Justice Department investigating Pennsylvania voter ID law
July 23rd, 2012
07:38 PM ET
10 years ago

Justice Department investigating Pennsylvania voter ID law

Washington (CNN) - The Justice Department Monday launched a formal investigation into whether Pennsylvania's voter law requiring a photo ID discriminates against minorities, and demanded state elections officials produce detailed documents within 30 days.

In a three-page letter to the top Pennsylvania elections official Carol Aichele, Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez said the Justice Department is reviewing the law "which establishes among other requirements that voters provide photographic proof of their identity as a prerequisite to vote."


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    Everybody knows but won't say it outloud ,that the Gop bafoon party is not above rigging elections,remember Florida .actually Scott in Florida is working on it as we speak .it won't work this time or we will be in the streets !!!!and Gop heads will roll.

    July 23, 2012 07:53 pm at 7:53 pm |
  2. Donkey Party

    More GOP voter suppression. They can't win without cheating.

    July 23, 2012 07:58 pm at 7:58 pm |

    I think all Gop romney voters need to be check to see if they have any brains and where's your tax returns and disk drives and Olympic records that disapeared also ,how could anybody's vote for this bum .a vote vie romney is a vote for BACHMANN and rove and the other Gop idiots ,to many to list here !!!

    July 23, 2012 08:00 pm at 8:00 pm |
  4. Larry L

    Republicans are "fixing" voter fraud that doesn't exist. It is a direct attack on the poor – folks less likely to drive a car, have a government I.D. card or be able to take time from work to go get one prepared. As usual minorities are the #1 target for Republican abuse but in this case, senior citizens are also in the cross-hairs. When they discover Romney plans to trash Medicare and Social Security they'll be voting for the Democrats.

    July 23, 2012 08:07 pm at 8:07 pm |
  5. Claudia, Houston, Tx

    People who want to suppress the right for people to vote are no different than the sick person who killed and injured innocent people in Colorado, it's nothing but pure hate and evil.

    July 23, 2012 08:11 pm at 8:11 pm |
  6. kayla

    any means necessary to let robmoney win

    July 23, 2012 08:20 pm at 8:20 pm |
  7. george of the jungle

    repos going all out to keep people from voteing in this electionForward 2012

    July 23, 2012 08:40 pm at 8:40 pm |
  8. Bob

    God forbid we have a way to verify voters ID. Holder wouldnt know justice if it bit him in the ...

    July 23, 2012 08:43 pm at 8:43 pm |
  9. Ancient Texan

    Ninteen states have Voter ID laws and the Supreme Court upheld the last one looked at in 2009, but Holder is insistant on trying to block any attempt to keep the elections fair.

    July 23, 2012 09:14 pm at 9:14 pm |
  10. Showmeyerpapers

    Id like to see some identification from "mr perez"! Sho would

    July 23, 2012 09:20 pm at 9:20 pm |
  11. enuff

    Pennsylvania rep already let the cat out of the bag by saying the new law will give the state to Romney. I say if voters are required to produce i.d.s to prove they are who they say they are, candidates should be required to produce tax returns to prove they are who they say they are.

    July 23, 2012 09:22 pm at 9:22 pm |
  12. Showmeyerpapers

    The law discriminates against those without i d and rightfully so

    July 23, 2012 09:31 pm at 9:31 pm |
  13. labman57

    The (publicly stated) rationale for all of these restrictive voter ID laws emanating from Republican-controlled state legislatures - "voter fraud".

    There is a world of difference between voting fraud (i.e., fraud perpetrated by the voter at the precincts on election day) and voter registration fraud. There is very little evidence for the former in the U.S. (other than that being perpetrated by O'Keefe's not-ready-for-prime-time players), yet conservatives are hell bent on enacting legislation to combat it, suggesting an ulterior motive is at play.

    If Republicans sincerely want to tackle real election fraud, then they should focus their efforts on deceptive practices used to prevent some citizens from voting, as well as what happens to the votes after they are cast.

    In other words, election fraud DOES exist ... except that the fraudulent party is not the voter - it is the political party tactician who attempts to mislead a subset of the public with respect to date and/or location of the voting process, or the hired thug who attempts to intimidate selected citizens who show up to vote, it is the opposition party's tactical team which fronts faux candidates to run against an authentic party candidate in state primary elections, and it is the local election official who conveniently misplaces ballots or runs out of ballots at precincts that traditionally vote Democrat.

    With respect to the voter ID legislation being pushed forth by Republican-controlled state legislatures, GOP legislators should simply cut to the chase and proclaim that the only Americans who have a legitimate right to vote are those who are registered members of the Republican Party.

    July 23, 2012 09:58 pm at 9:58 pm |
  14. Steve

    Why is the justice department only reviewing the law that requires photo id in swing states. I live in Utah and I have to produce photo id to vote. Please tell me why.

    July 23, 2012 10:47 pm at 10:47 pm |
  15. snow

    Of course holder and obama do not want voter verification because it costs them votes when dead people and illegals are denied access to our elections.

    July 24, 2012 12:20 am at 12:20 am |
  16. Showmeyerpapers

    "Mr perez" your papers please..

    July 24, 2012 03:38 am at 3:38 am |
  17. scott

    More politics by Obama to get the illegal vote, Heaven forbid if you have to show ID. Even thou you need to show ID to write checks, If you get pulled over, to buy cigarettes, buy booze, show proof of Residency, not to mention other things you are required to have ID for. Chances are if you do not have an ID you are either under 18 or an illegal. I do not buy this excuse I am to poor to get one. It is not that expensive.

    July 24, 2012 04:34 am at 4:34 am |
  18. Chris

    In all this controversy over the new voter laws there always seems huge amounts of outrage over the possibility that even a single voter fraud might take place – but absolutely zero concern over the thousands of actual American citizens who would be impacted and prevented from voting.

    July 24, 2012 06:35 am at 6:35 am |
  19. Michael Murphy

    By their own admission the Republicans have said this was done to make sure Romney would win Pennsylvania. Doesn't have any thing to do with Fraud as they claim. Just another reason the Republican Party is a Party of the past. This country will not tolerate win at any cost

    July 24, 2012 08:09 am at 8:09 am |
  20. Dean

    Because more minorities voted in 2008, we find ourselves in our current situation. Every state should have strict voter ID laws.

    July 24, 2012 08:29 am at 8:29 am |
  21. Rudy NYC

    Pennsylvania Republicans have a major problem. One of the heads of their state party is caught on camera reciting the legislative accomplishments they've made over the past year. He emphasizes the Voter ID law as being the high point of the year by mentioning it last. Unfortunately, he ran his mouth too much. He said that the legislation would help Mitt Romney win Pennsylvania with the goal for him to win the White House.

    July 24, 2012 08:59 am at 8:59 am |