Jindal on Romney VP pick: 'It's not about the vice president'
August 9th, 2012
06:22 PM ET
10 years ago

Jindal on Romney VP pick: 'It's not about the vice president'

Colorado Springs, Colorado (CNN) - As the entire political establishment awaits word of Mitt Romney's running mate, is one potential pick blowing off its importance and potential impact?

When asked by CNN on Thursday if he's awaiting word from the Romney campaign on whether or not he'll be picked, Gov. Bobby Jindal deflected the question – then intimated that the selection itself won't amount to much.

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"The bottom line is, this election is about two different visions for America," the Louisiana Republican said. "This election is about Gov. Romney wanting to grow the private sector. President Obama, he's had his chance. His policies haven't worked."

"This election is not about Joe Biden. It's not about the vice president. It's about the two guys running at the top of the ticket," Jindal added.

The governor spoke to a reporter after rallying a small crowd on Romney's behalf outside a diner in Colorado Springs. Jindal was joined by Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz. Jindal and Ohio Sen. Rob Portman – another potential Romney VP – campaigned across Colorado on separate days as the president visited the state

Jindal's words are sure to inflame the guessing game about who's high on the list – and who's not. But he is not the only prominent Republican governor to downplay the significance of the number two slot. Last week, Texas Gov. Rick Perry told CNN that Romney's VP pick won't make much difference.

Whether or not he gets the nod, Jindal has shown himself to have the political attack-dog bona fides required for a running mate.

At the Colorado Springs rally, Jindal continued his recent and unyielding political attacks on the president, often delivered from an iron fist in a velvet glove.

"[Obama] is a fine husband, a fine father - from everything you can see, a fine man," Jindal told the small crowd gathered in a diner's parking lot.

"I really only got two problems with our president: number one is that he is the most liberal president since Jimmy Carter was in the White House. My second problem with him, is that he is the most incompetent president since Jimmy Carter was in the White House."

Jindal has previously invoked Jimmy Carter to attack the president but the line shows his ability to connect the punch.

And on Thursday Jindal continued about Obama: "He has tried and he has failed. He has done the best he can. But his best isn't good enough for America."

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  1. Fair is Fair

    That's right. It's about the economy. And the economy is dismal.

    August 10, 2012 08:54 am at 8:54 am |
  2. Purnell Meagre

    I just can't put his strolll through the governor's mansion from 20008 out of my mind. It was truly jaw-dropppingly embarassssing to watch. I felt sorry for the guy.

    August 10, 2012 09:40 am at 9:40 am |
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