Ryan to roll through Iowa ahead of debate
September 29th, 2012
07:52 PM ET
10 years ago

Ryan to roll through Iowa ahead of debate

(CNN) - Ahead of Wednesday's debate between President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney, GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will roll through the battleground state of Iowa on a two-day bus tour.

Billed by the Romney-Ryan campaign as the Real Recovery Bus Tour, Ryan will make stops on Monday and Tuesday in Dubuque and Clinton along the state's eastern border.

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The Romney campaign said in its announcement Saturday that additional events in eastern Iowa would be announced.

The two GOP candidates set out on a three-day bus tour of Ohio last week. Democrats responded with a tour of their own along the Romney-Ryan route.

Ryan made stops in New Hampshire and Ohio on Saturday, including two rallies. He also took in the football game between Ohio State and Michigan State at a sports bar in Columbus.

Recent polls in Iowa showed either Obama as slightly ahead of Romney or that the two were engaged in a close race within the sampling error.

Early voting in Iowa began last Thursday.

Romney and Obama debate Wednesday evening in Denver, Colorado.

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  1. Borderless

    While so many people are decrying Romney and Ryan as pro-business and anti-worker, Obama is pulling a bit of heartless trickery and getting away with it. Obama's message to government contractors: "Don't worry about the WARN Act or letting your employees know they may be losing their job. It's bad for my campaign. We will cover any legal costs out of taxpayer money should you have to lay off those people without warning. As for the workers themselves, who cares? This is my last election. I will have a lot more flexibility after my election."

    Obama is the most corrupt, self-serving, narcissistic president ever. Why isn't CNN taking him to task on these actions?

    September 29, 2012 08:24 pm at 8:24 pm |
  2. S.B. Stein E.B. NJ

    I think that many Republicans are questioning voting for Romney. He isn't the one Republican that went to all the counties and shares many of the conservatives' values right off the bat. Ryan has to show these people that the top of the ticket is really worth the vote rather than Obama, Gary Johnson, or Jill Stein to name a few.

    September 29, 2012 09:00 pm at 9:00 pm |
  3. mb

    Please spare the good people of Iowa and don't stop and keep on driving. Nobody wants to hear Romney or Ryan's lies.

    September 29, 2012 09:09 pm at 9:09 pm |
  4. Lyla M

    Nails anyone?

    September 29, 2012 10:21 pm at 10:21 pm |
  5. ThinkAgain: Hey, networks, fact-check the debates in real-time and put it in the crawl!

    Conservative = Romneycare, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage

    Businessman = "Harvested" companies, risked other people's money, outsourcer-in-chief

    Leader = Has set a new record for flip-flops: Touted Romneycare as "proof" that he is empathetic toward people; within 2 hours told an audience the first thing he'd do if elected POTUS would be to repeal Obamacare

    Mittens is truly pathetic!

    September 30, 2012 02:19 am at 2:19 am |
  6. Thomas

    Conservative , Businessman , Leader ?

    GW BUSH , we can Kinda , 2012

    September 30, 2012 02:24 am at 2:24 am |