POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Wednesday, July 25, 2012
July 25th, 2012
04:35 AM ET
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POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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CNN: Senate poised to vote on Bush tax cuts Wednesday
The Senate is poised to cast votes Wednesday on competing Democratic and Republican plans to extend the Bush-era tax cuts that expire at the end of the year. While neither proposal is expected to pass, each represents what amounts to an opening bid for what is sure to be a frenzied negotiating session after the election as the economy nears the so-called “fiscal cliff.”

CNN: Obama ads were filmed in West Wing
Two new campaign ads released this week by President Barack Obama's re-election team were filmed in the West Wing of the White House, sources confirmed to CNN on Tuesday. While some took issue with the commercial’s location, Obama is building on a practice followed by many of his predecessors. A recent exception was his immediate predecessor, George W. Bush, who did not use White House interiors in campaign ads.

CNN: Hill Democrats look to 'silent majority' on gun control
Last week's massacre in Colorado dominated the dialogue on Capitol Hill Tuesday as top Democrats called for a national conversation on gun control but declined to offer any new proposals on the hot button issue. Citing the alleged shooter's use of an assault weapon equipped with a high capacity ammunition magazine that could fire 100 rounds, a group of congressional Democrats pressed for a ban on the sale of this type of ammunition.

CNN: Romney walks political tightrope on foreign policy
Mitt Romney's political tightrope in his quest for the presidency has been especially evident on foreign policy, with the certain Republican nominee sounding conservative while also espousing more moderate approaches similar to his opponent, President Barack Obama.


CNN: Brain condition helps save Colorado shooting victim
Call it what you will - providence, fate or simply a stroke of incredibly good luck - Colorado shooting victim Petra Anderson has some of it. Anderson, 22, sustained multiple gunshot wounds in the movie theater rampage last week. Three shotgun pellets hit her arm, and one went through her nose into her brain. The head injury could have been fatal, but thanks in part to a brain abnormality she never knew she had, Anderson is on her way to a full recovery, according to her pastor.

CNN: Gun background checks in Colorado spike after shooting
In the aftermath of last week's deadly Colorado movie theater shooting, background checks for those wanting to purchase guns in the state spiked more than 40%, authorities said Tuesday. Data supplied by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation shows that from Friday through Sunday, a total of 2,887 people were approved to buy firearms. That's a 43% increase over the previous Friday through Sunday, when 2,012 background checks cleared.

CNN: Report: Companies involved in Gulf spill didn't focus on major accident risks
Two of the main companies involved in the disastrous 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill were more focused on personal injury risks than the potential for a major accident, a federal agency said in a report released Tuesday. The U.S. Chemical Safety Board, an independent federal agency entrusted with investigating serious chemical accidents, released findings from their months-long analysis Tuesday at a public hearing in Houston.

CNN: Astronaut's legacy: A boost for women in science
After two space shuttle flights in the 1980s, astronaut Sally Ride spent much of the rest of her life trying to encourage children, particularly girls, to give the sciences a shot. Ride, the first American woman in space, was part of a wave of women who entered the traditionally male disciplines of natural sciences and engineering in the 1970s. One of those she inspired was Catherine "Cady" Coleman, who told CNN's "Newsroom" that she never considered becoming an astronaut before meeting Ride in 1982.


CNN: Iraq suffers deadliest day of 2012 as 103 are killed
The number of dead in a wave of attacks across Iraq on Monday has risen to 103, authorities said Tuesday, making it the deadliest day in the country this year, according to a CNN count. The attacks wounded 267 people, they said. There were at least 35 attacks in seven provinces Monday, authorities said, ranging from shootings and assassinations to car bombs and roadside explosives.

CNN: Ethnic clashes in India kill dozens, displace thousands
Ethnic clashes in India's northeastern Assam province have left 32 dead as of Wednesday and sent an estimated 150,000 fleeing their homes to escape the violence, police said. Long-standing tensions between the predominant Bodo tribes people and minority migrant Muslim settlers erupted into bloodshed nearly a week ago and has largely gripped the province's Kokrajhar district, which borders on neighboring Bhutan to India's north, said Assam police chief J.N. Chaudhury.

CNN: Ghana swears in new president after leader's death
Ghanaian officials swore in a new president Tuesday, hours after the death of the West African nation's leader. John Evans Atta Mills died suddenly at a military hospital Tuesday afternoon a few hours after becoming ill, Chief of Staff John Henry Martey Newman said in a statement. He was 68. In a ceremony broadcast on state television, John Dramani Mahama - formerly Ghana's vice president - became the country's new president and ordered that flags be flown at half-staff for a week.

CNN: Dozens reported arrested on way to Cuban dissident's funeral
Friends, family members and fellow dissidents on Tuesday buried Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas, a prominent critic of Cuba's socialist government. Dissident organizations reported that dozens of anti-government activists were arrested as they made their way to Paya's funeral. Video showed police pushing several dissidents into buses.


CNNMoney: 6 million will lose out on Medicaid expansion
The Supreme Court's health reform ruling could leave 6 million Americans out of the expansion of Medicaid set to begin in 2014, the Congressional Budget Office said Tuesday. The CBO now estimates that 7 million uninsured will be covered through the expansion, down from its prior estimate of 13 million.

CNNMoney: Gay marriage boosts NYC's economy by $259 million in first year
Gay marriage is generating millions of dollars for New York City's economy. Since gay marriage was legalized in New York state a year ago, marriage license fees, local celebrations and wedding-related purchases have boosted New York City's economy by $259 million, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced Tuesday.

CNNMoney: Natural gas prices surge 70%
Natural gas prices have surged over 70% during the past three months, fueled by increased air conditioning use, a switch from coal in power plants, and declining production rates. The price for natural gas at Henry Hub, a junction of pipelines and storage facilities in Louisiana, has gone from $1.85 per million British thermal units in April to $3.14 Tuesday - a seven-month high.

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  1. Zechariah14

    When president Obama and former Massachusetts governor mitt Romney meet
    to put out the facts by power point slide shows of all things they both did to help all people on the end of fact checking president Obama shall win out I have served in the us navy and us army I am a osvet I was in gulf war 1991 and oif 7 /new dawn start in my personal hands on real world life experience president Obama is the best choice for this nation for all people who want a fair shot in life I have been a homeless vet 4 times but thanks to Arizona pro military take care vets I got back on my feet to soon start my turn key franchise for military vets

    July 25, 2012 05:25 am at 5:25 am |
  2. King

    I blame. the gullibles for the stalemate in congress, the repubs will go Ham if their repubs congress does any kind of fausible jobs crediteation to move out country forward. I. remembered when the dems had congress and polosi was the speaker of the house, the economy went from a 9 percent retraction to a 6 percent growth in under a year. then the tea party came to power, and scared the living mess out of the people allowing them to decimate the dems and put a no doing repub congress in their stead. weve been growing at a snail pace ever since. if Nancy was still the speaker we would be seeing cranes and construction workers all over America, and new small businesses would be
    popping up everywhere,wth millions of folks working, and yes the unemployment would be way down, but atlast the rabid tea baggers got a hold of the gullibles first and changed our tragectory for the worst. yes and the rich would have been paying for this, because they were the ones that got us into this mess.

    July 25, 2012 05:27 am at 5:27 am |