Obama touts budget with 'balanced approach'
April 6th, 2013
06:00 AM ET
9 years ago

Obama touts budget with 'balanced approach'

(CNN) - President Barack Obama pitched his forthcoming budget in his weekly address on Saturday, calling it "a fiscally-responsible blueprint for middle-class jobs and growth."

Republicans have hammered him for being late - his budget is due to Congress by February. But it's hard to believe that would have increased its chances for passage, considering the steep divide between Republicans and Democrats on spending, taxes and deficit reduction.

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Obama's plan will include tax increases but also spending on priorities outlined in his State of the Union address, Obama administration officials have told CNN. Details, however, remain unclear because Obama's budget has not yet been published.

"To make America a magnet for good jobs, we'll invest in high-tech manufacturing and homegrown American energy, put people to work building new roads, bridges, and schools, and cut red tape to help businesses grow," he said in his weekly address. "My budget will reduce our deficits not with aimless, reckless spending cuts that hurt students and seniors and middle-class families - but through the balanced approach that the American people prefer, and the investments that a growing economy demands."

"But deficit reduction cannot come at the cost of economic growth or middle-class security. And it doesn't have to. My budget will make critical investments to grow the economy, create jobs, and strengthen the middle class," Obama added.

He pointed to changes to Medicare and Social Security entitlements for seniors, saying he supports making "the tough reforms required to strengthen Medicare for the future, without undermining the rock-solid guarantee at its core."

Administration officials have said Obama puts forward a Medicare deal similar to the one he offered to House Speaker John Boehner in December when they haggled over the tax and spending saga known as the fiscal cliff.

Boehner said Friday he rejected Obama's proposal in December "because his offers never lived up to his rhetoric."

Obama aides say his full budget could be released as soon as next week, setting the stage for another fiscal showdown in Washington with House GOP and White House plans on the table.

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  1. @RI_Roger

    How can any lend any credibility to this administration for fiscal matters. Our country has been in the so called "ditch", as the President called it in 2009, for over 4 years. We gave him the keys twice and he hasn't found out how to start this car and drive it out of the ditch and onto the road to recovery. When is enough, enough? We need to stop with the social issue distractions and get focused back on jobs and fiscal constraints. At some point, The presidents supporters need to forget about the "Free Stuff" they get promised that they don't get and pull up their boot straps and walk the line of personal responsibility if they want to be lifted out of poverty.

    April 6, 2013 06:52 am at 6:52 am |
  2. rla

    Fiscal responsibility and leadership??? WOW can this guy lie! 8.8 million are now on SS disability, 90 million Americans are not working, more people are in poverty than at any time in our history and we ALL are just waiting for the debt bomb to drop so we can all be on governmentassistance as the economy collapses! People WAKE UP!

    April 6, 2013 08:41 am at 8:41 am |
  3. Tim

    ok Obama is trying to meet half way. DUCK AND COVER!!! Compromise is a bad word i n the states.

    April 6, 2013 09:29 am at 9:29 am |
  4. Ray E. (Georgia)

    Tell you what Mr. President. You sign on with Real Spending Cuts this year and we will look at Tax Increases in 2 Years. We don't need the Government investing in any Pie in the Sky spending Programs. The Private Sector can do that very well.

    April 6, 2013 10:11 am at 10:11 am |
  5. Ed1

    The only thing you have done with a balanced approach is divide this Country and you have done that very good.

    Everything has to be your way or get lost you don't have a clue what balanced means.

    April 6, 2013 10:41 am at 10:41 am |
  6. GI Joe

    I trust Obama to fix Soc. Sec. -- I think the republicans would totally destroy it and keep everyone's donations for themselves and their wealthy buddies. After all, they've been trying for 40 years.

    April 6, 2013 11:03 am at 11:03 am |
  7. lottie

    no matter what the president does the repos will find fault. The only way we will move forward is to go around them at every opportunity or vote as many as we can out in 2014. Everyone needs to call or write their senator and congressman and push for the things we the people want. Congress will sit on their hands and do nothing as they have in the past.

    April 6, 2013 11:34 am at 11:34 am |