Romney team re-releases ad while Obama campaigns in Iowa
August 14th, 2012
05:00 AM ET
10 years ago

Romney team re-releases ad while Obama campaigns in Iowa

(CNN)-The Romney campaign is renewing its attacks over a pro-Obama super PAC ad linking the GOP candidate to the death of a cancer patient by expanding the original ad buy to include Iowa on Tuesday, coinciding with the president's visit to the Hawkeye state.

The spot "America Deserves Better," was announced last Friday and it responded to a pro-Obama super PAC ad unveiled earlier last week, that has yet to run as a paid commercial.

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The ad, however, has yet to run as a commercial.

The Priorities USA Action spot that Romney's campaign is responding to draws a connection between the death of a steelworker's wife and Mitt Romney's tenure at Bain Capital, his former venture capital firm. Bain bought GST steel in 1993 and then closed it down in 2001, causing steelworker Joe Soptic, among others, to lose their jobs and their health care benefits.

An in-depth analysis of the Priorities' ad by CNN called out the video's timeline – pointing out that Soptic lost his job at GST in 2001 and his wife didn't become ill until 2006.

The controversial commercial never aired as a paid spot on television but was played on news outlets since its release last week.

Romney's re-released rebuttal of the pro-Obama super PAC commercial uses images of the president, a member of his staff, and images from the original Priorities' ad to present their argument questioning Obama's character.

"America Deserves Better" claims that Obama had knowledge of the falsity of the super PAC video. Initially, members of the Obama campaign had denied knowing the details of Soptic's wife's loss of health insurance, but reporters later noted a May Obama campaign conference call where the story came up.

It is illegal for super PACs and the campaigns they support to communicate or coordinate. Obama staffers have repeatedly denied involvement or coordination with the Priorities video.

The Romney campaign ad will air in Iowa on Tuesday as Obama campaigns throughout the state making stops in Oskaloosa, Marshalltown and Waterloo.

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–CNN's Paul Steinhauser and Brianna Keilar contributed to this report

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  1. Gaz

    Romney is a liar. Less than 29% of everything he says is the truth. Obama aint to saint either with just 46% honesty rating but romney has to be demon possessed. Infowars got it wrong. Romney is the hapless puppet of the new world order. If he wins it will only be the 1% rule 99% serfs

    August 14, 2012 05:49 am at 5:49 am |
  2. Let's Talk About Character

    Mitt Romney wants to talk about character? With all the garbage that passes for campaigning that I have heard coming out of his campaign and his surrogates' mouths, I don't think Romney or anyone in his campaign really has any room to criticize President Obama.

    The president has been called a "wuss," "doesn't know how to be an American," "food stamp president," "blood on his hands," etc. by the Romney team. Romney and his campaign tell lie after lie after lie, and he has that awkward laugh that he just can't repress that gives his character away each time he cackles. Romney demands several years tax returns when vetting candidates to be his VP running mate, but expects the American voter to make a decision on the presidential vote with 1-1/2 years produced to date. Romney and his campaign do not play it straight on any issue, and the voters can smell it on Romney like bad cologne. The more Romney opens his mouth to speak and the more he insists that America doesn't need details about his plans for the country or his taxes, the greater the stench is growing.

    I would like to thank Romney for the unbelievable stupidity and lack of judgment that he has demonstrated by choosing Paul Ryan to be his running mate. Talk about character, that guy is the perfect choice. President Obama now gets to run against Mitt Romney and the most unpopular "do-nothing" House of Representatives in American history.

    August 14, 2012 06:50 am at 6:50 am |
  3. S.B. Stein E.B. NJ

    If the Romney campaign claims that there was cooperation between the super PAC and the campaign, where's the proof?

    August 14, 2012 07:18 am at 7:18 am |
  4. obama is Out Of Touch with reality

    do you really trust a guy that seals his college records, what is obama hiding?

    August 14, 2012 07:26 am at 7:26 am |