Exit polls: Odds and ends
November 7th, 2012
01:22 AM ET
10 years ago

Exit polls: Odds and ends

(CNN) - There are some odd and interesting trends in the national exit polling Tuesday.

Sixty-nine percent of voters decided on a candidate before September. President Obama leads among this group by eight points, 53% to 45%.

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Mitt Romney was unable to make up the gap because the president did progressively better among late-deciding voters.

Nine percent of the voters decided on a candidate in September - before the presidential debates, the final unemployment reports or Hurricane Sandy. Mitt Romney won among this group by eight points, 53% to 45%.

Eleven percent of voters decided whom to support in October. President Obama took this group by two points, 50% to 48%.

Six percent of voters made up their minds in the last few days, breaking 50%-44% for Obama - a six point margin.

Finally, three percent of the voters waited until Election Day before making up their minds. President Obama won this group by nine points, 52% to 43%.

In another oddity, the compiled national exit polling shows President Obama's supporters were the "true believers" in this election.

Sixty-four percent of today's voters say they "strongly favor" their candidate. Of this group, 54% voted for Obama and 45% voted for Romney.

Another 24% of today's voters say they have reservations about the candidate they supported today.

Of this group, 56% went for Romney and 42% voted for Obama. Finally, 10% of today's voters told exit pollsters they voted for one candidate because they dislike the other. Of these voters, 50% voted for Romney and 42% voted for Obama.

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  1. Dan Orlich

    Unbelieveable!!!!!!!, Mr. Romney was very uncourteous, disrespectful,and unprofessional to President Obama, all the American people, and the Republican party in whole in not conceding this election when he was supose to, When Cnn put on the screen that Mr. Romney was not going to concede the election when he was already 60 some electoral votes behind, and then only writing one speech, which was a victory speech!!! How dare him!!!!! Who does he think he is!!!! Shame on him!!!!! Hope others agree with me on this and hope that this is talkec abot in the morning with John and Zoraida and all the others. Thank you

    November 7, 2012 01:35 am at 1:35 am |
  2. Dan Orlich

    It is also a shame, that alot of Americans indicated that they would not vote for President Obama because they believed that The President did not do enough or ruined up the economy The American people who voted for Mr. Romney on that pretense need to know that President Obama inherited a complete mess and disaster left by eight years of the Bush Administration and it takes just more than four years to fix something so astronomical. If they think it is so easy to do let them try it!!!! So to all my fellow Americans and fellow veterans who voted to re-elect President Obama GOD BLESS YOU.

    November 7, 2012 01:49 am at 1:49 am |
  3. Michael Belin

    Romney's main problem seems his inability to accept reality. He told so many blatant untruths during the campaign and changed position to please the electorite he faced on a daily basis. Mass where he was governor so strongly rejected him, it should have been clear he wasn'ta good leader.

    November 7, 2012 04:15 am at 4:15 am |
  4. J.V.Hodgson

    All this statistical nonsense of who decided what, how, when where, and why to vote would be amusing if it were not a totally ridiculous and futile essay or blog; sorry!
    I have many so called independent voter friends some of whom have been contacted of course by The Republican " and " Democratic ground workers or pollsters.
    Many of them tell the questioner ( ground worker or pollster) what they want to hear based on the question and its tenor and source if perceived as biased towards a particular party.
    Not sure how polls or exit polls cope with that BS I know it happens because I have done it. Whoever I talk to Dem Repub ground worker or pollsters they get BS. How I vote is between me and my conscience and varies on what I see candidates offer and it varies in each election... year to year and possibly even day to day.
    My point CNN at 303 to 235 best case for Romney electoral college wise... you were either more intersted in the drama and programming audience grabbing wise thru your polls or totally fooled by BS'r's in reply to your poll surveys.
    Taking that into account " margins of error" become even more meaningless.
    Now you are going to tell me you can factor that in whatever the question asked. OI ve even more garbage.

    November 7, 2012 04:19 am at 4:19 am |