Obama to appear on MTV
President Barack Obama greets MTV's Sway Calloway during a town hall on October 14, 2010.
October 23rd, 2012
04:51 PM ET
9 years ago

Obama to appear on MTV

(CNN) - President Barack Obama's pop culture push is on.

Obama will participate in a live television program on MTV Friday, the television network said Tuesday, where he will field questions from young voters.

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The president's appearance on MTV will come two days after he sits down with Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show," and just over a week after he sat in the sat in the hot seat on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show."

Obama will field questions from college students in Washington, D.C. and via Facebook, MTV said, in a conversation facilitated by the network's news correspondents.

"MTV's 'ASK OBAMA LIVE: an MTV Interview with the President' marks the first time in this campaign that either President Obama or Governor Romney have focused solely on young voter's top concerns - including jobs, the cost of college, rising student loan debt, social issues like LGBTQ rights, and immigration, to name a few - on a nationally televised program," MTV said in a statement. "MTV has invited Governor Romney to participate in a live, 30 minute special as well, and hopes to also conduct a sit down interview with him in advance of Election Day."

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  1. truth hurts

    Will Obama be truthful and disclose how many tens of thousands of dollars of DEBT he has heaped onto these kids backs? I doubt it. He'll be telling them all of the free stuff they can get if they vote for him. Usefull idiots will not know they will be footing the bill down the road, PLUS INTEREST.

    October 23, 2012 05:06 pm at 5:06 pm |
  2. Borderless

    Because he hasn't eroded the dignity of the office enough by appearing on The View?

    October 23, 2012 05:08 pm at 5:08 pm |
  3. truth hurts

    Because he hasn't eroded the dignity of the office enough by appearing on The View?
    All that is left is Honey Boo Boo at this point.... Actually I think Obama has already started on his next career. I expect to see him full time on QVC hawking ginzo knives come next February.

    October 23, 2012 05:14 pm at 5:14 pm |
  4. It's clear what Romney's plan is now

    President Obama is a President for all our citizens.

    October 23, 2012 05:19 pm at 5:19 pm |
  5. Sniffit

    "All that is left is Honey Boo Boo at this point"

    Sorry, but Obama won't be wasting his time going for the white trash redneck vote. We already know what their "problem" with him is.

    October 23, 2012 05:22 pm at 5:22 pm |
  6. Low key

    @Truth hurts why didn't you say that about Bush or you believe he was so honest. LOL Just stop being a underground racist and show your true color and self. You always comment on Obama like he is handing out well fair checks oh cause he is black. Food stamps and well fair had to be a White Presidents Idea, just had to be this is the only Black president we had so what about all the other presidents that put us in the situation. Oh yeah Blind Truth Hurts also, when you can't see cause your color blind alll day.

    October 23, 2012 05:27 pm at 5:27 pm |

    Romney encourages college students to borrow from parents

    Two-thirds of American students go into debt in order to get a college degree, and some estimates have put the national student loan debt at $1 trillion. In the past, Romney has revealed his indifference toward rising tuition costs by blithely telling students to “get as much education as they can afford,” “borrow money if you have to from your parents,” or join the military. Meanwhile, Romney has chosen a running mate who wants to gut Pell grants for more than 1 million students in the next decade. Obama, on the other hand, recently signed a bill to keep student loan interest rates from doubling.

    October 23, 2012 05:36 pm at 5:36 pm |
  8. MTV still exists?

    I haven't wanted my MTV in 12 yrs. Irrelevant channel. C'mon Mr President.

    October 23, 2012 05:37 pm at 5:37 pm |
  9. Sue

    HAHAHAHAHA – what a dignified President! Always the celebrity, that guy – does he think the White House is reality TV? Nov 6 can't come soon enough – then he'll be able to go on the talk circuit and we'll be rid of him.

    October 23, 2012 05:38 pm at 5:38 pm |
  10. Sue

    HAHAHA – always the celebrity, that guy...! He must think the White House is reality TV! What a joke he is!

    October 23, 2012 05:41 pm at 5:41 pm |
  11. Borderless

    @MTV still exists
    Agreed. Had a president appeared on MTV prior to Real World, it would have been much less embarrassing.

    October 23, 2012 05:47 pm at 5:47 pm |
  12. Low key

    You know why Romeny is never seen at an event or around things like this don't you, it because he considers people like this 47% of the nation. Oh yeah have you ever seen him in a crowd or in a area where the minority rate is high. No because he can't relate to the common person. Have you ever seen him shake hands and hug minorities.. FYI when I say Minorites I meen the 47%, not the color. Plus, you might want to watch out for your YOUNG DAUGHTER/YOUNG WOMEN can't believe Romney wants to set back WOMEN for all the fight they fought for to be where they are today. I want my daughter to have choices not to be told what to do. Oh yeah and say good by to the Affirmative Action. FYI: AA is for everybody not just about a race. Its a whole lot more than just that.

    October 23, 2012 05:51 pm at 5:51 pm |
  13. truth hurts

    Low key - @Truth hurts why didn't you say that about Bush or you believe he was so honest.
    I know it is very difficult for you Obama koolaide drinkers to understand that Obama HAS BEEN PRESIDENT FOR 4 YEARS. Which means George Bush IS NO LONGER PRESIDENT. So you see, HE is the person that wanted the job and gets to be evaluated on his performance. And you clowns always accuse others of living in the past and wanting to take the country back but it is really YOU that are stuck in the past.

    BTW, I was no big fan of Bush's spending on a new drug entitlement program or the Iraq adventure. But in his defense, DEMOCRATS also voted for these as well. Democrats need to accept responsibility as well. I know you don't like to do that just as Obama doesn't like to do it.

    October 23, 2012 05:52 pm at 5:52 pm |
  14. Malory Archer

    HAHAHA – always the celebrity, that guy...! He must think the White House is reality TV! What a joke he is!


    Why is it a joke to go to the people? What better way to reach your target audience than through their media? What would you suggest he do to connect with the under 25 crowd? When does the challenger plan to address that demographic, and how would you suggest he do so?

    October 23, 2012 06:07 pm at 6:07 pm |
  15. Malory Archer



    You're becoming a bit hysterical Sue. Perhaps it's time for you to take your meds and lie down for a minute. Alternating a cold compress between the back of your neck and forehead will make you feel much better.

    October 23, 2012 06:10 pm at 6:10 pm |
  16. just sayin

    mtv? is that moron tv? obama will fit right in.

    October 23, 2012 06:11 pm at 6:11 pm |
  17. California Gary

    Yeah.....we need a return to the days of the Bush White House.......now those were dignified! We had a president that couldn't put words together to make an understandable sentence and created an international stir/embarrassment when he starting rubbing the shoulders of the German leader uninvited. And of course we had Cheney getting drunk on a dove hunt and shooting his friend in the face. Yup.......dignified. These Obama's just don't know anything about being dignified, do they? Heck, their daddies couldn't even pay for their Ivy League educations......they had to borrow to do it. They didn't have the decency to be born rich.....so they couldn't possibly know anything about dignity.

    October 23, 2012 06:13 pm at 6:13 pm |
  18. Malory Archer

    MTV still exists?
    I haven't wanted my MTV in 12 yrs. – Maybe because you've grown up and moved on. I grew up and moved on from MTV 25 years ago so I totally get your point.

    Irrelevant channel. – Not to young people

    C'mon Mr President. – No you c'mon. It obviously has an audience or it would no longer be on the air.

    You need a hobby.

    October 23, 2012 06:15 pm at 6:15 pm |
  19. Jason

    Leading from behind.

    We need the peace and prosperity of Romney not some wannabe celebrity.

    October 23, 2012 06:26 pm at 6:26 pm |
  20. PJ

    @Borderless and Truth:
    Your hate only proves the kind of people Romney attracts, which is why most of us don't want any part of him--
    or you for that matter.

    October 23, 2012 06:26 pm at 6:26 pm |
  21. Bug stop

    Will he be doing a duet with Beyonce?

    October 23, 2012 06:32 pm at 6:32 pm |
  22. Omar Dice

    It's over. Obama has OH, PA, WI and IA after this debate,

    Newt called Mitt a liar. Rick Perry called him a vulture capitalist. Rick Santorum said if Mitt is the nominee, we might as well keep the president we've got. Ann Coulter said on Fox News : if Mitt was the nominee, the GOP would lose.


    October 23, 2012 06:44 pm at 6:44 pm |
  23. shell

    Mitt Romney will not sit down with MTV i can bet you all that one. What the republicans fail to realize is that the youth vote helped push President Obama over the top on 2008; the youth is the future wheather the GOP wants to accept it or not . It extremely matters to engerize and focus on their concerns. This has nothing to do with being a "celebrity" president or not. I suppose the republicans will have stuck faces come election day; when they see how much the youth could've contributed to Romney possibly winning the election.

    October 23, 2012 06:54 pm at 6:54 pm |
  24. Derski

    from a young liberal (is there any other kind? =p ) there goes the election...

    October 23, 2012 06:56 pm at 6:56 pm |
  25. Kathleen Farrell

    Why wouldn't you appear on shows that appeal to the masses? Take off the blinders. This is a crucial decision and there are quite a few audiences out there.

    October 23, 2012 07:06 pm at 7:06 pm |
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