March 25th, 2013
01:46 PM ET
7 years ago

Jim Carrey mocks Charlton Heston

(CNN) – Charlton Heston's declaration that gun control advocates would have to pry his firearms "from my cold, dead hands" provides the punch line for comedian Jim Carrey's new video mocking the late actor and NRA president.

Carrey, who appears on a spoof version of the old comedy show "Hee Haw" both as Heston and as the frontman of a country-western band "Lonesome Earl And The Clutterbusters," is a vocal proponent of stricter gun control laws.

"Charlton Heston movies are no longer in demand, and his immortal soul may lay forever in the sand. The angels wouldn't take him up to heaven like he planned, because they couldn't pry the gun from his cold dead hand," Carrey sings in the video, which was posted Monday on the comedy website Funny or Die.

Heston, who died in 2008, rose to fame as an actor in movies like "The Ten Commandments" and "Ben-Hur." Later in life, however, he turned his attention to political advocacy, eventually becoming the president of the National Rifle Association from 1998-2003.

He famously used the line mocked in Carrey's video during a 2000 speech to NRA members, going specifically after then-Vice President Al Gore, who was running for president at the time.

"As we set out this year to defeat the divisive forces that would take freedom away, I want to say those fighting words for everyone within the sound of my voice to hear and to heed, and especially for you, Mr. Gore: 'From my cold, dead hands!" Heston declared.

Carrey starred in movies like "Ace Ventura Pet Detective" and "The Mask." He actively argues his case for gun control on Twitter @JimCarrey.

Carrey said in a statement that he found America's rash of gun violence "frustrating" and the video was "my fun little way of expressing that frustration."

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  1. rc

    Guns aren't the heart of the problem, they're a symptom. The problem is a lack of value for human life. If you take away all the guns, people will still find a way to kill each other, and that won't end until people believe that every human life has value, or at least that there is eternal punishment for murdering another human.

    March 26, 2013 04:42 pm at 4:42 pm |
  2. joe

    He is a dead actor not a SAINT... And even if he was...........

    March 26, 2013 04:45 pm at 4:45 pm |
  3. Greg

    Frank- Not his son... Jenny McCarthy's son. Get your facts straight before posting.

    And what a fine example Jim is with regard to children, abandoning his autistic son and all."

    March 26, 2013 04:50 pm at 4:50 pm |
  4. smartaz

    I'm sure a multi millionaire with access to bodyguards in the best neighborhood available is completely aware of my self defense needs.

    March 26, 2013 04:50 pm at 4:50 pm |
  5. Don

    Seems like Biden and Cuomo would be much better targets for a comedian than Charlton Heston. Well, at least Jim will find out how many of his fans will no longer follow him...

    March 26, 2013 04:56 pm at 4:56 pm |
  6. Doug Kraft

    Are you,seriously, comparing Heston to Hitler???

    March 26, 2013 05:03 pm at 5:03 pm |
  7. Brian

    Charlton Heston: A great actor (Ben Hur, 10 Commandments, others) and a great human being

    Jim Carrey: A bad actor (In Living Color, Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura) and a bad person

    March 26, 2013 05:05 pm at 5:05 pm |
  8. dawgfish

    Does Jim realize that his movies are no longer in demand?

    March 26, 2013 05:05 pm at 5:05 pm |
  9. Charles Reilly

    It's pretty easy for Carrey to assail the late Charlton Heston since he's not around anymore to defend himself. If he was, Carrey would be shaking in his boots with his teeth rattling. Carrey should head back to Canada where he comes from and leave this country's issues to its own citizens. As for Carrey's own career, his movies are hardly in demand anymore. People are finally sick of watching this over-emoting ham who's whole career is based on the elasticity of his face. However, I have to admit that I liked him in the "Dead Pool" because he ended up dead in the first 20 minutes.

    March 26, 2013 05:06 pm at 5:06 pm |
  10. Mrwhat this presenter? He has the personality of a cardboard box.

    March 26, 2013 05:08 pm at 5:08 pm |
  11. Viv Richards

    No surprise. Jim Carrey, besides being on a mental decline has been on a professional decline for a long time now. Stunts like this only speak to what a kook he has become as well as another desperate attempt to restart his career. He is a desperate "has been" and a man with armed security!! A loser and a hypocrite!

    March 26, 2013 05:11 pm at 5:11 pm |
  12. Gone from Reality

    Why do actors, who are paid to say what others write for them, think they should be the voice for society?

    March 26, 2013 05:11 pm at 5:11 pm |
  13. Steve

    Jim Carrey is much better at low brow humour than political thinking. Does anyone care what Ace Ventura thinks about guns?

    March 26, 2013 05:12 pm at 5:12 pm |
  14. Steve9930

    Jim Carrey doesn't have enough sense to wipe his own ass. He also is nothing more then a coward hiding behind all his body guards. What a hypocrite.

    March 26, 2013 05:13 pm at 5:13 pm |
  15. Steve9930

    Jim Carrey doesn't have enough sense to wipe his own backside. He also is nothing more then a coward hiding behind all his body guards. What a hypocrite.

    March 26, 2013 05:13 pm at 5:13 pm |
  16. Steve

    Jim Carrey, desperately trying for another 15 minutes of fame. So he panders to the dumbest of the human race.

    March 26, 2013 05:14 pm at 5:14 pm |
  17. WillB

    Some guy at Fox is making this his big career move. Apparently he'd very envious of Carrey and wants the whole world to know it. So, now we do.

    March 26, 2013 05:17 pm at 5:17 pm |
  18. Steve

    Let me see, an activist for rights and freedoms vs Ace Ventura. Enough said.

    March 26, 2013 05:21 pm at 5:21 pm |
  19. D

    Carrey is Canadian, he's not even from here. Regardless of where you fall on the issue, it's rude to come into someone's home and make statements about how they should be running it.

    March 26, 2013 05:21 pm at 5:21 pm |
  20. Bets

    What a pathetic person! I used to think Jim Carey was funny but now I see him as nothing but a fool. I wonder what his bodyguards carry with them? Ya suppose it's a squirt gun? As I said he's nothing but a fool. LOOONG live the 2nd amendment!

    March 26, 2013 05:22 pm at 5:22 pm |
  21. hollywoodaholic

    He obviously hit a nerve pointing out gun obsession is more about feelings of impotency than self defense.

    March 26, 2013 05:25 pm at 5:25 pm |
  22. Common Sense Blogger

    Thank you Jim Carrey for setting the gun control issue back fifty years – You could have chosen Clint Eastwood (but then you'd have to openly debate a live human being) to mock but you went coward by using a dead civil rights hero who happened to have one issue with which you oppose. Good job...oh, btw, I also love that the 'fly-over' part of the country that you so callously mocked will be waving goodbye to their box office support of your further ventures – lololol! Backfire! (you probably should have chosen gay marriage as your 'back-in-the-spotlight' pet issue since it has real teeth and a more robust Democrat support channel...) Either way, you're a coward.

    March 26, 2013 05:26 pm at 5:26 pm |
  23. arnie

    What doesJim being Canadian have to do with anything? He has lived in the USA since 1979, is a naturalized US citizen since 2004, pays taxes in the USA, makes his living in the USA. He is an American, no different from any other immigrant. And why the anti-Canadian rhetoric anyway? There is in fact gun control in Canada, and it has not kept me from owning or using guns all my adult life (I'm 74), including rifles, shotguns, revolvers, automatic pistols, and YES, even an assault rifle.

    March 26, 2013 05:27 pm at 5:27 pm |
  24. wildling

    easy to make fun of a dead guy. loser comedian

    March 26, 2013 05:27 pm at 5:27 pm |
  25. Mitzymoon

    If you buy a gun for safety, and if you ever use it, there's a 5% chance you'll use it on a stranger and a 95% chance you'll have used it on a loved one, a friend, or yourself. Russian Roulette has better odds than that.

    March 26, 2013 05:27 pm at 5:27 pm |
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