August 31st, 2012
08:36 AM ET
9 years ago

Ann Romney: Mitt felt 'very good' about his speech

(CNN) - Ann Romney said Friday her husband walked away from his acceptance speech feeling "confident" and described the night's events as a "reflective" time for her family.

"I mean I knew he had done a great job, and I think Mitt was pretty confident that he, he felt very good about his speech and was very excited to deliver it," Mrs. Romney said on CNN's "Starting Point."

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Mitt Romney, who accepted the GOP presidential nomination Thursday night, delivered perhaps the most important speech of his political career in front of thousands at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

In a Reaganesque speech, the candidate made his case for why voters should choose him over President Barack Obama this fall, arguing the country was no better off than it was four years ago.

"You know there's something wrong with the kind of job he's done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him," he said, drawing heavy applause.

His speech was also laced with heavy biographical tones in which he grew emotional talking about his parents and background. Prior to his address, friends and colleagues of Romney told stories about how the candidate had made an impact in their lives, whether it was through his time as a businessman, governor of Massachusetts or a leader in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"A lot of people came into our lives through testimonials and different things that stood up and told a different side of Mitt than we've been hearing about from the attacks that have been coming our way," Mrs. Romney told CNN Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley.

She added: "It really was a reflective moment for us on looking back on our life."

Asked about the gender gap between Romney and Obama–one in which the president polls considerably higher among women than the Republican nominee–Mrs. Romney said this week was a chance for voters to see the number of influential women Romney has had in his life as colleagues and friends.

She further weighed in on a general scale, predicting more women will fall in the Republican column this cycle than they have in the past.

"I'm hearing from so many women that may not have considered voting for Republicans before but said it's time for the grown-up to come, the man that's going to take this very seriously and take the future of our children very, very seriously," she said, adding she believes this will be an "economic election."

When women were asked in a recent CNN/ORC International poll which candidate "cares more about the needs of people like you," 58% of women chose Obama, while 36% chose Romney.

Asked, however, which candidate would manage the government more effectively, the results were more split. Forty-six percent of women said Obama, while 44% chose Romney.

"A lot of women may be voting this cycle around in a different way than they usually are," Mrs. Romney said. "And that is thinking about the economy, thinking about their own jobs, their husbands jobs–but also thinking about the future." she said.

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  1. biologixco

    Mitt Romney "Lies For The Lord"
    Google it>!

    August 31, 2012 01:47 pm at 1:47 pm |
  2. Lynn

    Ann may spend big $$$ on her clothing, but she needs to get rid of the full figure look, but guess it's all that magic underwear she has to wear underneath her designer dresses.

    August 31, 2012 01:56 pm at 1:56 pm |
  3. Fortinbras

    Ok, so the vp pick done and the RNC convention over with, where are we? The polls show very little change except in the red states. And the red states could go dark crimson red, but without consequence on the electoral map where Obama still dominates. I next expect the DNC and Obama to outshine the republican performance. Furthermore, I expect Obama to sweep the debates.. Romney will be in a position in which he will have to rely heavily on Ryan, as well as, mountains of campaign money.

    August 31, 2012 02:00 pm at 2:00 pm |
  4. Peace

    So Romney liked his speech without plans for the country!! He said he will begin his presidency "with jobs tour", to where? may be to China and bring back those jobs he outsourced.

    August 31, 2012 02:02 pm at 2:02 pm |
  5. Woman In California

    Ann Romney seemed angry as usual last night with that awful looking dress and the Ryan's appeared to be upset at each other and extremely bored. Not to mention, Paul Ryan's wife is one ugly woman who should always try to keep her mouth closed as much as possible. Both couples were anything but impressive last night.

    August 31, 2012 02:03 pm at 2:03 pm |
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