CNN's GUT CHECK for May 1, 2013
May 1st, 2013
04:59 PM ET
10 years ago

CNN's GUT CHECK for May 1, 2013

CNN's GUT CHECK | for May 1, 2013 | 5 p.m.
n. a pause to assess the state, progress or condition of the political news cycle

JUST IN: CUTBACK CIVIL LIBERTIES TO FIGHT TERROR? Although worries about terrorism have edged up following the Boston Marathon bombings, only four in ten Americans say they are willing to give up some civil liberties to fight terrorism, according to a just released CNN/Time/ORC International survey. FULL POLL

LATEST FROM BOSTON: THREE MORE ARRESTS IN BOSTON ATTACK... Two classmates of Boston Marathon bomb suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and a third person face federal charges in connection with the April 15 attack, federal law enforcement sources said Wednesday. They were expected to appear before a federal judge Wednesday afternoon, U.S. government sources said. For the latest, go to

MARKET WATCH: May begins with a nearly 1% drop in U.S. stocks as investors react to weak economic data. Dow drops 138 points.

(Answer below)
Happy Law Day! What does this unknown holiday celebrate? And what president marked the first Law Day?

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What caught our eye today in politics

Most of the time in this space we try to highlight what we think is the most compelling or just plain interesting political story of the day. Oftentimes it is about the economy and the political maneuvering between the two parties that helps to shape public policy.

And today, no surprise, another story on the economy is what caught our eye. No, it has nothing to do with Washington. Yes, it involves beer.

“Buying beer stocks is generally considered a smart move because drinkers will guzzle in good times or bad,” Alanna Petroff writes in this insightful story on

Huzzah! It seems like it’s time to buy beer stock like we are shopping at a local liquor store.

Well, not so fast.

“Lately,” Petroff continues, “investors have become more discerning. Many are flocking to Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's largest beer company with a market value of $150 billion, and shying away from other global brewers such as Carlsberg.”

And Anheuser-Busch InBev is massive. Not only do they own global breweries like Budweiser, Beck’s and Stella Artois, but the company owns beers like Hoegaarden, Leffe, Michelos and Bass.

And the list of smaller breweries the company owns is far too long to list, totaling over 300 beers.

“Anheuser-Busch is head and shoulders above its competitors in terms of its brands and global positioning. It controls five of the world's top six brands,” said Greg Bennett, a fund manager at Argonaut Capital, which owns a stake in the brewer. “Why would anyone want to buy something else?”

So for those beer drinkers looking to make a play in the market, here is some CNN Money’s advice: “Value investors might perk up at the idea of buying into Heineken or Carlsberg on the cheap, but investment consultants warn to stay away, given a lack of growth in operating profit in recent years.”

the LEDE
Did you miss it?

Leading CNNPolitics: State Department hopes it can find peace among data
The State Department is using cutting-edge data gathering technology to help keep the peace in some areas and keep violence from flaring in others, saving both physical and fiscal costs of conflict. "We are about breaking and interrupting, stopping and preventing atrocities and destabilizing violence, for the good of the people in the countries where we work, as well as the good of the American people," said Jerry White, deputy assistant secretary for partnerships and learning in state's newly formed Conflict and Stabilization Operation (CSO) office. – Tara Kangarlou

Leading Drudge: 'Terrorista #1' Arrested In Boston
Two suspects who have been taken into custody in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings drove a car with “Terrorista #1″ license plates. – Patrick Howley for the Daily Caller

Leading HuffPo: Trouble At Home: Jindal, McDonnell Vexed By Local Setbacks
Republican governors are often seen as innovative policymakers and potential presidential candidates, but a few are struggling with political or ethical problems that might crimp their ambitions. – Charles Babington and Bob Lewis for the AP

Leading Politico: Gay rights push threatens immigration deal
The most serious threat to bipartisan immigration reform doesn’t involve border security or guest workers or even the path to citizenship.
It’s about gay rights. – Carrie Budoff Brown

Leading The New York Times: Failure of Gun Legislation Shadows Immigration Bill
The earlier defeat indicates that the road to a consensus on immigration will be far bumpier than the narrative on Capitol Hill suggests. – Jennifer Steinhauer

The political bites of the day

- White House pledges continued work on Guantanamo -
PRESS SECRETARY JAY CARNEY AT THE WHITE HOUSE BRIEFING: “One of the options available to us, that we're examining, is reappointing a senior official to the State Department to renew our focus again on repatriating or transferring detainees that we determine can be returned to their home countries or third countries. And we will also work to fully implement the periodic review board process, which has not moved forward quickly enough. And we're going to continue to work to get that implemented so that it is up and standing.”

- Romney’s message to college graduates: Get married -
2012 REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE MITT ROMNEY AT A COMMENCEMENT SPEECH TO SOUTHERN VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY: “Launch out into the deep and your nets will be filled. Now how do you do that? Well getting married is one way of launching into the deep. … Some people could marry but take more time, they say, for themselves. They plan to wait until they're well into their thirties or forties before they think about getting married. They're going to miss so much of living, I'm afraid."

- A Blockbuster at Guantanamo? -
CONAN O’BRIEN ON HIS LATE NIGHT COMEDY SHOW: “Yesterday, President Obama said that the prison at Guantanamo Bay needs to be closed. That's what he said. Yeah. To make sure it closes quickly, they're turning it into a Blockbuster video.”

- For Rush, ignorance on Obamacare means repeal -
RUSH LIMBAUGH ON HIS NATIONALLY SYNDICATED RADIO SHOW: “Forty-two percent of the American people have no idea that there is a new health care law, no matter what it's called. They don't know it exists. Forty-two percent! Folks, if that's the case, repeal it! If 42% don't even know what it is, don't worry about who supports it. Just get the hell rid of it!”

What stopped us in 140 characters or less


Not all holidays are created equal. Some, such as Law Day, are Cold War stunts.

On this day in 1958, President Dwight D. Eisenhower proclaimed May 1 to be Law Day, an unofficial holiday that officially aimed to celebrate the "cultivation of the respect for law that is so vital to the democratic way of life."

The real reason for the holiday: distracting from May Day or International Workers' Day. At the height of the Cold War, the May 1st holiday was seen as a celebration with communist undertones.

"I urge the people of the United States to observe Law Day with appropriate public ceremonies and by the reaffirmance of their dedication to our form of government and the supremacy of law in our lives," Eisenhower said in the holiday's proclamation. "I especially urge the legal profession, the schools and educational institutions, and all media of public information to take the lead in sponsoring and participating in appropriate observances throughout the Nation."

The holiday was the brain child of the American Bar Association and was lobbied for starting in 1957. Today the holiday is largely unknown and rarely celebrated.

(why aren’t you in it)

Congrats to Steve Liguori (@SteveL3877) for correctly answering today’s Gut Check trivia question.

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  1. Dominican mama 4 Obama

    YAY!! There's my President, his beautiful wife and eldest daughter along with Uncle Joe having a glass of beer!
    THIS man is my President!
    Living the dream!
    God bless America.

    May 1, 2013 05:20 pm at 5:20 pm |
  2. Pete

    @Dominican mama,just wait and see how long it takes for some republican to comment on here complaining he's not in his office and spending way too much time enjoying himself with family and Joe Biden..Bush broke records staying away from the WH as well as his old man vacationing but the sanctumonious morons just can't stop their hatred can they just for watching a simple basketball game,is it denile or is it memory loss ,you tell me!!

    May 1, 2013 06:43 pm at 6:43 pm |
  3. Wes

    Another photo of the uhbama hard at work.

    May 1, 2013 06:49 pm at 6:49 pm |