Romney's closing argument a picture of 'day one'
October 29th, 2012
08:23 AM ET
9 years ago

Romney's closing argument a picture of 'day one'

(CNN) – Mitt Romney's final message will focus on tasks he hopes to take on his first day in office if elected president, according to an outline of the themes that was provided by a senior Romney adviser.

"Throughout this campaign, Governor Romney talked about his 'Day One, Job One' approach to fixing the American economy. Now, as we close out the final days of this campaign, Governor Romney will return to this theme and use each day to talk about specific steps in his plan that will bring about 'real change on day one' in a Romney presidency," the plan reads, leading into bullet points on specific issues Romney will hit in the eight days before November 6.

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All of the points relate to the economy, which has been Romney's theme since the beginning of his candidacy. Many of the points hark back to the GOP nominee's five point economic plan, which he unveiled at the beginning of August and has been using in nearly every speech since.

"The governor's message in these final days will be an optimistic one, focused on building a brighter future and focused on the big issues that Americans want their president to confront and develop solutions for," the note from the senior Romney adviser read.

The points Romney will hit are:

-Make the case for fundamental tax reform designed to help boost the middle-class and American competitiveness in the global marketplace.

-Talk about his plan to put the country back on track towards a balanced budget.

-Once again lay out his plan to reverse President Obama's cuts to our nation's military through sequestration.

-Describe his plan to expand trade and increase U.S. exports and also level the playing field with China by declaring them a currency manipulator.

-Explain his plan to achieve energy independence for North America.

-Focus attention on a comprehensive effort to fix our nation's schools and raise performance levels.

-Talk about his effort to halt the layers of new regulations, starting with Obamacare, introduced by President Obama that have burdened America's job creators.

Speaking on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday, senior Obama adviser David Axelrod said the president's closing message was focused on telling voters why he needs four more years in the Oval Office.

"The president's closing message is exactly what I said before, which is we've made some progress," Axelrod told chief political correspondent Candy Crowley. "We have to build on that progress, and we have to move forward in a way that builds an economy that works for the middle class. What we can't do is go back to the failed policies of the past."

CNN's Jim Acosta contributed to this report.

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  1. In One word

    Hey Ray E. (Georgia), I heard a true blue republican this morning complaining that the republican party has lost it's way and he along with other republicans are now voting to re-elect President Obama a trusted way forward. They say that they cannot trust Romney.

    October 29, 2012 10:27 am at 10:27 am |
  2. v_mag

    For months I've been trying unsuccessfully to get a right winger to straight-out answer this question:

    How is Romney ANY different from George W. Bush?

    (And the follow up question...)

    If he's not different from Bush, why would anybody ever consider voting for him?

    October 29, 2012 10:30 am at 10:30 am |
  3. Four and The Door

    The Romney Administration will not just be good, it will be great. I believe possibly one of the best ever. Mitt Romney is brilliant, dedicated to doing the right things for the future of the nation, and the kind of leader who will have people working together instead of against each other. Think about the things that are possible with serious bipartisan cooperation in Washington. It can be amazing. But we all know this will not happen in a second Obama term. It can only happen with Mitt Romney. And this is what we need. Romney/ Ryan 2012.

    October 29, 2012 10:31 am at 10:31 am |
  4. Anthony

    If you want a commander-in-chief who will stand up for America, don't vote for Romney. Romney essentially did not show up in the third debate to debate Obama on foreign policy. When the going gets tough, Romney runs away. How can people expect that Romney will stand up to China?

    October 29, 2012 10:31 am at 10:31 am |
  5. Fourleaf Tayback

    Obama has had 4 years and spent trillions of dollars...but no plan for jobs means the economy suffers. His redistribution socialist policies are a failure everywhere they are tried.

    Romney will fix the mess. He will create jobs and restore our economy. WE ALL KNOW IT.

    October 29, 2012 10:32 am at 10:32 am |
  6. Larry in Houston

    @Thunderbolt @ 9:51 am – You are correct – Hillary should have been the one – to answer that phone call – but the registered Likely Voters in this country didn't want someone who was experienced / or very smart – because at the end of her husbands term, we had a surplus – but the likely voters didn't want to remember that – they wanted to remember the infidelity he had with an intern – so the result was Hillary's loss – so we got Obama – (instead of someone who voted with "W" 95 % of the time) (and the voters didn't want that, and I could not blame them) So – Now we've got Obama – So, who will we get Now, Nov 6th ? It's still up in the air – according to the polls. It looks like IF Romney is elected, he will end up having George Bush's people in their old positions again, but with a different President ( a mormon) The trouble with that is this : Romney has so many different positions on everything, depending on Who he's in front of, or what type of crowd he's talking to.

    May the Best Man Win – 2012

    October 29, 2012 10:34 am at 10:34 am |
  7. roger

    Mitt will only close loopholes providing trickledown to poor and middle class. He will create new loopholes for himself and his rich supporters.

    October 29, 2012 10:35 am at 10:35 am |
  8. luckjoe

    Romney-Ryan 2012!

    October 29, 2012 10:36 am at 10:36 am |
  9. Republican in AZ

    Why would we believe it should take 4 yrs. or LESS to rebuild this country? It really felt like before the president even had his inauguration, he was expected to wave a magic wand and fix everything. We've had a Do-Nothing congress who figured the less we accomplished regarding the economy, all the better for them. They could say, "The president hasn't helped you." Well, sorry. There are too many who will see it their way. I'm NOT one of them. My republican-gun loving-brother in Nevada isn't either (white male). Mitt, I think you and the republican party have overestimated your "base" turn out for you.

    P.S..... We're also mormon. Best regards.

    October 29, 2012 10:36 am at 10:36 am |
  10. jpmichigan

    President Obama apppears as a very angry man. Angry that Ameicans do not trust his leadership, governing or is it something else. He is a man who thought that any thing he persued, he should recieve, well surprise, one has to actually earn to receive what one wants to receive. He promised HOPE AND CHANGE, and the middle class, unless you rather take from the government , then work , no matter what the job, is to maintain one's dignity. Then you benefited.. I, like many Americans, have more faith in one's own ability then the governemnt. Gov. Romney also believes in Americans Ability to rise above the fog and succeede. Oabama is the great fog of doubt, not of change and hope. More Democrats, that I personnally know, have switched sided from Obama, for they too believe there is still hope for Americans, with a change of ownership in the Oval Office.

    October 29, 2012 10:37 am at 10:37 am |
  11. lsu5

    Mitt is an investor, was busy sending jobs overseas. While governor he had most against him and his state was 47th employment record. And he can run a country? does not know geographic boundaries. Maybe if he does win, it will be a dem senate and see how bipartisan he can be. It was the Republican's mandate to block every move Pres Obama made, and could not once act in a bipartisan way. How can you when that is the mandate. Look at the senates' approval rating – want more of that. Let alone social issues...unbelievable the polls indicate it is even close. Mitt needs to release his returns, and everyone would see what and where he is hiding his precious millions.

    October 29, 2012 10:40 am at 10:40 am |

    "Romney's closing argument a picture of 'day one'"
    I hope we never get to see that day.
    If turns out that he actually IS a closet moderate, he is going to do the same things President Obama has been doing
    If he does all the things that he says he is going to do, our deficit is going to explode and we will be at war on multiple fronts. It will be like the Bush administration but worse.

    October 29, 2012 10:41 am at 10:41 am |
  13. Dadster

    In his closing arguments, Romney again refuses to give any detail about what deductions he will eliminate.
    This is proof that what he plans on eliminating are deductions which the middle class uses. The biggest being the employee healthcare deduction which will now be seen as income and taxed accordingly. A vote for Romney is a vote for a pay cut.

    October 29, 2012 10:41 am at 10:41 am |
  14. The REAL Truth...

    @Proud American – Wake up . The country is heading in the wrong direction. If you want 4 more of the lastt 4 then the choice is clear. Stop blaming others.
    We are awake. We've seen the damage the Republican Party did with 8 yrs of Dubya – massive deficits, huge debt, 2 unfunded (illegal) wars, 6,000 US troops dead (100,000+ Iraqi's dead in collateral damage), 9/11 and so on. Since Jan '09, the GOP has done nothing to help the country move forward, so focused are they on keeping Obama a one-term President. Many would call that treasonous! Anyone who thinks that is the RIGHT direction should vote for Romney.
    There's plenty of BLAME to be shouldered by the Grand Obstructionist Party... check the FACTS pls.. not some emotional rant.

    October 29, 2012 10:42 am at 10:42 am |
  15. pkrbkr

    I can't believe that people are still unaware of what Mitt Romney will do if he's elected.......scary! I wonder why he's so unpopular in Mass......won't talk about his signature achievement, health care; wants to strip women of the right to choose, eliminate Planned Parenthood, give tax breaks to his "I know a few owners of race car" crowd, .....I could go on and on. He's shifted his positions more often than most people change their underwear! Get real, people, look at what this guy doesn't stand for...he has no core convictions! Our president stands for the middle class and has accomplished much in spite of the Republicans in Congress.....Obama/Biden 2012 Forward, not back to the Bush policies that got us into this mess!

    October 29, 2012 10:42 am at 10:42 am |
  16. jpmichigan

    People question Romney, Why is he in Massachusetts, helping with the strorm?. Well I guess you don't realize he is no longer Govenor there, he is a private citizen. Why isn't Obama in the Oval Ofice doing his job?

    October 29, 2012 10:43 am at 10:43 am |
  17. sbssue1

    I think many of you are sad folk, he's done more for our country than all of us put together. Shame on most of you who only know how to talk trash........Get real!

    October 29, 2012 10:44 am at 10:44 am |
  18. truth hurts

    Willard simply can't be trusted. At least I know what I've got with our current President
    The American people trusted an inexperienced community organizer 4 years ago when he ran on "Hope & Change" and said he would get ths country moving again. 4 years later and THREE YEARS after the recession ended we are at record levels of unemployment, record levels of food stop recipients, record levels of poverty and he has no clue on what to do to get things going again. We aren't creating enough jobs to account for population growth and a stagnant economy tettering on the brink of recession. Yes, we ALL know what we have in Obama, a complete FAILURE!

    ENOUGH!!!! TIme for some competent ADULT leadership in the Whitehouse. Obama wants another 4 years for the celebrity of the office. He has proven he has no leadership abilities, with people in his own party admitting this. Wake up America, 4 more years of Obama will BURY this country, just like Biden said.

    October 29, 2012 10:45 am at 10:45 am |
  19. frespech

    Proud American- You say the country is going in the wrong direction.
    The war in Iraq is over. The troops are coming home from Afghanistan in another year. There has been 30 some months of positive job growth,housing starts are up and the GDP is growing.
    So by your statement I sense you would like to keep the wars going end the jobs recovery and shrink the growth of our Nation.

    October 29, 2012 10:45 am at 10:45 am |
  20. sbssue1

    jpmichigan: Very well said. Obama just wants to dictate, not really lead. Good Job.

    October 29, 2012 10:46 am at 10:46 am |
  21. sbssue1

    Republican in don't sound too republican to me! Save America vote straight ticket Republican......

    October 29, 2012 10:48 am at 10:48 am |
  22. The majority

    I heard a gentleman from Mass. say that for Rommey to run for president and not run one ad nor campaign there in his home state where he was Governor for one term should tell you something about him.
    Enough said !!!

    October 29, 2012 10:50 am at 10:50 am |
  23. DW

    Real change from day one? According to the points laid out here, Romney intends to do nothing more than TALK ABOUT his agenda once he takes office. Just as in the entire campaign, there are no actual plans for viable action. And none of this agenda stands a chance of getting through Congress. Vote for Obama, we don't need to re-legislate the errors of the Bush/Cheney disaster.

    October 29, 2012 10:51 am at 10:51 am |
  24. Arun

    This guy makes W. look like one of the best presidents we have ever had and we know how great W's presidency was!!

    October 29, 2012 10:51 am at 10:51 am |
  25. joe

    from day one I have been trying to get a repo to tell me why it is ok for mittens to not show his tax returns and to keep his money off shore and his investments in china. Not one answer from any repo on these questions. On day one romney will screw over more than half of this country. Be prepared folks. Vote all repos out. Forward.

    October 29, 2012 10:51 am at 10:51 am |
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