Katy Perry brings ‘Fireworks’ to kids at inauguration concert
January 19th, 2013
08:56 PM ET
10 years ago

Katy Perry brings ‘Fireworks’ to kids at inauguration concert

(CNN) – First lady Michelle Obama, a pop culture icon in her own right, shared the stage Saturday night with some star power that rivaled her.

She appeared at the Kids’ Inaugural Ball alongside pop stars Katy Perry, Usher and the cast of “Glee.”

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But this was no black-tie affair.

The concert was for the children of military families and schools in the Washington area. It stood in contrast to the lengthy speeches and ceremony of the rest of the weekend.

“Inauguration is a really big deal. There's balls. Everybody dresses up and dances,” the first lady told the children. “Let me tell you: I love every single minute of it. Every single minute. But I have to tell you that my very favorite part of this entire weekend is being right here with all of you.”

Perry performed her hits "Fireworks" and "Teenage Dream" to the delight of the audience.

She also appeared on the campaign trail in support of President Barack Obama's re-election bid.

At a campaign rally for Obama in Las Vegas last October, she had donned a skintight white dress marked up like a ballot - with Obama's name selected.

In Milwaukee days before the election, she wore a similarly tight dress emblazoned with Obama's campaign logo and slogan, "Forward." She also appeared in that dress at the October event.

Perry's outfit at this event was more patriotic than partisan.

She showed off stars and stripes in red, white and blue - topped with a tiny hat to match the ensemble.

The Saturday event was to recognize the sacrifices and "level of maturity that is required from military kids," the first lady said.

“It means always thinking about things that are so much bigger than yourself. It means growing up just a little faster and working just a little harder than other kids,” she said. “And it means doing the greatest thing you can ever do with your life at such a young age, and that is to serve our country.”

But it also was about fun.

Performers included Far East Movement, Illuminate, Mindless Behavior, the Soul Children of Chicago, Black Violin and Nick Cannon.

Between the performances, there were mascots of former presidents who raced on foot through the audience. There also were T-shirts and a dance contest.

All things that we won’t see when the president takes the oath of office this weekend.

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  1. Woman In California

    I don't care for movie stars or their opinions, but I do appreciate the time and effort each one of them has contriubuted to getting the president re-elected and all the work they did to turn out the youth vote. For that, I say thank you.

    January 19, 2013 10:03 pm at 10:03 pm |
  2. dd

    WHY is she dressed like this? Its a KID'S EVENT....not a GOP Convention Gentlemens Club party

    January 20, 2013 01:21 am at 1:21 am |
  3. Thomas

    great outfit !

    January 20, 2013 01:27 am at 1:27 am |
  4. Patrick

    Is it me or do you think this writer wrote the headline to make it sound like Katy Perry hid some fireworks in a kids ball to hurt them or something? CNN either did it intentional so people would read something pointless or they need to look at how they post things!

    January 20, 2013 02:03 am at 2:03 am |
  5. Vicki

    The performances at the President Obama inauguration will be done by some very talented people who support this president just as I do. I am so glad that President Obama won and I really would hope that the republicans would care more about the people in this country than just the corporations and the wealthiest people who need nothing from the government. It is the middle class and the working poor that need the government to care about them.

    January 20, 2013 02:04 am at 2:04 am |
  6. an American

    Bravo! Kayty's the bomb!

    January 20, 2013 03:51 am at 3:51 am |
  7. Grapelicks

    First lady Michelle Obama, a pop culture icon in her own right..... hahahaha... you gotta be kidding!!!!!

    January 20, 2013 05:09 am at 5:09 am |