POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Friday, September 7, 2012
September 7th, 2012
05:10 AM ET
9 years ago

POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Friday, September 7, 2012

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CNN: Obama urges voters to secure the change he started
President Barack Obama accepted his party's nomination for re-election on Thursday, telling the Democratic National Convention and Americans that only the voters in November have the power to secure the change he started. In a tough speech that sounded now-familiar themes of his campaign, the president sought to show his supporters that their votes for him four years ago brought achievements that would be wiped out if Republican challenger Mitt Romney wins the election two months away.

CNN: Romney campaign releases ads for 8 battleground states
Less than an hour after President Barack Obama had stepped off of the Democratic National Convention stage, Republican challenger Mitt Romney's campaign announced 15 new, state-specific television advertisements which the campaign says will run in 8 battlegrounds.

CNN: Five things we learned from Day Three of the DNC
President Barack Obama accepted the nomination of his party Thursday on the last night of the Democratic National Convention, wrapping up a three-day political lovefest in Charlotte, North Carolina. Obama's acceptance speech wasn't one of his best, but it was enough to send Democrats infused with enthusiasm as they head home and hope it spreads there. Here are five things we learned on Thursday:

CNN Video: Kennedy's daughter, grandson in an exclusive interview
Caroline Kennedy and Jack Schlossberg, the daughter and grandson of former President John F. Kennedy, spoke to CNN Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley in an exclusive interview from the Democratic National Convention floor.


CNN: North Carolina man accused of Twitter threats to kill Obama
A North Carolina man was arrested Wednesday and accused of threatening to kill President Barack Obama in a series of Twitter messages, including one saying, "The Secret Service is gonna be defenseless once I aim the Assault Rifle at Barack's Forehead." Donte Jamar Sims, 21, had an initial court appearance in Charlotte on Thursday and remains in custody.

CNN: Catholic bishop convicted of shielding priest
A judge in Kansas City, Missouri, has sentenced a Catholic bishop to two years on probation for failure to report suspected child abuse, officials said Thursday. Bishop Robert W. Finn, 59, is the highest-ranking Catholic official to be convicted during the church's long sexual abuse scandal.

CNN: Rock-throwing prompts border shooting, U.S. says
Mexico's foreign ministry has accused a U.S. Border Patrol agent of fatally shooting a Mexican citizen along the border. The shooting occurred Monday after agents in the area of Laredo, Texas, "were subjected to rocks being thrown at them from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande River," the patrol's Laredo sector said Thursday.

CNN: Tests show oil found on Louisiana shore came from BP spill
Preliminary lab results show two oil samples taken on the Louisiana coast are from BP's 2010 Gulf spill, state officials said Thursday. The oil was discovered on Elmer's Island, said spokeswoman Olivia Watkins of the state Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. "There are additional samples in the testing pipeline. However, the proximity of these other oil mats is very close to those that tested positive for BP oil," she told CNN in an e-mail.


CNN: Venezuela detains captain of U.S. ship, crew members say
Venezuelan authorities have detained the captain of a U.S.-flagged ship docked in a northwestern port city, accusing him of arms trafficking, according to crew members on board. An official at the U.S. Embassy in Venezuela said the captain and 15 crew members on board the ship had been held in Maracaibo, Venezuela, and that U.S. authorities were trying to find out additional information from Venezuelan officials.

CNN: Japan in final stages of talks to buy disputed islands, prime minister says
The Japanese government is in the final stages of negotiations to bring a hotly disputed set of small islands in the East China Sea under public ownership, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said Friday, stressing his country's claims of sovereignty.

CNN: Young girl found alive among bodies in France
For as long as eight hours, the small girl hid, unnoticed, in a car with the bodies of two British women and a man shot dead in foothills of the Alps in eastern France. Probably paralyzed by fear, the 4-year-old remained among the corpses as investigators waited for crime scene technicians to arrive so the car could be opened.

CNN: Suspect in Quebec shooting charged
Prosecutors on Thursday brought first-degree murder and 15 other charges against a man accused of opening fire at a victory rally for Quebec's newly elected premier, killing one person and wounding another. The suspect, identified as Richard Henry Bain, 62, was arrested at a rally for Pauline Marois.


Financial Times: China approves Rmb1tn infrastructure spend
China has approved plans for Rmb1tn ($158bn) in infrastructure spending, an investment push that analysts say will help support growth in the stuttering economy. The money will be rolled out over several years and the government has not described the investments as a stimulus package, but the announcements nevertheless fuelled renewed optimism about China's prospects.

CNNMoney: Big rally on Wall Street
U.S. stocks surged Thursday, with all three major indexes closing at the highest levels in years, as optimistic investors went on a buying spree. A combination of stronger-than-expected data on the job market and the European Central Bank's bond-buying program provided the momentum, but it remains to be seen whether that can last.

CNN: Visa exec hails phone payment revolution
Contactless payments are poised to radically change the landscape for businesses and consumers across Europe, according to the CEO of Visa Europe. Known as "wave and pay" or "tap and go," cashless and contactless payments are a way of paying for everyday items like a newspaper or a cup of coffee simply by swiping your card, or increasingly your cell phone, across a reader.

In case you missed it…
President Barack Obama sets the agenda for his reelection campaign in front of a captive audience at the 2012 DNC. Watch the speech in its entirety.

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