POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Friday, July 13, 2012
July 13th, 2012
04:39 AM ET
10 years ago

POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Friday, July 13, 2012

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CNN: Claims of lies and counter-lies dominate campaign rhetoric
Accusations of lies and counter-lies dominated the intensifying November election campaign Thursday, with surrogates and spokespeople for President Barack Obama and certain Republican nominee Mitt Romney trying to cast the other as dishonest and secretive. While neither candidate engaged directly in the political back-and-forth, their teams and supporters launched new attack ads and criticized the opposing contender with increasingly sharp rhetoric.

CNN: Massachusetts Commission’s finding: Romney left Bain in '99
In 2002, before Mitt Romney was elected governor of Massachusetts, political opponents in the state were out to knock him off the ballot. So they challenged his eligibility to be a gubernatorial candidate based on state residency requirements. The bipartisan panel that handled the case, the State Ballot Law Commission, ruled in Romney’s favor. But buried deep in the 40-page document detailing its decision, the commission found the following: “The Respondent remained actively employed at Bain Capital until January 1, 1999, at which time he left to take the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.”

CNN: Is Obama taking black vote for granted?
Given that an overwhelming number of African-Americans consistently support Obama, some have openly wondered if the nation's first African-American president is taking them for granted. And if he is, is that a risk he can afford to take. The answer appears to be yes.

CNN: Politicians barred from speaking at this year's 9/11 ceremony in New York
Politicians will be barred from speaking at this year's commemoration ceremony on the anniversary of the 2001 terror attacks, according to the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. According to Joe Daniels, president of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, the foundation "is focused on honoring the victims and their families in a way free of politics, and this ensures that continues."


CNN: Penn State leaders disregarded victims, 'empowered' Sandusky, review finds
The most powerful leaders at Penn State University showed "total and consistent disregard" for child sex abuse victims while covering up the attacks of a longtime sexual predator, according to an internal review into how the school handled a scandal involving its former assistant football coach.

CNN: FBI, Justice Department reviewing forensic evidence in thousands of cases
The FBI and Justice Department are undertaking a broad review of thousands of criminal cases to see if any defendants were wrongly convicted based on faulty forensic analysis. An FBI official said Thursday the issue is whether in some cases FBI experts went too far in trial testimony and drew more conclusions than existing scientific techniques could support.

CNN: New York flight to Spain grounded for suspicious wires
A Delta flight going to Madrid from New York returned back to John F. Kennedy International Airport Thursday after suspicious wires were found in the bathroom of the plane, officials said. Delta Flight 126 took off at about 8 p.m. E.T. and returned to the airport about 90 minutes later, according to a source familiar with aviation security at the airport.

CNN: Vincent Gray is the latest D.C. mayor to be dogged by scandal
Mayor Vincent Gray knew in January 2012 that members of his staff had not properly reported funds raised for his 2010 campaign, according to a source close to a federal investigation into his campaign funding. When Jeanne Clarke Harris, a public relations consultant, told Gray in a meeting that she had not reported all the expenditures from the campaign, the mayor instructed her to report them right away, the source said. Harris pleaded guilty this week to helping orchestrate a secret campaign on Gray's behalf.


CNN: Syrian opposition reports 'massacre' in Hama province
An opposition group reported Thursday that government forces have carried out a "massacre" in Hama province, killing 220 people there. Most of the killings occurred in the village of Tremseh, the Local Coordination Committees of Syria said. The day's death toll nationwide reached 287, making it the bloodiest day in Syria since the uprising against the government began 16 months ago, the opposition group told CNN.

CNN: Head of leading Libyan political party calls for unity
The leader of the party expected to win the first election in Libya in 42 years said Thursday that it is vital for Islamists, liberals and secularists to "sit around one table" and form a new government. Mahmoud Jabril, head of the National Forces Alliance, told CNN's Christiane Amanpour that consensus will help legitimize the government in a nation where the people seek a restoration of order.

CNN: Runner-up in Mexico's presidential election files legal challenge
The runner-up in Mexico's presidential election announced Thursday that he was filing a legal challenge to invalidate the vote. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of the Democratic Revolution Party has asserted that presumptive president-elect Enrique Pena Nieto and his party bought millions of votes in the election, an accusation party officials have denied.

CNN: Pakistan says it's not delaying NATO trucks
Pakistan's prime minister assured the U.S. ambassador that any delays in trucks delivering supplies to NATO troops in Afghanistan are not caused by his government, his spokesman said Thursday. Shipments along Pakistan highways began to roll last week for the first time in seven months after U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apologized for an incident in which coalition forces mistakenly killed 24 Pakistani troops.


CNNMoney: China's slowdown deepens, raises risks to global economy
The Chinese economy is growing at its slowest pace since the recession - a worrisome sign for its trading partners, including the United States. China's economy grew at an annual pace of 7.6% in the second quarter, the National Bureau of Statistics said Friday, marking a deceleration from an 8.1% growth rate in the prior quarter and the slowest growth since early 2009.

CNN: Yahoo hacked, 450,000 passwords posted online
Hackers posted online what they say is login information for more than 450,000 Yahoo users. The hack, which of course was conducted anonymously, was meant to be a warning, according to the Web page where the documents were dumped.

CNNMoney: Wells Fargo in $175M discriminatory lending settlement
Wells Fargo has agreed to pay $175 million to settle allegations that it discriminated against minority borrowers, the Department of Justice announced Thursday. The DOJ accused Wells Fargo, the nation's largest residential home mortgage originator, of pushing African-American and Hispanic borrowers into more costly subprime loans or charging them higher fees than comparable white borrowers. More than 30,000 minority borrowers between 2004 and 2009 were affected, the Justice Department said.

In case you missed it…
CNN's John King breaks down a Boston Globe report that puts Romney at Bain Capital longer than he has stated.

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  1. Gurgyl

    Mitt romney is a total nonsense and disgrace to this nation, and world. Nation is on right track now than ever before.
    PS: it takes some time to recuperate Bush mess.

    July 13, 2012 06:30 am at 6:30 am |
  2. King

    china is investing millions in mitten campaign, because they think that if Obama wins and gets a majority in Congress, that he will start taxing big businesses discouraging them from bringing American jobs to their shores. big businesses is not taking it lying doing either, as they desperately feed the Romney campaign with millions also. Obama is fighting a almost impossible battle for the average Americans, because money talks, and the gullibles are willing to throw their best interest to the wind chasing the repubs same retred failed policies.

    July 13, 2012 06:32 am at 6:32 am |
  3. Gurgyl

    Obama12. Period.
    PS: this nation is on right track.

    July 13, 2012 06:40 am at 6:40 am |
  4. Wire Palladin, S. F.

    Mittens is running into trouble. At Bain, it appears he was outsourcing jobs and businesses to China in 1998, owned 100% of Bain from 1999-2002 when they were further outsourcing, and as head of Bain he received corporate compensation at that time. As governor of MA, he not only raised taxes, but Romneycare funds abortions. That does not set well with the tea party, the tea baggers, teavangelicals, and even viewers of Fox foreign owned media.

    July 13, 2012 07:16 am at 7:16 am |
  5. Wire Palladin, S. F.

    Romney lied! Too bad the GOP cannot get a do over for their presidential candidate. Newt, Santorum, and Ron Paul are looking pretty good now, but the Kochs and Rove stole their delegates.

    July 13, 2012 07:18 am at 7:18 am |
  6. paofpa

    Lies and Counter-Lies does not matter. Only concern is that they are being read and read again. I mean really, if the GOP wanted the Keystone Pipeline and someone mentioned 50 miles east as a possibility; they would push for either. They only been using it as a source of mud.

    July 13, 2012 07:38 am at 7:38 am |
  7. T'sah From Virginia

    ►CNN: Is Obama taking black vote for granted?◄
    Why – because Obama is Black? Hold up, don't get frantic
    Every president in the past sort out to get the Black vote
    So who did what when – Who gets caught up in the political smoke

    White presidents can get in office and talk about Blacks all day long
    That's their way of making then LIKED in order to stang strong
    Blow a Sax – makes us relax – and we'll praise those folks all day long
    The Kennedys – the Clintons along with King's pictures hang on our wall

    So – Is Obama taking black vote for granted – So you ask?
    No! – Because if that's the case then take a look at our past
    The only difference here is the fact that WE got Obama's back
    And understand why he's getting beat up on – The mere fact that he's Black

    Obama 2012 – The Only Trusted Way Forward!!

    July 13, 2012 07:43 am at 7:43 am |
  8. T'sah From Virginia

    Oops, "That's their way of making them LIKED in order to stand strong...

    I hate when that happens... 🙂

    July 13, 2012 08:34 am at 8:34 am |
  9. enuff

    Banning politicians from the 9/11 ceremony? Excellent idea!

    July 13, 2012 09:53 am at 9:53 am |