Ryan likens Obama plan to 'slick new brochure'
October 25th, 2012
05:39 PM ET
10 years ago

Ryan likens Obama plan to 'slick new brochure'

Bristol, Virginia (CNN) - Mitt Romney running mate Paul Ryan likened President Barack Obama's 19-page second-term plan to a brochure at a Virginia rally and called it a "slick repackaging of more of the same" at a Virginia rally.

"You know President Obama hasn't really given us a vision for a second term agenda," he said. "Just a couple of days ago he came up with a slick new brochure. You know, with less than two weeks left to say, 'Oh I do actually have an agenda.'"

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The Republican vice presidential nominee was campaigning in Bristol when he criticized Obama for releasing a plan his re-election team compiled in a booklet so close to Election Day

As Ryan continued to mock the plan a man in the crowd interjected with his own description.

"It is a slick – well, comic book, that was his word – to me a slick re-packaging of more of the same," Ryan said.

On Tuesday, Obama's re-election team released 19 pages outlining the plans he hopes to institute if he wins a second term in office and an accompanying television ad set to air in nine battleground states. The booklet is largely a rehash of policies previously proposed, but is a response to critics who have charged the president with offering few specifics on his second term agenda.

When Ryan hammered the president on the economy he did not mention the nation's unemployment rate dipped below 8% last month for the first time in 42 months but instead pointed to slow job growth.

"You see, where we are today is our economy is barely limping along. It is slower than it was last year. Last year was slower than the year before. Job growth in September was slower than August and August was slower than July," he said at the outdoor rally that drew a crowd of more than 1,000.

In the heart of Virginia coal country the Wisconsin lawmaker and vice presidential hopeful called attention to people in the audience who were wearing blue hats that said "COAL JOBS" when he delivered his pitch on energy.

"I see all these coal hats out here," Ryan said. "We in Wisconsin we use coal, it keeps our electricity rates down, it keeps our businesses operating. You produce coal, it keeps good families supporting wages and jobs and this war on coal is going to end when we elect Mitt Romney the next President of the United States, I can guarantee you that."

- CNN White House Producer Gabriella Schwarz contributed to this report.

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  1. khaleeshi

    Lyin Ryan at it again. Both Willard and Lyin are slicker than a greased pig. Why can't these guy take and stand on ANY issue and stick with it? They are on all sides of every issue. There's no way to tell what they are for or against at this point because they've been for an against everything. They have no core, no character and are completely dishonest and untrustworthy.

    Obama/Biden 2012

    October 25, 2012 08:38 pm at 8:38 pm |
  2. jerrylax

    I wouldn't say obama plan is slick...it is really stupid. Don't hold water. Doesn't make sense. But some will buy into it any way....good news is the booklet isn't 2200 pages like obamacare.

    October 25, 2012 08:53 pm at 8:53 pm |
  3. Woman In California

    Says the creep who refers to people 40-54 as "youth". You are a stupid child-like pagan, whose clearly not ready for primetime and your lies are going down with you. You work for a thug who urges business owners to threaten their employees to vote for him. I only wish my employer would try that.

    The republican party is a disgrace and so are you, and I hope with all my heart God makes you pay for the nastiness you thrown out.

    Obama 2012

    October 25, 2012 08:55 pm at 8:55 pm |
  4. Kirk

    It is just a marketing ploy to the ignorant to make them believe they have new ideas. Ryan is right.

    October 25, 2012 09:13 pm at 9:13 pm |
  5. Steve

    Well Romney and Ryan know about slick, considering they've been lubing up America during their campaign, and expect us to take it hard in places we find uncomfortable.

    October 25, 2012 09:33 pm at 9:33 pm |
  6. Loida

    Yes it is true that we need all our natural resources to produce energy and it will help create jobs ...But the President is
    Also responsible to protect our environment and People's Health ..A safe environment should be the first priority...
    To Ryan why not ask Ronmey ...Why is He keeps complening that the Economy is Bad? .. He is outsourcing jobs
    His business is one of the big reasons why we are losing Jobs in our country! Do you think that all Americans are that
    Naive?.....don't know what really is happening...

    October 25, 2012 09:56 pm at 9:56 pm |
  7. Republican who supports President Obama

    I think Eddie forgot the 16 page PowerPoint package the GOP created for Healtcare reform. How can that law be only 16 pages is beyond me.

    October 25, 2012 10:06 pm at 10:06 pm |

    Obambi-poo cannot offer anything but small plans for big problem growing even bigger -- this was made quite evident during the course of the past four years. The American public is tired of fake realities. Slick packaging will soon feel bigger change (wink)

    October 25, 2012 10:10 pm at 10:10 pm |
  9. Larry L

    Why would anybody believe anything that comes out of Lyin' Ryan's mouth? The fact checkers constantly prove him a pathological liar! Remember his "sub-3 hour marathon"? Nobody who has ever run a marathon forgets if they broke 3 hours or not. He is so used to telling lies he never expects anybody to call him out. Every single thing he says is a lie or at best, a distortion of the truth. His budget plan WILL KILL MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY! Do the math!

    October 25, 2012 10:25 pm at 10:25 pm |
  10. Just "Trust Me"...

    Rob-Me and Lyin' Ryan offer no specifics on anything... just lies and distortions of numbers or words taken completely out of context. Look for yourself at all of the fact checkers (except Fox News – as if that was an actual fact checker) and you'll see that everything they say is a lie. None of their promises can be kept unless they rape the middle class, trash Medicare, and destroy the Social Security Program. Trust them? Hell no!

    October 25, 2012 10:34 pm at 10:34 pm |
  11. wake up america

    I give Romney a 40% chance of winning, but if he does it will be a disaster for America. He will blow up the deficit with his 5 trillion tax cuts on the wealthy plus another 2 trillion on a bloated military. Another new dumb war in Iran, and two supreme court justice picks that would overturn Roe vs Wade, removal of Pell grants for college kids, rewarding companies that ship jobs to China. After 8 years of the Bush disaster who decimated our economy by 2008. Why in gods name would we want to go back to the same policies that got us this disaster in the first place? 18 Bush advisors are now working for Romney... WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

    October 25, 2012 11:00 pm at 11:00 pm |
  12. AZ girl

    So, Congressman Ryan, please answer me a question. If you SO believe in the Romney/Ryan ticket, why did U re-up on your Congressional seat? In the Financial Sector, we call that "hedging". Ever hear the old saying, "In for a penny in for a pound"? U don't even want to put everything on the line. How sad....

    October 25, 2012 11:10 pm at 11:10 pm |
  13. anonoymous

    If I was Ryan I would stay away from critcizing the president's plan since we still dont have any specfics on his plan.

    October 25, 2012 11:27 pm at 11:27 pm |
  14. freedom

    Love this!!! Speaking of slick – Ryan has some slick lines – love it! And seriously, a sitting president passing out brochues? Need I say more?

    October 25, 2012 11:27 pm at 11:27 pm |
  15. S.B. Stein E.B. NJ

    It is better than the Romney plan which will explode the debt.

    October 25, 2012 11:47 pm at 11:47 pm |
  16. Deathstalker74

    "When Ryan hammered the president on the economy he did not mention the nation's unemployment rate dipped below 8% last month for the first time in 42 months but instead pointed to slow job growth".

    How is this reporting? And the reason he didn't bring it up is because as both liberal and conservative economists have previously stated, that unemployment rate was a fluke based on the household survey that just happened to report 800K plus new part time jobs. It was something like a 30 year high. Really? In the middle of a recession, within weeks of the election, we're supposed to believe this crap?

    October 25, 2012 11:51 pm at 11:51 pm |
  17. Jonny

    Who in his right mind would vote for Ryan for VP?

    October 26, 2012 02:36 am at 2:36 am |
  18. Derek

    Better to at least HAVE a plan, who the hell knows WHAT Mittens is going to do... He won't even tell you directly.

    October 26, 2012 04:08 am at 4:08 am |
  19. Roland

    CNN's own Erin Burnett does a wonderful job in her piece about Obama's second term plan. I recommend everyone watch it.

    October 26, 2012 05:26 am at 5:26 am |
  20. rex remes

    Romney/Ryan better be careful ... Obama's plan/brochure might actually be a good idea ... some undecideds may see something that resonates.

    So ... R/R needs to talk more about their plan and why it makes sense.

    R/R need to show how they will LEAD the country out of this malaise.

    October 26, 2012 06:44 am at 6:44 am |
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