June 20th, 2012
09:56 AM ET
10 years ago

New ad keeps 'doing fine' in the spotlight

(CNN) - A major conservative organization, Americans for Prosperity, became the latest group Wednesday to capitalize on President Barack Obama's line that the "private sector is doing fine," with an ad in six presidential battleground states.

Backed by what they say is a $5.5 million ad buy, the AFP spot weaves the president's June 8th line with economic statistics and narration.

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"How can the president be so out of touch?" the narrator in the spot says while the screen reads "40 straight months of unemployment above 8%." "How can he fix the economy if he doesn't know what's wrong?" the narrator continues.

Obama made the statement at a press conference while saying the private sector added 4.3 million jobs in the past 27 months, compared to the performance of the public sector that he said was not at the same level.

He clarified the remark later in the day following heavy criticism from those on the other side of the political aisle.

"It is absolutely clear that the economy is not doing fine," Obama said.

Mitt Romney, his campaign and the super PAC supporting his candidacy are among those who have attacked the president for the gaffe.

AFP said the latest commercial, which will run over the next ten days in Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania, is part of $20 million spent since last fall criticizing Obama administration policies.

"Our new ad demonstrates just how far removed the president is from the real economy," AFP President Tim Phillips said in a statement. "The fact is the private sector is severely hampered by the specter of rising taxes and new regulations."

The group that receives funding from the millionaire Koch brothers unveiled plans Tuesday, including ads, to influence Senate campaigns in Montana, Nevada, Florida, Missouri, Wisconsin and Virginia that will tie Democratic senators to the president.

- CNN Political Reporter Shannon Travis contributed to this report.

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  1. Nuihc

    Executive privilege cannot be invoked unless Obama himself was directly involved. That is the law. Which means Obama was in fast and furious up to his eyeballs. Thus, should probably be on trial for murder.

    June 20, 2012 02:02 pm at 2:02 pm |
  2. They ought to change from the elephant to the hippo...

    "I don't care about poor people" Mitt Romney

    June 20, 2012 02:03 pm at 2:03 pm |
  3. The Film Professor

    Anybody with half a brain knows what Obama meant - that the private business sector is doing just fine, which it is. The Wall Street Gang is making more money than ever, American Corporations are making more money than ever - they just love working their current employees to death and are too greedy to hire anyone else - that and they want so much to get Obama off their backs that they are willing to shoot themselves and all of us in the foot until November to try and get what they want.

    I hope the Dems run an Ad featuring Ann Romney's dancing horse that they took a $77,000 tax deduction on last year. I guess they deducted the horse's air conditioned barn and daily filet mignon.

    June 20, 2012 02:07 pm at 2:07 pm |
  4. Logic n LA

    Private sector is siitng on more CASH than ever before in history. American credit card debt is down, which means people are spending less and still paying their bills. Housing sales are at 33 days on market. Cars- American cars – are setting record sales. The box office at the movies is up this year. Obviously someone is "doing fine"
    I know Republicans think america is on this planet alone, but the square world- fall off the edge of the horizon theories have been debunked.
    He did not say things were great- just "fine" and they are.

    June 20, 2012 02:08 pm at 2:08 pm |
  5. tom

    anyone in business for themselves knows that actually the private sector IS doing fine. I was doing fine when the banks collapsed, I was doing fine when housing came crashing down and im still doing fine today. this is because I dont live off of f-ing unemployment like alot of lazy, yes thats right LAZY, able bodies peeps and i realize that hard work + innovation = $$, , yes even when the "economy" (ie: wall street bankers) is tanking.

    June 20, 2012 02:08 pm at 2:08 pm |
  6. curious

    It is well known that American companies are sitting on a tremendous amount of money. Let's make the difference between business owner and employee. The marginally qualified unemployed needs more training and better job skills. Business' are doing just fine in comparison.

    June 20, 2012 02:09 pm at 2:09 pm |
  7. California Gary

    I don't think his comment was that far off base myself. Obviously, there are people that aren't doing well in the private sector, but the private sector itself is reporting record profits for a lot of companies. They are just choosing to sit on their money rather than reinvesting it into expansion, which would create new jobs and kick start the economy. Many of the big money people donating millions to defeat Obama have actually prospered under his policies.....how else could they afford the donations to the PACS?

    June 20, 2012 02:12 pm at 2:12 pm |
  8. bilk7

    Once again the conservatives cherrypick and distort what the President said for political reasons. Everyone in their right mind knows that when Obama said the private sector is doing fine, he was comparing it to the public sector which has been cutting back. The private sector IS hiring and compared to the public sector, is fine!

    June 20, 2012 02:13 pm at 2:13 pm |
  9. TekeOhio

    JUST to make it clear. i AM A REGESTARED demo. BUT i have been bent over long enough. 4 more years of the NON leader and i won't be able to stand up. He has lied over and over again. He has forfilled very little of what he said he would do. OBAMA care is not care at all. So far test are turned down and people suffer. Cost is going UP UP UP. TIME for a new face. I would like to know why we do not have a choise on who to vote for in the dem party. I AM going with Romney, JUST because we can not take another 4 years of this person. A leader ?? I think not. Let him go back to the east and kiss there wall and bow to them. T Ohio

    June 20, 2012 02:18 pm at 2:18 pm |
  10. OBAMA

    "Misery for All" I think that's a great new slogan for Mr. Obama

    June 20, 2012 02:20 pm at 2:20 pm |
  11. FLIndependent

    Honesty, the GOP has nothing! They keep using sound bytes that are taken out of context and expect people to believe them. Only their Faux watching base buys these ads. Anyone with half a brain and who heard the entire statement from the President knows he was comparing the private sector to the public sector and, in that context, the private sector IS doing fine. If it isn't, then why are companies making record profits? If the Repub Governors would stop their assault on public employees the unemployment rate would be much lower and the economy much better.

    June 20, 2012 02:25 pm at 2:25 pm |

    Mr. President,
    You are absolutely correct. The private sector is doing fine. The private sectors continue to impress Wall Street investors and are rushing into cutting workforces taking undue advantage of economic turmoil.

    What is not doing fine is your lousy government regulations that dont require more accountability from these private sector before cutting the chord with employees. Larger organizations have ability to diversify workforce based on talent or business needs , but the workforce have NO so such protection from your government. Not enough checks and balances from government regulating before private sector cut the chord with workforce.

    June 20, 2012 02:27 pm at 2:27 pm |
  13. Vidyashanti

    They have lots of unaccounted money to waste. Every one knows what the President meant. They are sitting on 2T dollars earned by exporting american technology & know-how and made money using cheap labor. Do they care for America or for their personal greed? Americans are not fool. They know what is going on.

    June 20, 2012 02:31 pm at 2:31 pm |
  14. FLIndependent

    "Cities and towns employ these people. These are, OR SHOULD BE, LOCAL HIRING DECISIONS. The federal government has NO BUSINESS interjecting itself in these LOCAL hiring decisions. If the local people feel they can afford them, then they can pay for them. Obama and the Dmeocrats ALWAYS trot this BS out, just like throwing granny over the Medicare cliff. The American people have smartened up to the BS the Democrats throw."
    Since you Repubs believe in State's rights and that their getting rid of public employees was needed to balance their budgets, then why do you blame President Obama for the unemployment rate? How is the President (any president for that matter) supposed to control the country's unemployment when, in reality, we have 50 different "countries", each responsible for their own employment picture? Can anyone answer this please.

    June 20, 2012 02:41 pm at 2:41 pm |
  15. kayla

    nobody was more clueless than bush, thats why we are in a mess in the first place, how easy we forget

    June 20, 2012 02:49 pm at 2:49 pm |
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