On the Trail: October 6, 2012
October 6th, 2012
09:00 AM ET
8 years ago

On the Trail: October 6, 2012

(CNN) - With 31 days before Election Day, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney hits the trail for an event in Florida.

President Barack Obama and both vice presidential candidates have no public events Saturday.

See the full schedule after the jump.

6:35 p.m. ET: Romney holds a campaign rally in Apopka, Florida.

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  1. Jay

    The president is playing dirty politics and keeps repeating his untruths. The $5 Trillion dollars over 10 years is a flat out lie and he was told that by Romney in the debate. He believes that everyone will believe his untruths if he keeps repeating the same untruth over and over. I would bet few people know that the mortgage interest deduction by itself, costs the govt about $1 Trillion dollars per year. Eliminating that deduction alone would generate $10 Trillion in revenue over $10 years. Frankly, I would like to see that deduction eliminated for everyone. I'm tired of paying full taxes, and tired of paying for other people's houses while I pay my rent!

    October 7, 2012 06:56 am at 6:56 am |
  2. Jay

    I hope he gets rid of the mortgage deduction for everyone. I'm tired of watching my taxes redistributed to people who have houses, while I pay rent with no deducitons. Maybe it should be the other way around. People who rent should get a deduction, because many can't afford their own houses. The solution is to eliminate the deduction in it's entirety and restore fairness to the tax system.

    October 7, 2012 07:12 am at 7:12 am |