Paul Ryan and Kid Rock talk politics
October 9th, 2012
03:07 AM ET
10 years ago

Paul Ryan and Kid Rock talk politics

Rochester, Michigan (CNN) – Vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan focused on the sluggish economy at a rally that included a rock star introduction by Kid Rock, despite last week’s slight improvement of the nation’s jobless rate.

In Michigan Monday evening, Ryan pivoted from Friday’s government report, which showed unemployment had dipped to its lowest rate in years to 7.8%, to sluggish job growth.

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“(President Barack Obama) said that the economy would be growing at 4% this year. Well now it’s growing at 1.3%. The economy is growing slower this year than it grew last year and last year it was slower than the year before. We created – we had less job growth last month than we had the month before and the month before that,” Ryan said at a rally before nearly 6,000 people at Oakland University.

While the Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney rolled out a new response to the latest jobs report earlier in the day in Newport News, his running mate continued with the campaign’s primary line of attack over their democratic challenger’s handling of the economy.

“The president said if only we borrow about $831 billion and spend it on all his friends and cronies and special interests in Washington it would create all these jobs, that unemployment would never even get to 8%. Well it was above it for 43 months,” he said.

Before Kid Rock introduced Ryan as a “fellow hunter, a fellow fan of rock and roll and a great Midwesterner,” the Michigan-native said he wasn’t going to preach politics like some friends in Hollywood.

“It is a little difficult to put myself in this position knowing it may alienate a few fans, but you know what I really believe strongly that it’s okay to disagree on politics and the direction of our country without hating one another,” he said.

The musician, whose real name is Robert James “Bob” Ritchie, encouraged the audience to vote and expressed frustration over Obama’s job performance.

“I also want to be real clear that I am very proud to say that we had elected our first black president. I’m sorry, I’m sorry he didn’t do a better job. I really wish he would have—I do.”

Kid Rock continued, “But the facts are the facts and we just saw them come to light in the last debate with no outside BS, no bias media involved, no interruptions and negative politics ads every five seconds and most importantly no damn teleprompters. Yeah I enjoyed it so much I think I might throw a keg party for the Ryan-Biden debate.”

The vice presidential hopeful and the singer of the popular campaign song “Born Free” a few weeks ago at a fundraiser in the performer’s home state on August 24.

Ryan used Midwestern connections to appeal to middle-aged Michigan voters who are struggling under the Obama administration.

“A lot of the guys I grew up with in Janesville, a lot of friends of mine from high school, they lost their jobs at the GM plant,” said Ryan. “Problem is, with a lot of these jobs gone, with a lot of people in their 30s and their 40s and their 50s and their 60s losing this livelihood, there aren't many alternatives out there. We need to make sure that people who are caught in between, who are slipping through the cracks, get the skills they need to get the careers they want so they can get back on their feet and get back on the path to prosperity, get back in the middle class, have higher take-home pay, go back to work.”

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  1. Thomas

    Kid Rock ?

    October 9, 2012 03:31 am at 3:31 am |
  2. lightharry

    Paul Ryan and Kid Rock talk politics really get me excited about a Romney/Ryan ticket. Right now this election is for the entire nation, a critical election and Ryan makes the decision to bring Kid Rock into our day to day concerns. Is t is really sad. The really serious concerns are being handled in this manner.

    October 9, 2012 05:17 am at 5:17 am |
  3. Gurgyl

    Mitt Romney Bain millions out of Tobacco in USA and Russia. I bet this dude is a communist.

    October 9, 2012 05:25 am at 5:25 am |
  4. Marie MD

    Another "celebrity" making a pitch for the world's worst dressed vp candidate?
    Hey plate faced lyan altar boy. GM is going to hire 1,500 – 2,000 Americans. Your bully bihop is the one who sends jobs overseas.

    October 9, 2012 06:27 am at 6:27 am |
  5. Anonymous

    im a undecided voter and looking at the
    first debate and
    over the months
    watchin both
    candiates im voting for president obama..he has experience
    and he needs four more years to get the job done...romney
    and ryan are
    rookies and only
    believe there is
    47% of the country to worry
    vote never will
    they get they are
    to fake and they
    both are liars!!!!!

    October 9, 2012 06:55 am at 6:55 am |
  6. Lizzie

    With so many losing unemployment benefits and quitt locking for jobs, we should be well below 5% in no time, sad however that the welfare recipients are going up.

    October 9, 2012 07:15 am at 7:15 am |
  7. anthony williamsx

    Hi i live in portland ore know what the dems are telling people here that since its a dem state it doesnt matter if i vote for republicans cause obama has all the electorial votes needed from ore is this true ?

    October 9, 2012 07:19 am at 7:19 am |
  8. James Huffer

    Ryan said that he and Romney want to make America into a tax haven like the Caymans and they should know how that works since Romney hides his money in that very tax haven to avoid American taxes right now! Sets a great example for his fellow republicans.

    October 9, 2012 07:22 am at 7:22 am |
  9. MaryM

    No amount of star power can save your butt Lyin Ryan

    October 9, 2012 07:34 am at 7:34 am |
  10. MaryM

    Paul Ryan voted for all the GWB tax cuts, wars, TARP, and the auto bailout ( which he now hates) to name a few. He voted for stuff that added 5 Trillion Dollars to the deficit as none of it was paid for during the Bush admin.
    Paul Ryan cannot hide from his own record. He is a big spending Republican who helped create the very deficit he is now complaining about.

    October 9, 2012 07:58 am at 7:58 am |
  11. john oh

    Looks like Romney is giving out ticket branded sausages to everyone for listening to him. And he complains about food stamps for the needy.

    October 9, 2012 08:03 am at 8:03 am |