, because he has run up the bill and has done nothing to keep America Great and on the track where she preforms best. Instead he is try to derail every libertiy and Freedom we have with big government and more and more red tape.

    June 7, 2012 11:30 pm at 11:30 pm |
  9. sonnie3

    The end of Obama is not the only answer to our problems ,but it is a great start. Axelrod is barking up the wrong tree and he don't even know the tree is has hardly no life left in it.

    June 7, 2012 11:32 pm at 11:32 pm |
  10. big r 1

    You all out there need to open your eyes and see what obama is doing to us becouseif u all keep obama in office 4 more years we will be trouble be i not giving my money to low life that dont wount to work and i wount

    June 8, 2012 12:05 am at 12:05 am |
  11. X liberal

    "Axelrod brushes off Romney's big money month" Axelrod the king of packaging black candidates have run out of new ideas I bet the liberal gospel aka "drift" was so shallow it couldn't sustain the nbc cockroaches until Nov elections.

    June 8, 2012 12:07 am at 12:07 am |
  12. James

    Obama finally had to be vetted on the job. Obama is just plain Incompetent....

    June 8, 2012 12:21 am at 12:21 am |
  13. M

    There are so many homeless, with no hope of ever getting out of poverty and companies and the rich give millions to a person to get a job paying a fraction of what was donated. Mitt Romney doesn't know how much he's worth....there is something wrong with that.

    June 8, 2012 12:57 am at 12:57 am |
  14. David

    Go Romney! Obama is finished !

    June 8, 2012 01:15 am at 1:15 am |
  15. Name willardbullock

    I said mocked out of david alexdrod what about on frauad check scam from afrcian amercian so people are still complain charge against afrcian amerciam
    I was recived 5.000.00 from address chicago that false was frauad check scam from afrcian amercian. So I was finished report to police last week so I would like charge against chicago

    June 8, 2012 01:18 am at 1:18 am |
  16. Vanessa

    Don't worry Mr Axelrod.. we might not be rich, but whatever we do have, gladly we will send to help our President.. hispanics 4 Obama!

    June 8, 2012 01:21 am at 1:21 am |
  17. linda

    It will take some time 2 fix what Bush messed up in his terms in office give Obama a chance republicans & democrats work togather with Obama to get it done much love Mr. President

    June 8, 2012 01:31 am at 1:31 am |
  18. X Liberal

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    June 8, 2012 01:54 am at 1:54 am |
  19. bob

    Former, yes we all know the poor will vote for Obama to ensure they cont to get their Obama phones, more food stamps, and all the other "free" handouts. Yet whom is paying for it? That's right the middle class. You can bet your last dollar that the middle class wants nothing more to do with Obama and will turn out in force to see Obama gone. You're a fool to believe otherwise or just wishful dreaming.

    June 8, 2012 02:23 am at 2:23 am |
  20. amf140

    But it is OK that George Soros is funneling more money to the Progressives than all the Republican PACs combined. And it was also OK just a few months ago when the Demos were bragging that the Obama campaign was going to raise $1 billion for the campaign. Look who wants to play "fair" when they are being beaten at their own game.

    June 8, 2012 02:31 am at 2:31 am |
  21. Cliff

    Doesn't shock me. Romney is a multimillionaire who made his money buying or investing in companies and laying everyone off. Or watched them fail. And frankly, he's supported by more superpacs by a 2 to 1 Margin and more Billionaires. So 70 million probably in retrospect isn't very much. By the way, Obama's average donation is under 50 dollars. Romneys? Is well over 150. Middle class and poor will back Obama in Nov. I don't see him losing to a guy who said on CNBC that "The Eurozone isn't really a problem we should worry about over here. It's only been a problem for a few months anyway where we've been this way for years." Really??????? Eurozone has only been on the total verge of financial ruin for a FEW MONTHS????????????? Try at least 4 years which was why they called it a GLOBAL RECESSION MITTY! Why the holy heck should America vote for a man who not only CAN'T SPELL AMERICA but has NO CLUE about how much the Global economy effects us! Not to mention has no idea how long the Eurozone has been in trouble much less even cares! And we are supposed to show confidence in this incompetent oaf? HECK NO.

    June 8, 2012 02:36 am at 2:36 am |
  22. Cliff

    And Maggie I'm curious what you'll do when Obama wins again? I mean it's his race to lose after all and with congress refusing to pass anything he puts forth like Jobs bill after Jobs bill, why exactly are you happy? Haven't you noticed all of women's rights being taken away by the party you apparently support? Did you not notice the equal pay bill in Congress shut down? Apparently you think women don't deserve women's health or equal pay? You just keep goose stepping right in line with your right wing nutjobs. I'm stayin with Freedom, Liberty and Obama.

    June 8, 2012 02:41 am at 2:41 am |
  23. Blaise

    How short so many memories are. Recall last election where Obama vastly outspent McCain? Where wa the outrage of buying the presidency then?

    June 8, 2012 03:37 am at 3:37 am |
  24. libsLIE

    On Jan. 28, 2009, a week after Obama’s nomination, the Fed owned $302 billion in U.S. Treasury securities. On April 25, 2012, the latest date reported, the Fed owned five and a half time that much in U.S. Treasury securities–$1.668 trillion.

    That is an increase from January 2009 of $1.366 trillion—or 452 percent.

    June 8, 2012 04:20 am at 4:20 am |
  25. Not my fault

    I saw a report that Guantanamo is getting a new $750,000 Soccer field and all detainees will now have HD cable in their cells......... I thought we were promised this base was to be closed...... another broken promise.

    June 8, 2012 04:32 am at 4:32 am |
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