Obama's Florida campaign flurry
July 19th, 2012
09:04 PM ET
8 years ago

Obama's Florida campaign flurry

Jacksonville, Florida (CNN) - Florida is an up-for-grabs state and both President Barack Obama and presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney are locked in a neck-and-neck race trying to convince voters their policies will help fix the nation's economic problems.

Thursday, the president made his fourth campaign stop in the last month to the state that represents a whopping 29 electoral votes.


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  1. D

    He should have took along his la raza appointees to appeal to the illegal mexican vote, such as the vice president of la raza cecilia munoz his secretary of domestic policy, or hilda la raza solis his sec of labor

    July 19, 2012 09:40 pm at 9:40 pm |
  2. Darryl

    President Obama will get Florida.........

    July 19, 2012 09:54 pm at 9:54 pm |
  3. donnie

    obama 2012

    July 19, 2012 11:07 pm at 11:07 pm |
  4. Thomas

    You would think Floridans would vote for Obama after what Rick Scott has done.

    July 19, 2012 11:27 pm at 11:27 pm |
  5. Phil Thomas

    Hide your women, young there's the man that will change America for the worse .........in his second term now, although the world was ending as we knew it when he took office. The power of ads, your taxes are lower, gun laws are looser, economy is recovering but the RNC has so many people brainwashed. Wake up people and don't buy the obstructionist BS they RNC has been pulling for the last 3 years

    July 20, 2012 12:07 am at 12:07 am |
  6. lies from obama (and mabye his father)

    If Romney cannot win florida, we are doomed. Unenployment could jump to 10+% if we lose the house. Gas prices near four dollars will be considered bargins. We will lose all respect in the global community. Romney must win florida!

    July 20, 2012 01:46 am at 1:46 am |
  7. Làns danga

    Go Obama...we got ur back!

    July 20, 2012 03:53 am at 3:53 am |
  8. Gurgyl

    GOP for banning SS, Medicare and it is cult wants to buy election with money–do not let it happen. Yes, on OBAMA12.

    July 20, 2012 06:44 am at 6:44 am |